Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today's Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 1

Today's Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 1

Jocy was very busy yesterday, but not much of that effort was reflected in progress on Pathfinder. Jocy spent most of the day in the Tanaan Jungle completing quests for reputation with Voljin's Headhunters. Jocy began the day with 3700 reputation and finished with 5950, just fifty rep short of earning Honored. Jocy wanted to get those extra 50 rep, too, but so far all of the rep has come from quests, and Jocy simply ran out of quests, which are mostly (it not all, now) dailies. Jocy completed all of the single player dailies and spent even more time doing Bonus killings in various hotspots around Tanaan.

Voljin's Headhunters:    Friendly, 5950/6000 to Honored

Jocy also finally completed the quest at Vol'Mar that gave the shipyard plans for battleships. She ordered a battleship built, and it should be available for the next ship battle. Jocy now has over 900 barrels of oil, and if she continues to do the dailies for the rep grind I think she'll keep getting gobs of oil. She still doesn't really get the point of ship battles in terms of how it improves her skills, but, eh, I once thought apexis crystals were useless, too.

Apexis crystals are Jocy's new favorite mat. She'd amassed over 17,000 and had no idea what to do with them. While on a break from killing things, so she rambled around Vol'Mar until she found a vendor willing to show her what she could buy with them. Jackpot! Included among a lot of stuff, the vendor sold gear. Good gear, better gear than she had. Wasting no time, Jocy spent 10,000 apexis crystals for two pieces of gear that she was having the hardest time upgrading. She upgraded her chest armor from i621 to i650, and leggings from i640 to i650. Then she got really, really lucky. Among the piles of junk choking her bags was an item upgrade. Using it, Jocy further upgraded her leggings from i650 to i695. Wow.

New Gear levels: Protection Spec went from i653 to i660 and Holy spec from i660 to i666. That's a very nice jump. She even received a welcome from the Dungeon Masters, telling her that she is now eligible for Mythic level dungeons.

It was a pretty good day.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Jocy's New Plan for the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

Jocy's New Plan for the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement

Note: Some of the information below has been mentioned in previous posts, but much of it was wrong or had to be fixed.

Assuming that the gods of WoW will allow it, Jocy is going to make a concerted effort to complete the Draenor Pathfinder achievement and earn the right to fly in Draenor. Understand that even after earning the achievement, a new patch is required to turn the feature on. There are five sub-achievements that Jocy has to complete:

(1) Explore Draenor. Mission: Visit every area of all five zones. Wild completed this achievement but it didn't carry over to Jocy. Jocy, on her own, completed Frostfire Ridge and had worked through much of Nagrand. As of this morning, though, Jocy has been given full credit for exploring all six zones: Frostfire Ridge, Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, Shadowmoon Valley, and Nagrand. I guess it took some time for the achievement to be recognized. One sub-achievement down, four to go.

(2) Securing Draenor. Mission: Complete twelve Assault quests. Wild had already lost patience by this time and turned the mess over to Jocy. She originally did two of the twelve quests, but was only given credit for one. The quest not given credit for was a daily she picked up at Vol'Mar. The quest she did get credit for was purchased (with 200 garrison resources) at her garrison from Sergeant Grimshaw. The quest is called a Missive, and all twelve Assault quests can be purchased in this way. I've given up trying to understand why the same quest can be completed by either method, but only one way (the Missive) grants the achievement. Jocy has since completed a second Missive and got credit, so that is the method Jocy is using to complete the rest. She can do the quests are her leisure and they can be done in any order.
Completed Assaults:
    "Assault on Stonefury Cliffs" done 7/26/15 (took a long time, a grind)
    "Assault on the Broken Precipice" done on 7/27/15 (18 min and done - ogres)

(3) Tanaan Diplomat. Mission: Earn Revered reputation with three factions. It appears that the faction grind must be done by a single character (ie, it isn't account bound). There are daily quests and other means to earn reputation for each faction. From what Jocy has seen so far, it's mostly endless killing.
    Voljin's Headhunters:        Friendly, 3700/6000 to Honored
    Order of the Awakened:    Neutral, 1500/3000 to Friendly
    The Saberstalkers:        Not yet encountered

(4) Loremaster of Draenor. Mission: Complete five Loremaster achievements. Four of them are already listed as completed. However, within each of the quest achievements there are individual quests that are incomplete, so I'm not sure how much work there is here yet.

