Friday, March 23, 2018

Javajoo Takes a Walk

Javajoo Takes a Walk

The Auction House hasn't been much fun the past few days. Too many farmers ruining Java's usually smooth running apparatus. Java figured it was time for a break when she found herself buying cheap silkweave bags for 600g and selling them with barely 100g in profit. Her heart just wasn't into it.

It was time Java took a look at her world again. Skyfire Triage is where she left off on her last flyabout. Her memory is pretty vague as it's been some time. Just a reminder that Java is a Level 107 about two-thirds toward level 108. Her gear level is i755. This will be her first foray since the last computer crash, so forgive her if she is a little rusty in combat.

She spent a day in Highmountain and got aquainted with Stormheim. Unused to hard terrain, she did not get a lot of progress, and when she finally called it quits she knew she would be sore for a week. Java was elated when her efforts resulted in attaining Level 108 and improved her gear from i755 to i760. At the end of the day, there was one thing she knew for sure - Java was not going back to the Auction House.

Java's announcement started a tornado. It seems that no one wanted the job to begin with and no one wanted it now. Attempts to talk Java out of it came up short. She had taken her turn at the Auction House and had the right to finish her leveling.
A lot of the attention then turned to Atkar. Sista butted in before Tiphaine could say something she might regret later.

Seeing Sista step forward, Tiphaine held her tongue, waiting to see how things went. "Atkar is still learning her professions. Her assistance has already earned the family gold and useful gear. I need her out there farming, not at the Auction House." There were dark looks, and the argument grew.
A low, vibrating growl quieted the room. It was Chaitee's cat, Taz. Chaitee spoke into the sudden silence. "I will take it back," Chaitee declared. "You goons don't know how to run an Auction House, anyway." She said it with a smile.

The last time the reins of the Auction House turned over it was turmoil. Java had done her best, but Chaitee was the more practiced at it. She quietly relished the challenge to improve on Java's small successes. This is how it went: (1) Chaitee inherited all of the purchased goods still in the Mailbox. She will begin her first day with 810,000 gold. (2) She  cleared all of Java's  active bids and sent those mats back to Chiatee. (3) Once that is done there will be no backlog of purchased goods to rely on. (4) With no backlog of mats, Chaitee will be working from scratch.

And now Java is free to pursue her own dreams of completing her leveling.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Yawn Cracking Boring (you were warned)

Yawn Cracking Boring (you were warned)

Sista vs Atkar - Atkar pressed Sista into a contest to see who could collect the most materials for making frostweave bags. To Sista, the work was a necessary grind. To Atkar, though, it meant a lot more. The nightmares were returning. She had to stay busy. She had to feel productive. Below are the results:

Atkar's Take                  Sista's Take
778 Frostweave cloth    715
171 Infinite dust            172
3 Abyss crystals            3

Sista mentioned more than once that the amount of materials collected varies on every run. She tried to make it a fun contest, but all Atkar wanted was to win.

Atkar was ecstatic! She won! 

As for Sista, she was mostly bemused. Let her have her victory. After all, she has taken her Tailoring profession from nothing to all the way to level 658 and keeps at it every day.

Fighting a Losing Battle

It may not matter how well Atkar or Sista farm materials. There seems to be a paradox. Mat prices continue to climb while the value of the bags crafted by those mats continues to fall. Frostweave bags have fallen from 385g to 360g. Despite the glut there are very few buyers. Of even more concern is the fate of embersilk bags. Java has managed to keep the buying price at 748g but there is a lot of pressure that continues to push down the price. Competing with the embersilk bags are the silkweave bags. The cost to make a silkweave bag has risen to 720g per bag , yet the bags are on the market at 699g.

The farmers are the winners on this matchup. Silkweave is the only ingredient needed to make silkweave bags. Farm enough of it and the seller can set his own price for the bags. The one thing in favor of the auction house is that the competition has to keep under-bidding each other to maintain sales. That doesn't help in the short term. Java counts SIX farmers pressuring the market. It will have to end eventually, but it will continue to be tough times for now.

PS - Sista spent two hours farming mats at the Maw of Madness. She collected 226 embersilk cloth. It takes 75 cloth and 15 hypnotic dust for the materials. The cloth is easy, but the hypnotic dust must be created by enchanting and there is a random element involved as well. Bottom line is that the number of bags that results from this haul will vary between , say 6 at the low end and 8-10 on the high end. Yes, the good thing is that the only cost is in time. The down side is it's yawn creaking boring. Worse than fishing, Sista commented, if that can be believed. Her fishing skill, by the way, is a mere 173 out of 800. Sista was too bored to make bags. Maybe later.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Change of Faction (Under consideration)

A Change of Faction (Under consideration)

The Horde faction has all but disappeared from meaningful activities.
The list of players is small:

Plumrosefist (Level 101 Monk)
Wildshard (Level 100 Druid)
Jocelyne (Level 100 Paladin)
Happpyface (Level 24 Warrior)
Pulsefyre (Level 24 Warlock)

There is considerable interest in phasing out the Horde side. Maintaining both factions is a drain on resources. Essentually the abandonment of the Horde has already happened. No Horde player has breached the Legion Expansion except for Plumrosefist. And she has not made any attempt to level beyond those first steps.

