Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Last Entry - Saying Goodbye

The Last Entry - Saying Goodbye

The Autumn Tea Green Guild is taking a hiatus. The primary players: Alliance Guild Leader Tiphaine, Mahakeya (Keya), Sistaphilia (Sista), Javajoo (Java), and Chaitee are taking a well deserved break. There is no specific return scheduled. These characters are loved and will always remain a part of the thirteen years the Warcraft family has fought, loved, and been reborn with every expansion.

This is the last entry of the Warcraft Wild Family Adventures Blog. It will remain open, but I don't expect to publish any new entries for the foreseeable future.

For my persistent followers, thank you for all of the words of wisdom, for the times I was lost and one or all of you got me going in the right direction, and who encouraged me when things went sideways.

What Comes Next - For me, this is less of an ending and more of a beginning. For a long time writing about my Warcraft characters was enough for me. It satisfied my very persistent need to write. I was able to add my own imaginings to create a world of characters and events that exceeded the game itself.

It's time for me to step up. I am going to write the story that I have half finished more than a few times. It's called "The Spark of Dischord." Warcraft would be a major distraction. So it has to go.

I am re-opening a blog called "The Jaded Walker." It is a mess right now, but I'm working on that. I hope you check it out. Or at least poke your head in now and then.

The Blog:

Friday, November 17, 2017

Stormwind Revival "Of Sorts"

Stormwind Revival "Of Sorts"

Java, Chaitee, and Tiphaine spent time in Stormwind this week.

So Chaitee turned in her AH badge to Java, who is now capably handling that role. Tiphaine, however, is a little worried that the Auction House is not producing the level of gold they have become accustomed to. Some new bidders are pushing down prices at levels that are making Java very nervous.

Sista is doing everything she can. She has cleaned out Naxramas and spent an hour farming the Maw of Madness in the Twilight Highlands (and spending a potion of treasure finding to increase the take). Tiphaine wondered if even more could be done. Sista wanted a say in that, but Tiphaine calmed her down. For now Sista is doing all she can.

Tiphaine decided to try out another idea. What if someone other than Sista did a clear of the Bastion of Twilight? Sista can only run it once a week and has already made this week's run. She thought about who to send out on that second mission. Shrugging, she decided to make the run herself. Not being a tailor, she knew there would be fewer cloth to gather, but she was hopeful there would be some value in the run.

She used the same method Sista uses - resetting the raid after doing just the first part. That allowed her to run the first part of the raid ten times, and only on the tenth run do a full run. Tiphaine was a bit awkward and rusty, but she had nothing to fear. The mobs went down easily. As she worked, she could tell that far fewer cloth was being dropped than what Sista collected. In an average run she would amass around 800-1000 cloth. Without a tailor, she drew only 140 cloth from the entire ten runs of the raid. That is far too low for the time spent.

And, as she was not an enchanter, either, she couldn't disenchant the grear that dropped. She could only send the gear that wasn't soulbound to Sista to disenchant. Overall, a disappointment, but at least she learned some things.

Tiphaine remains worried. Java has earned 43k gold since she took over, now sitting on 660k. In past weeks past she took in 2-3 times that much. in the same period. The world of Silvermoon is an old world. Buyers and sellers are fewer. Prices fall when goods go unsold. The Autumn Tea Green Guild has a deep reserve of gold in the bank, but there could come a time when even that source may have to be tapped.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Repairing the Damage

Repairing the Damage

The weekly Tuesday maintenance is usually finished in time for Java to go right to work, despite the warnings that the game will not be playable until 1pm, or 3pm, or whatever, it doesn't seem to matter. Today is different. The left coast will supposedly be down until 1pm today. And it is currently down.

Chaitee hopes she has something to do with messing up their maintenance. Not likely, but fun to wish for. Last night Java was able to put most of her business back in order. When the maintenance is over Java should be able to go back to work. Things are still a mess, and there are some AH issues to address, but basic buying and selling was up and running late last night.

As for Chaitee's plight, the jury is still out. Broken addons need some loving care. Sista and Keya are still out of action.

Took a look at Patch 7.3.2 which should be what we'll see when the maintenance is done. Maybe. Anyway it doesn't look like anything major. The biggest thing seems to be tuning for the new raid, Antorus, the Burning Throne, although it's not yet available with this patch. World PvP is getting some major tweaks - that seems to be the major change. Otherwise boring.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Some Demon Hunter Love

Some Demon Hunter Love

Note: This blog post was completed earlier but not posted due to the Deadly Crash.

Keya was in Mardum and got a whisper from a gal who just loved Keya's mount, the Felbroken Shrieker. She asked where I got it, and I told her it was a demon hunter class mount. Then she asked how she could get it. Keya is very proud of her mount so I didn't mind the questions. I got a sense that there was more than just curiosity, so I asked her if she was also a demon hunter. Yep, she is also a demon hunter.

I knew what she was about to get herself into, should she go after getting that mount. She also had the same response that I had when I first learned what it would take to earn that mount. I asked her if she had earned Legion Flying yet. The answer was no, and she had no intention of going through that process. I then told her it was even worse than that. She had to have completed Pathfinder Part 2, and she would have to complete a number of dungeons.