(5) Expert Treasure Hunter. Mission: Discover 50 treasures of Draenor (excluding Tanaan Jungle). Tally: five so far, but I don't know how I got them. There may be more to this than the 50 treasures, too. There is a Jungle Treasure Hunter achievement for Tanaan that may or may not be included as part of the mission.

I will update progress as Jocy works through them.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Happy's Rebound and Other News

Happy's Rebound and Other News

Well, spending time on the shipyard finally paid off, earning Jocy a pair of i685 boots to replace her i670s. The new galoshes raises Jocy's ilevel from i652 to i653 (Protetion spec) and from i659 to i660 (Holy spec). Woo hoo!

Jocy is a gear hoarder and a clothes horse, but it's been a long time since she's created a new set of clothes. Well, she recently picked through her many closets and chests and came up with a new look when away from her garrison. If she gets in the mood, she may also pull out some of her earlier favorite ensembles. Pictures to follow. Maybe.

Jocy continues to torture herself over the Draenor Pathfinder achievement, taking over the role that Wild started. Jocy picked up "Assault on the Iron Siegeworks" from the War Planning Map in her garrison, one of the twelve daily quests required for the achievement. She completed the quest (earning 600 oil), but did it recognize the completion under achievements? No. I must still be missing some pre-requisite to turn on the Securing Draenor part of the achievement.

Update: This time Jocy ignored the daily. Instead, she discovered that all of the twelve Assaults can be purchased right inside her own garrison with a Missive. No need to wait for it to appear as a daily. The cost is 200 garrison rescources, which is very cheap. Once more Jocy chose a quest, "Assault on Stonefury Cliffs." She completed the quest and turned it in at the garrison, and this time the achievement was properly logged. It's stupid, but taking the same quest from the War Planning Map (ie, the daily), the achievement isn't logged. But if Jocy spends 200 resources and does the very same quest, she gets the achievement. Sigh.

On another part, Exploring Draenor, Jocy completed Frostfire Ridge and Talador. She made a dangerous oops in Talador, riding into Shattrath City (the last area she needed to explore) like it was still in the hands of the good guys. It isn't in the hands of the good guys, and she found herself in the middle of an army of level 100 elites. She'd like to brag about her prowess in combat at that moment, but that would be hard to do, having been flayed and flattened into bloody paste. That was one time Jocy regretted her heavy armor and defensive spells - it took a long time for her to die. Surviving her reincarnation was also pretty exciting, but she managed to evade the beasties long enough to portal away.
Now on to the Auction House. Happy predicted dire outcomes for the weekend as prices plummeted and buyers stayed away. However, things started to warm up once the raiding groups got more active, and Happy had no problem selling high end weapon enchants at good prices. Luminous Shards, which had fallen from their average of 50g to 29g early in the weekend, had edged back up to 47g by Monday morning. The key Temporal Crystal market bounced around but when things settled its price was right where it usually stood at 100g. Embersilk and frostweave bags sold briskly and Happy even picked up some bargains. As for the four sorcerous mats (air, fire, water, and earth), those prices remain depressed as expected. Garrison production can be blamed for the overstocking. Overall, the feared crash of the Auction House didn't happen.

Happy's fall from grace was short lived. The weekend take: 26,488 gold. It's Happy's largest weekend take. Ever.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Happyface Falls From Grace

Happyface Falls From Grace

A very unhappy Happyface has been forced to admit he failed to predict a complete collapse of the Auction House market for enchanting, which began with a downturn two weeks ago, intensified into a panic and is now in free fall.