However, there is something of significant value within the Horde faction. And that value is not a "what," but a "Who." Wildshard. Wild's Tailoring profession skills would add a considerable boost in farming mats and crafting bags and other items. His tailoring skill is at level 700, allowing him to use hexweave cloth and craft the prized hexweave bags. He also has a large Bank stocked with useful crafting materials.

To get him, though, Wild would have to change faction from Horde to Alliance. That can be dangerous. The few faction changes that have been done in the past all discovered that many things were lost in the transition. Important things. A faction change is always a risk due to unintended consequences.

What would it take? Here are the directions for a faction change:

Select your character's new race, appearance, and name. The race you choose must support your character’s class.
    Alliance Races: Night Elf, Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Draenei, Worgen, Pandaren
    Classes: Druid, Demon Hunter, Hunter, Death Knight, Warrior, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Mage

In order to stay a druid Wild has a choice between Night Elf and Worgen as his race. Wildshard is an uncomplicated fellow, and Worgen are complicated. Wild picks Night Elf Druid.

    Appearances and Name: Wildshard was adamant that he would remain Male for the transformation. He was born Male and he intends to stay that way. Wild hopes that he retains his name as well,  but random chance could play into that once the "Wildshard" name becomes available. If Wild loses his name, he will have to concoct a new one. Maybe something like Wyldershard.

Guild Issues: Wildshard will lose access to the Horde Meitha guild. Wild has kept tabs on the guild over the years. Currently there is still activity in the large guild, but it appears to be single player efforts. Under "Guild Challenges" there are no listed dungeon or raid events. Wild is designated as a "Casual" member. Wild needs to let the guild leader know that Wild is leaving the guild but is still interested in staying in touch. I'd like to stay in touch via Plumrosefist (aka Wildshard). That would mean that Fist would have to leave the Order of the Dragon guild. Hmm, this is more complicated that I thought it would be.

Other Miscellanous Items:
Currencies—honor points, gold, etc.—are unaffected. Flight points will be reset, and your character will receive a new list of level- and faction-appropriate flight points.
Followers, Shipyard, and completed Garrison buildings will not be lost.
Faction-specific followers, ships, and ship crews convert to an equivalent from your new faction.
Follower traits stay the same, but abilities may change. Ship abilities and equipment remain the same.

When all that is settled and Wild is secure in his new Him, Wild wants to do some fishing with Keya. Wild and Keya have that in common.

Have I missed anything? If there is anyone out there that has gone through the process of changing faction and all the pieces associated with it, any pointers would be appreciated.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Back in the Saddle (returning from vacation)

Back in the Saddle (returning from vacation)

(Note: There was no Warcraft played during my visit with my Mom)
(Tiphaine and Wildshard wave at Tanis and Erik!)

It's been more than two weeks since Java has been able to get into the Auction House. She is expecting a very large mess.

The mailbox was choked with items that had expired. Once Java got the mess cleared out she checked on her usual stock of goodies. As usual, the bag situation was complicated. The smaller frostweave bags were under priced at 286 gold when they should be closer to 398g. With the weekend coming up that price should rise to it's expected level.

Embersilk bags are the most difficult to determine the correct pricing for, allthough the reason for it has more to do with silkweave bags than the embersilk. Sellers are trying to get 900 gold for an embersilk bag, but silkweave prices are currently barely hanging on at around 700g. Several sellers have dumped silkweave, posting them around 550g. Java will let things settle out a bit before jumping into the pit.

Bag materials are also all over the place. Mat prices are very high, which will force Java to get her farming gear ready.

With the immediate needs taken care of, the Wild/Tiphaine family is faced with a major decision - Has the new expansion been launched or are they still in the Alpha phase? 

(1) My Alpha opportunity expired before I could use it.

(2) The new expansion, Battle For Azeroth,  can be pre-purchased at any time, but I don't get anything for buying it early. Other than a 110 level Boost which might or might not be useful.

(3) In fact, the expansion will not be released until at least September 2018.

(4) Back to the every day grind.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

SIX Quests Oh My! In Argus

SIX Quests Oh My! In Argus

Well, the dam broke Monday morning. Six quests showed up on Krokuun. Tiphaine will be tracking them down. Was it coincidence that the new set of quests happened to arrive on the day before I will be taking a trip to Virginia? Oh, have I not mentioned that yet? Yes, I am going to Virginia for a couple of weeks to visit with my Mom.

There is still a war going on in Argus, and Tiphaine remains in the middle of it. Tiphaine has punched out two serious elites, one on the Broken Shores and the other deep into Krokuun. In both cases the elites were being avoided by other players - until Tiphaine tapped the elites on the shoulder. The Krokuun fight was a little scary because no one wanted to engage the nasty demon. Once they saw that Tiphaine was holding her own, others finally figured they were safe and hammered away. All that work got her a tiny gear upgrade, from i878 to i879.

AND - Tiphaine got into an Invasion Point battle and managed to help kill the elite. It's Tiphaine's first invasion victory!

