Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Looking For Professional Work

Looking For Professional Work

I'm trying to be positive about Sista and her artifact weapons. She has reached max Level 110, only the second family member to reach that goal (Keya was the first). She wields the Claws of Ursoc.
Sista had hoped she would now be able to open up the druid Forge in the Dreamway so that she can upgrade her weapon. Unfortunately, she remains unable to use relics or traits. She has several and also has over 6,000 artifact power, but she is unable to spend those, either.

I thought the problem might be she just wasn't at the right spot, but I've confirmed the location. Sista is standing at the forge - its a spot ringed with three rocks that several websites have posted pics of. She right-clicks her weapon to bring up the traits and relics view. She then tries to change relics, buy traits, and spend points, but all she gets is this message: "You must visit the artifact forge in your class hall to purchase traits." Sigh, her weapon lies dead in her hand.

Sista has come up against a wall with levelling her tailoring and enchanting professions as well. Legion professions require a lot more work and effort than prior expansions. Sista relishes the work, and has diligently pursued her goals. There is a long thread of quests, which Sista is completing . . .  until she learned that the next quest in the thread is a dungeon run. I don't do dungeon runs anymore.
Channeling Wildshard, this harkens back to the original World of Warcraft, before expansions existed. Dungeon runs were mandatory to complete many things, including professions. But that was when Wild was actively raiding in an active guild where that kind of support was available and desirable. Yes, Wildshard is still in a guild, and yes, I still have friends there, but Wild can't help. Sista's family is Alliance.

It also doesn't change a simple fact. I'm not interested in dungeon runs I can't solo. Since that is a mandatory element, it appears the Tiphaine family will be unable to complete many of the professions.

Here is where the family stands on Professions:

Sista Tailoring: 740/800, 18 of 38 quests completed, the 19th quest "The Depraved Nightfallen" requires a dungeon run before she can continue.

Sista Enchanting: 710/800. Ring and cloak enchants completed. Started shoulder enchants, stuck at "The Glamour Has Faded" which requires a dungeon run.

Keya Skinning: 800/800. Completed
Keya Leatherworking: 723/800, still trying to figure out where she is in the quest thread.

On the other hand, when stymied go do something else for while. Sista went shopping, cleaning out her bank and spending 6,502 gold for six high end pieces of gear: Head, Shoulders, Legs, Feet, Wrist, and Hands. The Chest, Rings, and Trinkets were so expensive not even her purse could buy them. For the Waist there was no gear worthy of purchasing.
Before and After Stats
Sista's  Stats    Before        After    Keya Stats
iLevel Gear        i774        i789        i796
Weapon              i779         i779       i798
AGI                 15188      16519       17049
ARMOR           1690        1826        3755
STA                17302       19245        30823
Mastery             12%         12%       11%
Versatility            6%            7%          4%

So she still can't solo dungeons. But she is oh so much more dangerous to everything else. And poor.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Chaitee Takes a Walk

Chaitee Takes a Walk

Level 24 Hunter Chaitee was both excited and a little overwhelmed when Tiphaine sent her off to earn some of the guild credit she was long overdue for. She couldn't remember how long it had been since she'd been outside the Stormwind gates.That's where she was headed. Her pet, Tazzy, was with her, of course. Her new gear pinched a bit. The gear included both leather and mail that didn't quite fit together. She felt comfortable with her usual polearm, but she strapped it to her back, determined to re-learn how to use a bow. It was strange not to have a single quest to work toward. Chaitee expected that wouldn't last long, once she left the city.

Her first foray into the wilds around Stormwind was interesting but only modestly productive. Looking for more action, she took the stormwind flightpath to Duskwind. There she went on a very satisfying killing spree, eliminating many dangerous forest dwellers that were bothering the good folks there. She attained level 25 quickly.

She had to return, however, for some AH work. Only then did she discover that her hearthstone was still set for her homeland of Exodar. Chaitee was very young then. Many memories. Chaitee shook them off. Time for reminiscing later. She found the local flightmaster,  headed back the city, and changed her hearthstone to the Gilded Rose in the Trade District of Stormwind. And what about her guild status now? Still neutral, but at least she's on the board at 750/3000.

Later . . .  Chaitee was back at it and taking over Raven Hill for her next set of victories. It's amazing what can be accomplished by a powerful pet and a woman with a bow.

Chaitee finished her evening at Level 28 and in the process reached guild Friendly reputation status (1000/6000). Oh, and her bow is now a blunderbuss.

Monday Night: Chaitee pushed herself to Level 32, 5250/6000 guild status.

Note: Chaitee is taking advantage of the 12th WoW Anniversary benefits, such as the one hour buff increase to leveling experience and guild rank. Not sure how often the one hour buffs can be used.

Tomorrow is maintenance - it may be gone after that.