Savage Blood, routinely selling at 300 gold each, can be had in gross for 90g apiece

Sorcerous Earth, once snapped up at 60g each, are trading at 25g now. The three other types of sorcerous mats (air, water, fire) are trading at under 15g each.

High end weapon enchants costing as much as 2000-3000g each are being undersold by frantic sellers for 1500g and less.

The continued resilience of temporal crystals is the only faint positive, which traded all week at a strong 100g plus price. As the markets open on Saturday morning, however, prices have already fallen to 84g. Happy snapped all of those up. Price are still hovering in the 88-93g range, but should the panic spread to temporal crystals, enchanting mat prices may descend to worthless.

The always volatile bag market has also been affected. The hexweave 30 slot bag typically sells at 1500g plus but over the last two days has fallen to under 1200g and will likely continue to fall
Embersilk (22 slot) and Frostweave (20 slot) bag prices are jumping all over the place, but Happy has been modestly successful at keeping profits up due to a large hoard of mats to make the bags. The up and down of bag prices also benefits Happy since he can still buy up low ball sellers and resell them at a higher price as the market veers back and forth. As this is being written, Happy sold three embersilk bags for 425g each. The buyer didn't notice that Happy had recently dropped his price to 370g to counter another seller.

Happy is also predicting that as the weekend raiding starts to ramp up, weapon enchant prices will rise. Happy took advantage of the current drop in prices and has several of the four key weapon enchants (Bleeding Hollow, Frostweave, Warsong, and Thunderlord). Even the lower level enchants could make a little extra gold since the key cost, Luminous Shards, have dropped from 50 to 40g. Ten minutes later, the price dropped to 29g.

It will take the full weekend to assess Happy's response to the sell off.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'd Rather Walk . . . aka The Big Fail

I'd Rather Walk . . . aka The Big Fail

Earlier this week Wild completed parts of Draenor Pathfinder, a required achievement that ultimately grants the ability to use a flying mount in Draenor. Wild was having trouble figuring out another element of the achievement - Securing Draenor, which requires completion of twelve quests called Assaults. Assault quests are presented randomly, but there seems to always be at least two available. Jocy, with her heavy armor and weaponry, offered to try the Fell Forge Assault quest, which was offered at the Tanaan base of Vol'Mar.

Jocy spent more than an hour killing and collecting things. There were a few other players doing the same thing. For awhile Jocy just stood in one place, killing mobs as they appeared. Mobs die and reappear fairly rapidly so no area is ever really "cleared" making it impossible to even get a sense of accomplishment. There are no specific objectives other than killing and destroying enough stuff until the tally of blood reaches 100%. By the time Jocy got past the halfway mark (54%) she was numb. It's beyond boring even once, but as a repeatable quest? Yuk.

Being a glutton for punishment, Jocy went back a second time and managed to complete the Fel Forge achievement. Now here is the great irony. When she checked her achievements it didn't appear. Guess what? The Assault on the Fell Forge is NOT one of the assaults listed in Securing Draenor. It doesn't count. It never occurred to me that there would be other assault quests that didn't count toward the achievement. Stupid me.

Maybe it doesn't matter. If all of the Assault quests are like this . . . Screw the flying mount, I'd rather just use a ground mount. Or walk.

Retirement is not out of the question. Even Happy is bored. Wild is at gear level i653 and Jocy is at i651. There isn't anything left on the Auction House to buy, and there seems no point to garrisons or shipyards.

Is there still life to raiding? In Wild's Meitha guild there are only three druid healers, the best being Songbird at i658, which is within range of Wild. Among the Holy paladins, the guild has just one healer - Wild's friend Katarias (aka Lady Tala), who at i650 is on par with Jocy. Of course, Meitha isn't raiding. On their own, Wild/Jocy would probably have no trouble getting into a lower level Highmaul raid, which Meitha has already completed. Blackrock Foundry would be a tougher challenge, which Meitha hasn't bothered to attempt. The newest raid, Hellfire Citadel, would be out of the question until Wild/Jocy was blooded in the other raids.

