Monday, August 31, 2015

Grinding it Out

Grinding it Out

Grinding out Draenor Pathfinder now consumes Jocy. Four large scale battles every day until three factions have Revered rep, and endless, dogged effort to gather enough treasures to fulfill the achievements. Jocy was up early this morning getting her first battle done. Usually there is a kind of code of honor during these daily, never changing events. Players have to kill things to capture flags, bombs to destroy tanks, drops from kills, etc. This morning there was a dozen players, some alliance, some horde, that took a shortcut by stealing other players stuff while the player was engaged in a fight. It happened several times with Jocy, and in two cases mobs were driven into Jocy's range to keep her occupied while they looted.

Honestly, this is unusual behavior. Maybe its the time of morning. It's Sunday, so there's more players running around. But I'm proud of how Jocy acquitted herself. In both extreme cases she kept her head and methodically killed everything thrown at her. I've said this before, and I'll keep saying it - Jocy is one tough bitch to kill. On the second wave of mobs she battled, her Lay on Hands was still on it's five minute cooldown. That was a very, very long time to be in combat, with new mobs adding to the frey almost as fast as Jocy could take them down. Her bag of tricks got slimmer and slimmer while Jocy kept a worried eye on the cooldown timer. Her health bar became almost invisible, eating down the last bits of life, while the Lay on Hands cooldown ticked, seemingly forever, to come back on line. I knew that the bar ticked a little behind the action, so I was pounding the key furiously in the hope that Hands would pop up before the health bar went to zero. Fortunately, Lay on Hands procced in time, giving Jocy a full health bar, and she slew the rest of the mobs. Close call. Want to see the havoc? Here are last the mounds of bodies still visible before they melted into the earth.

The night before Jocy aided an an impromtu group trying to take down one of the rare elites that spawned. Jocy thought they wanted more DPS on the elite since all were blasting away at it, but when DPS started dying Jocy realized they needed a different kind of help. Jocy moved into melee range and got the elites' attention, playing tank and  keeping the elite off of the DPS until they killed it. Tanking a rare spawn is dangerous, but not really at the same level as actually tanking in a dungeon or raid. Still, it was fun and Jocy was able to hold her own.

Jocy got help from an unknown friend when she was working on a pair of elites in what was turning into a long battle. This time there was a healer among the crowded field who noticed Jocy at work and voluntarily kept heals on her until the elites died. Although Jocy could have killed the elites without help, it was well appreciated.

Later . . . It was time to seek out the Saberstalkers, one of the three factions that Jocy must raise to Revered status. This group of adventure seekers come solo and in groups to hunt the wild, elite beasts of jungle and beach. The area, Fangrila, is far south of the main bases of both Horde and Alliance. It's a primitive place, lacking even a flight path. Jocy is going to have to tame this place, or at least subdue it long enough earn Revered with their leader, Z'Tenga the Walker.

Travelers are warned that these rare creatures require groups to bring down. Jocy wanted to test that warning, having already killed a few elites in her young life. Solo. After checking in at the Saberstalkers base (a tent and not much else), Jocy took a winding dirt path south toward the sea. She got no further than the next stand of trees when she spotted a Black Fang Prowler. The monkey-like elite beast just asked to be hammered. Jocy went after it. And took it down. So, one elite down. It's a start.

Moving on, she next encountered a Fathomless Mauler near the beach. This one gave a spirited fight but Jocy had no real difficulty busting it up and scooping out some crab meat for the evening meal, should she still be out scouting when the sun went down. She wandered down the wide beach area, killing the non-elites to collect the 100 fangs required for her first job with the Saberstalkers.

At the water-line was yet another fresh-faced elite called a Fel Rangari Anaara. Wow, how many named elites does this place have? Jocy engaged, doing what she does, and all was going according to plan when she suddenly realized she was dead. No warning, no desparate last minute struggle. Alive . . . and then dead. Very dead. Okay, a small setback. A first attempt, with no training. Let's find out what this is. Jocy came back from the library mad as hell. This hellion is an elite hunter that loathes non-hunters. If a non-hunter comes in range of her she has three different means to turn you into inactive molecules - instantly. Jocy doesn't know which spell took her out, but after growling a bit she shrugged. Lesson learned. Avoid that bitch. PS - Even hunters have trouble against this elite. There is a long tirade from hunters who despite being hunters have died over and over against Fel Rangari Anaara and hate her passionately.