Update - The Tuesday maintenance is done and the anniversary benefits are still in place. Chaitee and the rest of the family can still take advantage the 12% increase in leveling.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Juggling Sista's

Juggling Sista's

Chaitee is one of the family sisters that doesn't get much notice, despite being on the job every day. She took a rare moment away from the Auction House to take the Historian's Challenge, a short test which she passed. The experience boosted her to Level 24. Congrats Chaitee! She's also changed her wardrobe slightly, slipping out of her Ceremonial Leather Harness and into a more comfortable Wound Dressing, a cute courtesy from Sista, who made it for her.

Rakta and Java are officially part of Legion now but have yet to crack level 101 and will likely not get much time for the foreseeable future. Both have professions they want to get moving on, but accept that they are not on the front burner.

Keya, already level 110, continues to work on her artifact weapons and improve her gear. She will have to bear a lot of the work getting Legion Pathfinder organized and completed.

Most of the time available is going to Sista. Her focus is on leveling (currently at level 108 plus 28%). Sista's been trying to help Chaitee at the same time, using her leveling time killing murlocs for silk while earning some modest leveling. Chaitee made her first 10,000 gold weekend take thanks in part to Sista's farming.

Sista has started to struggle with her many projects, which include working on leveling both enchanting and tailoring professions. While that isn't going as well as she'd like, Sista remains upbeat, pointing to the fact that she's been pretty successful with her First Aid profession (644/800).

Her latest foray took her into a new zone, Stormheim, where she has a tailoring quest to get to called "The Right Color." She's had to put aside the enchanting quest "The Gamour Has Faded" because there seems to be too many complications involving a place called the Darkheart Thicket, a dungeon, and a lost book. Sista will get it untangled, eventually.

Chaitee's new level uncovered an oddity that everyone in the guild completely overlooked. If Chaitee was aware of it, she kept silent. Tiphaine blames herself for the unintentional slight. The problem? Despite her lengthy service, Chaitee's standing with the guild is still listed as "Neutral." Chaitee has never been given any time to work on her guild status.

Tiphaine was determined to rectify that immediately. Chaitee was given permission to take some time off to get started on her guild duties. Tiphaine also gave her a blank check on a gear upgrade to fit her new level 24 status.

Below, Chaitee shows off her new Auction House ensemble as well as her recently purchased Leveling garb.

Chaitee in her AH Garb

Chaitee and Tazzy on Guild Business

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Legion Pathfinder

Legion Pathfinder
(And you thought Draenor Pathfinder was hard?)

When Tiphaine was plowing through Draenor, her biggest, most onerous, challenge was the "Draenor Pathfinder" achievement. This long series of quests and achievements took months to complete. The purpose? Learning to fly in Draenor.

Based on what I've read so far, completing "Legion Pathfinder" will be far harder to achieve in almost every aspect. Wonderful.

In Legion's Broken Isles, not being able to fly hasn't been much of a problem most of the time. It's a pretty small island. Now that she's been max level 110 for awhile, the lack of flying has started to chafe. Without flying skill, getting to remote areas when needed is becoming an obstacle. Without flying skill, acquiring enough artifact power to maximize her artifact weapons will be nearly impossible.

Flying is a must. It's time for Keya to begin Legion Pathfinder.

Keya had a somewhat innocent idea that on such a small island, she might have already done much of the work already. In a word, No. Legion Pathfinder is patterned exactly like Draenor Pathfinder, with all of the same obstacles to overcome - and then some. There are five main categories with sub-categories of varying size and difficulty. In all likelihood it's the sub-categories that will give Keya the most trouble.

Keya checked her Achievements to date: Getting off on a good note, she does have one of the achievements already in the Explorer category.

Broken Isles Explorer:
Explore Val'sharah: Complete.
Explore Aszuna: Almost done, 10 of 11. That should be quick to finish.
Explore Highmountain: 7 of 14 completed
Explore Stormheim: 15 of 20 completed
Explore Suramar: 7 of 11 completed.

Variety is the Spice of Life:
4/100 World quests completed. I don't remember this one, but Tiphaine likely had to do this one too. I will have to do more reasearch on it.

A Glorious Campaign: Complete an Order Hall Campaign. Barely started. It includes completing all research on class hall upgrades.
Includes: A Classy Outfit: 1/8 class outfits (she's completed her helm, but it was purely accidental).

Loremaster of Legion: 4/5
    Includes: Good Sumaritan (0/11) in Suramar

Broken Isles Diplomat: 0/6

And that's just the bare bones beginning. Tiphaine eventually learned enough to craft a plan covering all of the things she had to accomplish. Keya will have to develop her own plan once she understands enough of what needs to be done.