She then dismissed the idea, just as I once did. Why go to all that trouble when something fancier will turn up in the next patch? But I will still have my mount, no matter what I reminded her.

I then added that there was only one other mount that I could never part with, and that was the original, druid only "Raven Lord" mount. Which later begat the "Reins of the Dread  Raven" and then to the "Dread Raven" that most folks remember. Interesting fact: The original Raven Lord can't fly! It is ground mount only.

The Felbroken Shrieker will be one of the great mounts, in my view. I don't know when or if non demon hunters will be allowed to have one. But for now, it is unique and special. It is so special the beast cannot fit through the door at many of the pubs in Dalaran. Seriously. Keya thinks that is gut busting funny. In fact, one of Keya's best tricks to stand on the threshold of an establishment and watch others stare in awe of her beast. Shriek isn't very patient and will strike at those trying to enter and will even thrust it's head into the room.

Terms of Engagement - Chaitee went against the suggestions of Icy Veins and took a path that shortened the cooldown of her Harpoon. Killing with a Harpoon now automatically resets the cooldown to zero. It's an improvement, but Keya may have to talk to a Game Master to figure out why Keya can't right-click attack a hostile target. [Note - this issue is still not resolved]

Shooting Blanks - Java got her first real chance to defend the Auction House Saturday night. First, she forgot to turn PvP on so all her attempts to engage went nowhere. The attacks came again a couple of minutes later from the same prior attack and this time Java was ready. She struck with Avenger's Shield. Three seconds later Java was dead. Ouch. Then again, the Horde Pvpers were good, and there weren't many alliance fighting back. Wildshard poked fun at the Alliance ineptitude, sneering that nothing had changed in all the years the two factions had been fighting each other.

Oh, and one final thing - Chaitee is now Level 110! [Again, this was completed before the crash]

Not a good Day Part 2

Not a good Day Part 2

Here is the second response to my Ticket. I returned home from running chores and learned that my account had been taken over by Specialist Game Master Iiihlyn. I am just recounting what was said  because I wasn't there when the tech took over. He/she was the usual bright and happy bringer of bad news. He/she had reset the user interface while saying "I do hope everything wasn't too hard to set back up!" In other words, I was on my own as far as getting my account set back up, which now includes getting a new password.

After gettng that wonderful news, he/she offered some thought about what might be causing the original problem I had - which of course is now a massive problem instead of a minor irritation. Frankly, I doubt any of the suggestions will do any good but I will dutifully check them out - assuming I ever get my account back.

Funny thing - I can't even complain or put in another ticket until i get all these other things straightened out again. Now they have to use plain email to contact me now - if they bother.

Deadly Crash

Deadly Crash

I made the deadly mistake of taking directions from a Blizzard tech while trying to fix the RT-click to attack problem that Chaitee has.

I'll save everyone the details. The outcome is that not only is the Chaitee problem not fixed, Blizzard managed to F things up to the point I started getting error messages and the game crashed.

To make things even more "fun" the damage has now bled over into the other characters. I'm looking at many many hours of rebuilding each and every active character. Or worse.

If I bother. Right now I'm frustrated enough to think about just setting the game aside for a few days or weeks. Or at all. Maybe I've been playing this game too long.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Stubborn Chaitee

Stubborn Chaitee

Chaitee's Survival spec is a powerful spec that she really likes. However, there is a "feature" that has Chaitee scratching her head.

Start with a simple attack. Say that Sista wants to attack a hostile target that is in range. Sista would simply right click the hostile and Sista would automatically run to the target and attack it. This works with Sista and with the rest of the family.

Except for Chaitee. When Chaitee right clicks a hostile target, she takes a few steps and then stops well short of her target. Her pet stays in place as well. If her pet is not out, Chaitee will not move at all when right clicking the target. The hostiles targeted are all in range.

Of course Chaitee can use her Harpoon, which causes Chaitee to leap to the target and attack. All well and good. But Harpoon has a cooldown and often Chaitee wants to immediately run to another target - which she can't do. It's frustrating. If harpoon is not up Chaitee has to target a spot "near" the target instead. When there are multiple targets that are trying to kill you that can get really complicated and possibly fatal.

It didn't help when Chaitee saw a review of the hunter survival spec and ranked it the worst spec not only of the hunter class, but of ANY class or spec.

Did that dissuade Chaitee? Is she going to switch to another spec? No. Chaitee is stubbornly sticking to her Survival spec and it's melee mechanics. She just wishes she could figure out how to run to a target and attack. Something is wrong.

Tasting Death

Chaitee pushed a little too hard into her leveling and found herself and her pet dead on a number of occasions. Shel Zuul, a Legion elite that patrols the Pinerock Basin was particularly nasty and she didn't have anyone helping her. Still, she managed to raise her gear score to i768 and made it to Level 109!

And yes, she has left Java behind. Does Chaitee still have a little bit of love for the Auction House? Only if Java is handing over gear. Chaitee is very happy to have Java handling the gold. Java is content with the job. At least for now.

Oh, and one more thing  . . .  as of Sunday afternoon Chaitee is Level 110!