Jocy is going to take a siesta. Keep an eye out for more news.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 9

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 9

Isn't hunting treasure supposed to be fun? A bleary eyed, tired, Jocy crawled back to her garrison with a new appreciation for the people who hide things for a living. It seems such a simple task. Every treasure is clearly shown on the map of each zone. Hop on your mount and go visit each one, collect your treasure, rinse and repeat. Right? Wrong.

Lesson #1: All treasures have names, often unique, but sometimes generic, such as "ogre booty."  That's pretty cool - at first - but then . . . well, see the next lesson.

Lesson #2: Treasures have a spawning time, which means that if someone has recently picked up the treasure at that spot, it may be an undetermined "awhile" before it reappears. Jocy was particularly frutstrated with a clamshell that pulsed provocativly, teasing Jocy into thinking the treasure would appear any minute. Many minutes later . . . eventually Jocy moved on without her treasure.

Lesson #3: All treasures are "hidden" in one way or another. The easiest to find are those that are on the same level (ie, not in rocks overhead, in trees, in holes, etc) and that actually show themselves, usually a small glow to attract the treasure hunter. There are very few like that.

Lesson #4: Most treasures make you work for your treasure. I'm convinced that treasures do NOT want to be found. Okay, maybe Jocy is getting just a little paranoid, even a bit twitchy,  but hey, sometimes if I'm not looking closely I'd swear they moved around just to make me crazy.

Lesson #5: Treasures are diabolical! Truly! Can you imagine having to scale several large rocks, jump to your near death several times before landing on a precipice where "my precious" treasure waited, only to find out it had already been taken by some other misbegotten treasure hunter? For your viewing pleasure, here is Jocy's achievement worthy fall:

Jocy Goes Down

 Lesson #6: This is not fun, this is an obsession. Jocy keeps all her precious treasures in a secret place somewhere down at the docks. She has 24 now. She needs 50 to earn Expert Treasure Hunter. She'll need another 100 to earn Master and get the achievement. I'd stay away from the docks when Jocy is back at her garrison. And don't even think about her precious treasures. Jocy is watching.

And by the way, Jocy did work on her Vol'jin Headhunters reputation, bumping it up from 3450 to 5700. Plus, she actually got a felblight from from mining an ore. So it can be done. Her mining skill is only 138/700.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 8

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 8

Jocy spent 2,000 garrison resources fixing Leo. He got his Chain Lightning ability back and settled for an Elvenkind racial trait that at least matches race with Jocy, who is also a blood elf. Leo is slowly gaining gear (gear she wishes hadn't been spent on Viv and Dawn, now).

Later in the evening Jocy dragged Leo out of the barracks and the two took a flight to Nagrand. Less than hour later Jocy ordered Leo back to the barracks. The mangy beast just wouldn't stay out of the way, and his chain lightning brought random roaming mobs from all over the place. Leo was a complete disaster.

I'm told that once a bodyguard becomes elite and completes all three levels they can be quite deadly and helpful. I doubt Jocy has the patience to suffer through the growing pains, though. She did get some work done, and is now 4 of 8 in completing the Nagrand quests.

Taking a break, she talked Wild into doing some fishing for her. She wants to see how many felblight Wild can fish up. She needs felblight to craft her Mighty and Savage truesteel essences. Fishing is one way to get this rare and expensive crafting element. Wild went to Tanaan (felblight can only be fished in Tanaan) and stealthed to one of the very few ponds found in Tanaan. He fished long enough to catch 218 felmouth frenzy fish, which Wild can use to restore health and mana, and the rest Happy can sell. Wild also had great fortune catching felmouth frenzy lunkers. He caught ten, more than Wild had ever gotten in one sittiing. Wild still needs to get 32 more to buy the mount he wants.

Oh,  I suppose Wild should give Jocy all the felblight he fished up. The total is, um, let me see . . .  ZERO. Crap. Does every little thing have to become such a big deal? Jocy could try mining ore for the felblight, but she'd be fighting mobs the whole time knowing how little she'd find, if any. Felblight can be bought at the Auction House. Right now its selling at 190g each. The various truesteel essences require either 30 (5700g) or 60 (11,400g) felblight. That's a pretty steep price, but it would cost a lot more on the Auction House (14k and 32k). Happy can't help thinking that an item on the AH that sells for 32k and can be crafted for 11,400 returns a profit of over 10k gold. . .  Just saying.