Keya has a very long road to travel. On foot and ground mount.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Another Shot at Explaining Artifact Weapons

Another Shot at Explaining Artifact Weapons

Makakeya is a max level 110 Vengeance Demon Hunter. She wields ilevel 793 Aldrachi Warblades (main hand and off-hand warglaives). She is the most dangerous and deadly member of the guild, which includes guild leader Tiphaine. But even she doesn't really understand how to acquire and use this arsenal of traits and relics that can enhance her skill and weaponry, or even how they work.
At it's most simplistic, upgrading an artifact weapon requires artifact power, traits, and relics. Traits increase the strength of warblade abilities, and relics do the same while increasing the item level of her weapon. Artifact power is a commodity to consume or collect.

She starts with three empty relic slots - one each of iron, arcane and fel. I assume she will fill these slots with something.

She is given one artifact Ability - Soul Carver. Keya added this to her warglaive, filling one of the slots, and it also appears in her spellbook. She can now use that ability in combat. It's a start.
The Soul Carver is one button on the Artifact trait tree. Artifact Power (AP) is basically points that she can use to get more traits by spending AP. With me so far?

Keya goes to her Order Hall, on the Fel Hammer Ship. At the Order Hall, she has access to the Cursed Forge, which is where she can make changes to her artifact weapon. Keya can't add anything at the moment because doesn't have enough AP. She needs 6,840 AP to slot a new item or add a rank to an item already installed. Each time she makes a change the AP cost of the next change is even greater.

The main thing Keya wanted to know is how to best use those traits and relics. In what order should they be used? Should they be used as soon there are points available? Should she be saving points? Is there a "best pattern" she should follow, or is it all just the luck of the draw? None of these questions are answered.

Going back to the simplistic, the objective is to find, unlock, and use all of the 34 slots  available. And then, guess what? You'll get a bonus trait with twenty more ranks that can be used to increase damage (of course, this takes AP). She'll need a great deal more points to buy those twenty ranks.

Now, after all that, I get to the most important answer I've been after. Here it is: There is no magic way to get to 34. Random chance and the whims of quests will determine what you get and what you don't. And here I quote: "(1) you will eventually unlock every Artifact Trait on your weapon; (2) And the path you take to do so will not make a significant difference in your performance.

In other words, it's all blind luck. Just try to make the most out of the artifact power earned. PS - If Keya does everything perfectly (oops, she's already made mistakes), she'll need to earn 5,216,130 artifact points. Yes, that is more than FIVE MILLION points. Happy hunting.

Keya couldn't go through all that boring stuff above without catching some air and doing a little killing. She went hunting exclamation point (!) tags on the map showing where all the action was on the Broken Isles. She fought her way to one of the dungeons. There was only her at the opening, though, and she would have had to jump down a deep hole to get any closer. Not wanting to die, she just took a pic instead. Keya later helped two other players that were trying to kill a super elite. Keya weighed in. The kill got her a very nice i810 trinket that raised Keya's overall gear score from i793 to i796.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rakta and Java Heed Tiphaine's Orders

Rakta and Java Heed Tiphaine's Orders

Rakta thought she had it bad against the elites in Bastion of Twilight. They were nothing up against an array of elites required to storm the Broken Shores. Back when Legion first launched the Broken Shores were awash with battle and the killings were easy due to the sheer numbers of players participating. Even as things began to simmer down, there were plenty of participants still making their way into Legion.

Now? The shine is gone. Rakta had to make that journey mostly alone. Instead of a field full of helpful friends, there was just Rakta and whatever single sidekick was provided. Rakta died three times, costing her over a hundred gold in repairs. She got through it, though, and did what she had to do to reach her base at Skyhold. She got it done. Rakta proudly wears her Scaleshard sword and board artifacts now. Still only level 100, with just minted i705 gear, Tiphaine welcomed her back to the fold. The rest will come with time.

Next up - Javajoo

Java's experience went much smoother than Rakta's. She died only once and got a king's welcome into the paladin realm. Still level 100, with i707 gear. Her artifact weapons are Oathseeker and  Truthguard.

PS - Tiphaine doesn't really expect either Rakta or Java to be out killing high level elites in 25 man heroic dungeons . . . at least not right away. Both are now primed for leveling, though.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Shout out to Martin!

Shout out to Martin!

Not sure if you're still following my adventures in the World of Warcraft, but I can't blame you since I failed to respond to your last post in September. My bad. How are your two kittens doing? We've added one more to our household. She's under a year old, all white, with one green eye and one blue eye. She was supposed to be a catch and release but well, you know the story. Her name's Miley and she's still more feral than not, but she'll fit in I'm sure.

Sadly, we lost one of ours recently. Mr Creme passed away suddenly last month. He was sixteen. Mr Creme was one of seven cats in Jezzibell's litter. Out of that litter, only Lexi survives. Mama Jezzi is still around, as mean and ornery as ever at 17 years old.

Take care,
Charlie and Judi