General Roundup

Tiphaine keeps trying new things. She decided to fly over to Shield's rest, the all elite soldiers and flying dragons. There is a quest to kill two of the elites to get a gear upgrade. She found a good spot - she thought - and engaged one the dragons. Shortly after the fight started a second beast joined the fight. The battle took some time. By the time she could break off the attack, she had killed three of them. She got her gear piece, a nice i880 trinket. Her overall gear score bumped up to i880.

Tiphaine is running through quests so fast now she is forgetting to log the names of the elites she has killed and what questline she is on. She has been so busy she hasn't had time to add the 14 Billion AP still sitting in her bags. But for all that her gear score only bumped up one point, to i881.

Now, Tiphaine has gotten a ticket to officially visit Mac'Aree, instead of tramping about the place without a guide. Tiphaine is ready to bag more bad guys and grab some more loot. Her latest elite kill was Flotsam (no, Tiphaine is not in Argus here - keep up), but in the far north. He is a ?? elite who likes his naps. Tiphaine woke him up. Good thing there were a couple of others around to kill him. It took more than five long minutes to bring him down. Her gear score edged up to i882.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Back to Argus (Over the Weekend)

Back to Argus (Over the Weekend)

It took some sleuthing, but Tiphaine managed to find a quest in Argus. Now she has three quests to work with and hopes the chain will continue. Tiphaine admits that she has gotten careless with the ease at which she is plundering the Broken Shore. She must work harder in Argus. The two quests before her now are Duskcloak Problem and An Argus Report (since completed).

Shortly afterward, she had the occassion to slaughter the nasty Lady Sharazad. She was not an elite, but had a small army at her side and - very irritating - Tiphaine kept getting Feared. After a rather ignominious death, Tiphaine was more careful, manuevering the Lady into a small rocky corner where her Fear was useless. Dead Lady.

Another annoyance was Blizzard's insistence on running a patch DURING the battle! Sigh. Luckily it did not cause a crash or lockup.

Back to the task at hand, Tiphaine is still learning her way around and getting into trouble. For most mobs it would take a dozen mobs to actually kill her, and she could eat her lunch while waiting for all of them to die. She's not taking things for granted, though. Argus is dangerous and Tiphaine remains aware. She can point to small successes with her gear, which is now at iLevel 868. Argus is not the source of those upgrades, though. The Broken Shore drops a new piece of gear each day (sometimes twice) with a gear upgrade (5 item levels, usually - ie, 870 to 875) as the prize. Of course, she still has to complete the quest, but so far every victory has gotten her a small gear upgrade. No such luck in Argus.

Later . . . Tiphaine has fallen prey to one of the most dangerous of foes - a lack of fresh quests. Keya had the same problem when she was starting in on Argus. Much too often there was literally nothing to do that actually accomplished something. Argus's Krokuum and Mac'ree needs more than silly names (that I keep mispelling). Literally, there is nothing to do. Keya agreed there were long stretches of snooze-ville.

So it was back to sweeping through whatever was available on the Broken Shores - mostly invasions and world quests. That got her gear to i877.

While Tiphaine worked on her gear, Atkar made a surprise visit to - drum roll please - Naxramas. What made this run special is that Atkar earned Cloth Scavenging, which will allow her to be a lot more useful to Sista. Combining Sista's Tailoring/Enchanting with Atkar's Tailoring and her Garrison Enchanting makes a pretty solid pairing. The announcement drew rare praise from Tiphaine.

[Her other side, Naithipe, is much less happy with that situation, but keeps the plans from herself. ]

Java keeps coming up with better ideas to help the with the gold gathering. Among her talents are herb gathering and mining skills, neither of which pay much. What makes them valuable has mostly to do with the work being done at Deepholm. Java is making time to farm ore, and more importantly the herbs of Deepholm that Atkar can turn into potions of treasure finding, which in turn are used to increase the loot from both Naxramas and the Twilight Highlands. A lot can get done when working together.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Destiny Post (Argus)

Destiny Post (Argus)

It took longer than she thought, but at last Tiphaine fought her way onto Argus and to the camp called Destiny Post. A lot of killing, some minor quests cleared, four elites killed, and, well, one minor setback. The fourth and nastiest of a series of elites took Tiphaine two attempts and one death before taking it down.

The battles were exciting, and there was a lot of running around. No flying in Argus. Tiphaine reached the post of the Shattered Fields and beyond. She's certain Keya has been here many times. What seems to be missing are gear upgrades. Not a single upgrade since entering Argus. Practically every completed quest returns gold, instead of gear. And the gold is pitiful.

Back on the Broken Shores, Tiphaine had better luck - for awhile. Every day a new quest would pop up with a new piece of upgraded gear to go after. That worked great until Tiphaine's gear finally outgrew the quest loot. Every piece of equiped gear is at least i860 or higher - except for one trinket that's holding her back (i780). Tiphaine's overall gear is i861.

Later . . . Tiphaine went from bored to overwhelmed when she signed up for a trip on the Vindicar to the Antoran Wastes in Argus. She wasn't quite ready for that and will look to Mac'Aree, a little less dangerous place in Argus, and see how that goes. There had better be something worth going after.