Jocy doesn't care about Happy's math. She wants to have the biggest, baddest shield she can get. Her shield is i675. With Mighty Steelforged Essence she can raise it to i690. Going all out, she could raise it again with Savage Steelforged Essence, to i705. The cost to make those two essences tallies out to a bit over 17k gold. She has a little over 10k, but Happy isn't budging. If the coming weekend take is good enough Happy will reconsider. Until then, Jocy can spend her 10k on one upgrade, but not the second one. Even Jocy, though, is going to wait a bit to see if felblight prices drop as the weekend goes on.

The bag market has reached a new low this week. Embersilk bags once sold for over 400g apiece. Prices are being relentlessly driven down by a mad cloth player who must spend every waking minute farming cloth. Happy balked when cloth prices fell below 50 silver, and then dumped down to 34 silver. The price of the bag is now at 185g, half its value, but the player seems determined to drive it even lower.

Jocy is closing in on Loremaster of Draenor. She has only Nagrand to finish, and she just hit 5 of 8 storylines completed. The three remaining are: The Ring of Trials, Remains of Telaar, and The Legacy of Garosh Hellscream.

Jocy is nearly out of quests, so she's traipsing around Nagrand hoping for inspiration. Jocy had been all over Telaar, but then remembered that she never got around to finishing the last piece - four crystals needed to be destroyed. Once she entered the area it all came back to her and she slew her way through Telaar, shut down the crystals, and left the remains. She got her achievement for the Remains of Telaar.

It was the evil Garrosh that reminded Jocy that it was time to dethrone the despot. Jocy showed up for the war party outside the gates but nobody told him where to go. It's a good thing Jocy is so heavily armored, as she wound up alone more than a few times (alone meaning only bad guys surrounding her). It all worked out in the end, and Jocy got to see Garrosh fall from grace. Pretty cool.

That left only The Ring of Trials. Jocy thought this was pvp and had little interest. However, she was enticed to try just one match by the fight promoter. One on one combat in the arena - that was fun. Jocy quickly learned the ropes and downed all five of the lined up combatants in quick succession. BOOM! Just like that, the dominoes fell, and Jocy completed Nagrand and Loremaster of Draenor at the same time. Not to mention getting a ring upgrade from i665 to i685.

Only two more achievements left to complete - Master Treasure Hunter and Tanaan Diplomat. That flying certificate is a lot closer, but much work is yet to be done.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Cheating on Vivianne and Other Things

Cheating on Vivianne and Other Things

So, Vivianne wound up dead once again, and that is getting to be a little much for Jocy. Aeda Brightdawn is starting to look a lot more enticing. The least Jocy can do is give her a try. Right?
Jocy brought "Dawn" on her next expedition to Nagrand, which is proving to be a significant undertaking. Despite a long afternoon chasing down quests and killing multitudes - some more than once or twice because of some really bad questing advice from Wowhead - Jocy was only able to finish three of eight story line chapters.

How did things go with Dawn? Dawn was enthusiastic - too enthusiastic, unfortunately. The little warlock girl has no common sense, attacking everything in range, even things that didn't need to be killed. And those wings! I'm sure the boys think she's "sooo cute," but the wings get in the way, making it hard to target things Jocy was trying to kill. Given the problems in Nagrand, Jocy shuddered at the idea of taking her into Tanaan, where everything is a lot more deadly. Jocy was sure she wanted to get some work done in Taanan tonight, but she just didn't have the energy.

Dawn was a bust. I hope Leo will be better.

Jocy and Aeda Dawnbright

Cha-Ching! Happy sold 22 high end weapon enchants over the weekend, at prices ranging from 1500g to 2500g depending on the enchant. You do the math. That's not all profit, of course. Happy will be working hard throughout the week buying up temporal crystals and other mats to prepare for next weekend. However it adds up, it's a very nice haul for a market that is still on a downturn.

Jocy welcomed Leorajh to the level 100 follower club Monday morning, ready to take up his duties as Jocy's new bodyguard. He was very anxious about Jocy's intent to roll on getting a better set of abilities and traits than what he already had.