It's most likely a moot point. Until Wild or Jocy steps into the Proving Grounds and learns how to heal again, this is all just campfire fodder.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Flying in Draenor

Flying in Draenor

Patch 6.2.1 is currently in beta testing. When it goes live, players will finally be able to use their flying mounts for what they were intended - flying. Players will no longer have to travel on foot or on a ground mount to get around in Draenor. There is a very large caveat, however. Players first have to complete the Draenor Pathfinder Achievement.

Wildshard recently took a look at what it would take to reach that achievement. To begin, there are five major sections: Explore Draenor, Securing Draenor, Tanaan Diplomat, Loremaster of Draenor, and Master Treasure Hunter. They can be acccomplished in any order.

Wild was able to complete the first leg of the achievement, Explore Draenor, in a few hours by visiting every region in Draenor and physically visiting every labelled spot in each region. For example, there are 15 areas in Frostfire Ridge that Wild had to travel to in order to complete that part of the achievement. Six regions averaging about 15 areas each adds up to about 90 places that Wild had to visit.

Next, Wild happily discovered that he had already accomplished the Treasure Hunter achievement (find ten treasures) simply by doing quests. But there is more. There is Expert Treasure Hunter (50 treasures) followed by Master Treasure Hunter (not shown, but guessing 100 treasures). Again, Wild could have made things simpler by grabbing treasures as he explored.

Wild then decided to see what he had to do for Securing Draenor. There are twelve items listed, all of them tied to various assaults in various areas. Wild hadn't bothered to do his homework (again), because he could have been doing the assaults while getting the exploring parts done. Sigh, Wild is going to have to return to all twelve areas to earn that achievement.

Next is Loremaster of Draenor. I thought this would be the most difficult, but Wild was very happy to see that he had already completed four of the five requirements. All that is required here is to complete the storyline in Nagrand. Wild reached level 100 before completing Nagrand and never finished. There are eight things to accomplish, and Wild has done three of them so far.

Tanaan Diplomat looked relatively easy, with only three things to accomplish. However, those three things were Faction Reputations, and that is going to be a lot of work. Wild is friendly with Voljin's Headhunters, but needs to be at Revered. Wild is only neutral with The Order of the Awakened, and a quick glance at their requirements is extensive. Wild hasn't even encountered the third faction, The Saberstalkers. Faction grinds can take a lot of time to complete, particularly if there are daily quests that by their nature can't be hurried up.

Overall, Wild can set his own pace to accomplish all of the requirements except for the faction grinds.

Wild does have one question to ask himself. Does it really matter if Wild can't fly in Draenor? So far it hasn't been an issue. That's when Fist raised her hand. Flying in Draenor is account bound. Once Wild can fly in Draenor, all of Wild's family will be able to fly, too. That would make leveling a lot easier for Fist. Then again, Wild and Jocy may enjoy making Fist level on a ground mount, just like they had to.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Too Stubborn to Quit

Too Stubborn to Quit

Jocy and Wild both are a determined pair. They don't care one bit about the incomprehensible mess that is Tanaan. They've gone beyond frustrated and into pure cantankerous refusal to quit. Wild ran out of oil before he finished the quest to complete fifteen shipyard missions that would get her to the next level of shipyard. He's stuck until he finds a way to generate oil. Jocy learned from Wild to husband her oil, and over the weekend was able to complete the quest and earn the resulting achievement. Of course, now she is out of oil, too.

Jocy's satisfaction in completing the achievement was very short-lived. Her "reward" was a new quest to do 25 more missions. Talk about a mind-numbing grind . . .

In the meantime, Wild was pouring over information about Tanaan on how to acquire the oil that everyone else on the trade channel said they were literally floating in oil (Wild believes everything he's told about the trade channel, too - NOT). Bottom line, the first and best way is to do the two daily quests available from the command table in Vol'Mar. What could be simpler? Well, it would be nice if there WAS a command table in Vol'Mar. No such table appears to either Wild or Jocy.

So, I'll be putting in my third trouble ticket.