His current specs: Chain Heal (healing and DPS capable) plus Death Fascination, a worthless trait for a bodyguard.

After the re-training: AAGGHH!  Leo lost Chain Heal, replaced with Wind Shear, a far worse trait than Chain Heal. That's a dissapointing fail. At least Leo got rid of Death Fascination, replaced with Wastelander - another worthless trait! Jocy's tinkering made Leo less capable than Vivianne. Sigh. Jocy wanted to cry. Nothing went Jocy's way this morning. Even the cool armor Leo got left him without a weapon because Jocy had given Dawn the only one available. Jocy vowed to make it up to Leo, promising to to bring him along as a bodyguard to at least get some leveling experience. In Tanaan he won't last very long, though.

Shaken and Stirred - TWENTY-TWO Level 100 Elites Bite the Dust

Mighty Jocy completed the "Suggested Three Player" Assault on the Pit without any assistance. It took almost three hours, but what a battle of wits, trickery, perseverance, and outright deadly force!
The inside of the Pit is carved into a deep hole with a line of ridges around the outer circumference. Gates and openings into the Pit are guarded, usually by a pair of elites, and Jocy strode right into the first pair, determined to see how tough these elites are. Jocy was without a bodyguard on this trip. They wouldn't have survived the first attack, and might aggro other elites. Jocy took her time, and finished off both elites with about 35% health left. Had there been a third elite, things might have been dicey.

There were also barracks for groups of 3-5 elites, other patrolling elites, and numerous non-elite slaves which Jocy killed out of hand. Huge elite elephant beasts pulled large bags of gear around and around the Pit. Jocy was reluctant to take them on at first, figuring there had to a beast and rider combination, but decided to test one out. The beast was elite, but no rider, and not as tough as the guards, so they became Jocy's favorite target.

What's really interesting in the Pit is that the patrols were not static, which is very unusual. Jocy had picked a position where a single elite routinely passed through. Knocking off a single elite was slow but easy pickins for patient Jocy. When she attacked that sentry for the fourth time, Jocy was surprised to discover the elite she tagged was not the usual sentry, it was a named elite - Blademaster Ro'Gor. Jocy made a battle of it, using all her tricks, but ultimately she died. I checked up on this guy - he is very, very hard to kill. Jocy avoided him after that, and she had to be on her toes, because he changes his track.
The other special elites Jocy tangled with weren't on Blademaster's level, but they had interesting special talents that made the battles fun. Jocy killed the Hulking Brute and the Iron Warden several times, and accidentally aggroed them both once. She took 'em down, but it was a long fight. Elites also sometimes drop a flag that makes things harder as well. Nothing that Jocy couldn't handle, though.

When Jocy first considered soloing this Assault, I figured it would take 100 single elite kills to finish it, assuming 1% for each kill. Jocy would still in the Pit out in the killing fields had that been the case. Luckily, it wasn't THAT hard. Jocy has now completed Securing Draenor, one of the tougher challenges toward getting that flying certificate.

Jocy may relax a bit and take Leo with her to Nagrand to work on Exploring Draenor and gain some experience. He can't get into too much trouble there . . . I hope.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 7

Progress on Draenor Pathfinder Part 7

Patch 6.2.2 will open the skies for flying mounts, but getting into the sky still requires completing the Draenor Pathfinder achievement. Jocy has been distracted lately and only now is getting back into the saddle. Keeping track of what's been done and what is still to be done is getting a little easier thanks to a Wowhead guide that keeps track of progress. Here's what it looked like on 20 August, 2015:

Since then Jocy as been focusing on two areas: Nagrand and Securing Draenor. Nagrand is the only area in Draenor that Jocy hasn't cleaned out to finish Loremaster of Draenor. I thought it was already done, but then I remembered if was Fist (using Nagrand to finish leveling to 100) that had done it. One would think that since Fist had cleared Nagrand, it would count for the Loremaster, but no, that doesn't automatically apply. Sigh. Jocy is only through two of eight story lines. On the brighter side, Jocy has completed all 11 Missives (which amount to long, murderous killing sprees). Blizz wasn't satisfied with all those solo missions, and stuck in a 12th called Assault on the Pit. The Pit can't be purchased as a Missive. Jocy has to wait until it shows up as a daily. In addition to that, the Pit comes with a suggestion that it shouldn't be attempted without at least players in a group. Very annoying. Jocy took a trip out there to find just how tough it might be. Jocy found a huge stone walled city which includes the Blackrock Foundry raid. Jocy knocked on the door, but the raid apparatus wouldn't let her in. Gotta be in a raid, ya know. So Jocy wandered around and killed some things that weren't really part of the Pit because Jocy didn't get any credit for the kills. Finally, Jocy found a small camp. Yep, these must be her targets - four soldiers, level 100 - and elite. I have a feeling Jocy is not going to able to single target the nasties here if they're all clumpoed together in groups. Jocy is confident she can kill a level 100 elite soldier - but more than a couple at the same time, well . . .  probably not.

Jocy also had some fun in Taalar, where there is a pvp area in the Missive she was doing. Jocy laid waste to the place. Sadly, no alliance showed up while she was flagged. That would have been fun.
Then there are the misfortunes of Jocy's bodyguard, follower Vivianne. "Viv" has reached a point where she is more hazard than help. She's maxed out in weapons and gear, but she just doesn't have the stamina to last against the level and number of mobs Jocy is dealing with. Viv is usually already dead before Jocy really gets warmed up. That costs Jocy an hours time for her to resurrect, and its easier to not even ask her to come along. Still, maybe a better bodyguard could improve Jocy's odds in the Pit. Jocy looked for recommendations. She has another follower with the Bodyguard trait, Aeda Brightdawn. She's very pretty (don't share that with Viv, not unless you want your eyes ripped out) but doesn't look any more survivable than Viv. I decided to give the follower Leorajh (Leo for short, and the name literally means Lion King) a chance. Jocy had to do a short quest to find and hire him. He's a shaman with healing abilities. Ok, but can he stay alive? It will take a few days to find out. Leo starts out as a level 97. He's progressed to level 99 and will hit 100 when he completes his next mission. Jocy has a complete Blackrock Armor Set waiting for Leo (i630 gear and weapon) for starters.

The next step is somewhat based on the whims of chance. Jocy has a Follower Retraining Certificate, which can be used to RANDOMLY alter traits and abilities. I've been doing some more reading on this and Leo may not have much better luck than Viv. It seems that bodyguards attack whatever is attacking the player without regard to their own safety. Perhaps Leo will last longer, though. We'll see. I intend to keep Leo's Chain Heal ability, which can be used to both attack and heal. I'm re-rolling his trait, though - he likes undead, and that doesn't help Jocy at all.  Maybe there's a plate armor trait or something that would keep things from killing him. Who knows.

Just to prove that Jocy does more than just kill things, Jocy the clothes horse came back from her last missive with an armful of peasants clothing that she fell in love with. She now has a "Flashy Hat" ensemble she thinks is very cute. She's still on the lookout for a nice pair of shoes, though, preferrably in blue tones. And if you think that outfit's cheesy, you should have seen the stuff she threw away. Ugh!

Happy stuck his noses into the conversation to lament that embersilk and frostweave bags have fallen on very hard times. Two players on the AH decided to capture the market by dumping hundreds of bags well below the cost to make them. Happy just watched it all go down the drain, as you can't make money on things that cost more than what they sell for. Good luck to all those cloth grinders. Eventually they'll go away, and the market will come back. Happy is going to encourage Wild to make more hexweave bags, which have limits on the amount of hexweave that can be crafted (crafted, not farmed). Plus, the profit margin is higher.

Finally, Jocy completed the 25 treasure battles with her sailing fleet. Her reward earned her plans to build an aircraft carrier. Now that Jocy has one, it seems there isn't really all that much to do with her fleet of ships. Ah well.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Happy Misses The Mark

Happy Misses The Mark

The expected revival of the Auction House this weekend was, well, underwhelming. Primed with fifteen high end weapon enchants, Happy had to admit to a rather nasty miscalculation - he sold only two. It wasn't just the enchants, either. Sales were way off on just about everything. Right now Happy is sitting on a lot of expensive, unsold goods.

There is still activity on the AH, but it is almost all negative. There are a lot of sellers relentlessly driving down prices, but there aren't any buyers. Even Happy had to curtail buying up under-priced goods because those low prices just keep falling. It's a slow fall, though, meaning that the prices are falling in small increments. That hardly matters if no one is buying at any price.

It's still pretty early to declare the Dreanor expansion dead, but the announcement of the Legion expansion, due to go into beta in the fall (and we're already halfway through with August) must be affecting at least some percentage of the population. A certain amount of dumping materials that will be useless in Legion could be occuring. Dumping may well be a big factor as Legion gets closer because it's been so easy to amass large amounts without much effort.

Another portent popped up in trade chat - yes, trade chat every once in awhile has something interesting to say. Wow is more than ten years old. Silvermoon server is an original realm, so it, too, is over ten years old. I don't know what the numbers are (Blizzard doesn't like to talk about realm populations), but its likely that many, many players who started on Silvermoon are still here. Player ages come up in trade chat periodically. I recall hearing that most players would say they were no older than their thirties. Thirty-five was considered a crusty veteran. That conversation popped up in chat earlier this weekend, the poster proudly proclaiming he was 62 years old. That generated a small tsunami of posts from players in their 50s and 60s. Me among them. I'm 59. And yes, that means I was already at the "advanced" age of 49 when I STARTED playing WoW. I had to read that last sentence twice. Somehow I thought I was younger.

The game is old. The players are older, too, and I have to think that new, younger players are dwindling. Us oldies have already done and seen most everything there is to see and do in this world (of Warcraft). It's still fun, but there is no sense of urgency, no pushing the envelope. I wonder.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Leather Means Dying - A Lot

Leather Means Dying - A Lot

I have to admit that I'm spoiled by Jocy. She wades into a fracas of 4+ mobs with every confidence that they will soon all be dead. She takes on level 100 elites without blinking an eye or letting a curl sneak out from under her helm. Jocy is damned hard to kill, and she recently upped the ante by using steelforged essence to raise her shield armor from i630 to i675.

Hey! Fist yells. Oh, hi Fist. Ahem, sorry. This isn't supposed to be about Jocy, it's about her little pal Fist. Fist was recently welcomed into the level 100 ranks along with Jocy and Wild.

Fist has been on the early quests required to get into the adult pool, so to speak. [Watch it, Jocy, Fist growls]. She took the initial flight to the iron docks, and fought off the mobs and beasties there. It was early morning and there were very few others working the docks. It was a bit dicey, but Fist managed to keep her resurrections to just two. Then Fist hooked up with an alliance player and, working together by alternate tagging of mobs, fought our way to the grapple and the bad guy there. After the dual kill we parted ways.

Fist returned to her garrison, built her first ship, and got orders to sail to Tanaan. The voyage was swift and Fist leaped from the transport and into combat. Despite both Draka and Vivianne at her side, the fights were brutal and Fist started to feel a little out of her depth and under dressed in her leather gear. Still, she succeeded in reaching her goal, the camp of Vol'Mar.

Fist got some minor upgrades in her armor, going from i601 to i614. She loves her dual wielding blades, but dying is something that she is probably going to have to learn to live with. She's working on a few more tricks to protect herself, but windwalker spec (DPS) may not be what she wants to do for a living. Mistweaver healing will be more to her liking should she decide to progress further. That's not something Fist is likely to tell her mother about any time soon, though. Mom wears plate armor like Jocy's. It's just not fair.

Fist hasn't given up on windwalker, though. She may be short of funds to buy gear (sticks her tongue out at Jocy, who sucked up LOTS of gold buying stuff off the AH), and worked out her own plan. She's already crafted the three upgradable pieces of gear that she made herself, and will craft her own truesteel essence to continue to build up that gear. She then had a chance to get a real cheap pair of leggings that had already been bumped up in level. That would go over the three set limit for the gear, however. When Fist saw that a better set of shoulders could replace the crafted ones, Happy relented and provided the funds for both the non-crafted shoulders and the crafted leggings. Total cost for both was way below anything Jocy had bought.

All that manuevering brought Fist's armor rating from i614 to i627. She still has a lot of work to do. Four pieces of gear are still under i600, which is dragging the better gear down. Fist is hoping her enhanced gear will keep her alive a bit longer, and gear from questing and killing will help fill in the gaps.

In the meantime, Happy watches the Auction House warily. All week prices have been falling. Happy has many high end weapon enchants to sell, and he's held off selling even with the drop in prices. Happy is betting (and he usually wins those bets) that there is still a lot of raiding to do and the enchant prices will rise as raiding time gets closer.