Friday, February 5, 2016

Breaking the Code For Professional Recipes

Breaking the Code For Professional Recipes

After weeks of frustration trying to understand how to get the high end recipes that are being held hostage by never appearing Traders, I posted the below in the WoW Forum to find an answer.

"I need some help understanding how to get the higher end recipes for leatherworking, blacksmithing, and inscription. As I understand it, there are Traders that have these recipes, appearing randomly at random garrisons. I also know that I can access these traders in garrisons other than mine. I check Wowhead every day to see if one of these three Traders are active. None have appeared in the last several weeks. Is this really only way to gain these recipes? It's conceivable that Legion could launch before I can get these recipes!"

Several players posted, but there was nothing that I didn't already know and I still remained mystified despite the earnest help of the posters. I won't go through the back and forth, but I finally understood what I had been missing. Every day I checked Wowhead to see if one of those Traders had appeared in a garrison - any garrison that posted a custom group offering the trader's goods would do - but I never saw any of those traders.

The answer, when it comes, is always simple. I was looking for a Trader's name. Wowhead doesn't generally post the name, Wowhead posts the item that is open for trading - like ore, dust, fur, leather, and herb. That was all I really needed to know.

Now, for the "It Can Only Happen to Wild" Show. Today's item for trade is Fur. Wild followed the lengthy steps to pick a custom group at a garrison that was offering the Tailoring recipes Wild needs. There was a little confusion about where exactly the Fur Trader was in this stranger's garrison, but after fumbling around a bit he found the guy - "Calvo Klyne, the Fur Trader."

Wild was deliriously happy and purchased all of the recipes his tailoring profession should have. He thanked the garrison owner . . .  then looked closer at where he was. Wild was in his own garrison. After failing all this time to gain these recipes, the first time it actually worked is when the DAMN FUR TRADER WAS VISITING WILD'S OWN GARRISON!

All I can say is that the Leather Trader should be working tomorrow. It will Fist's turn. She needs the recipes for Spiritual Leathercraft and Mighty/Savage Burnished Essence. She needs to have 200 raw beast hides in her bags to pay for it. And it better well work.

It did. It's Friday morning and Fist had no trouble joining a custom group in another player's garrison where the Fur Trader set up his wares. The wowhead post that describes the exact process is very thorough, but in my opinion is not clear on two points. The Trader does not stand just inside the Town Hall at the top of the stairs. He stands behind the command table. Second, the Trader has a blue Daily quest over his head. In both of the two times I've done this, you have to complete the daily (which is a simple transaction of goods) before the Trader will offer his goods goods.

I now know that the Traders come every day on a schedule. The order is "ore - dust - fur - leather - herb." Yesterday was fur, today is leather, and tomorrow is herb. And so on.

So, at last I have this figured out. It took me long enough.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Tripping in Honeydew Village

Tripping in Honeydew Village

Monday - By late afternoon on Monday Philly was enjoying the rest of her day, having completed all of her tasks and nailing down Level 87. But as the afternoon drew to evening she got restless. There was little she could do in Hyjal, not until the dailies were up again. She took a trip to the Twilight Highlands, but that was a bust, and hanging out in Orgrimmar was boring.

So Philly hopped the portal to Pandaria's Jade Forest. Like with Mount Hyjal, it took some time to get her bearings, locate quests, and slip back into the pattern of exploring and questing. Once the initial battle to gain a foothold in Pandaria was complete, Philly quickly made her way to the airport, a difficult scenario that earlier family members had found frustrating. That frustration never manifested with Philly. By the time she had cleared and secured the airport, Philly had Dinged to Level 88.
Philly isn't ready to include Pandaria leveling into her every day routine, but it takes less than an hour to complete all of the dailies in Hyjal, leaving her with a lot of time on her hands.

The family wants to carve up that time to do chores and keep up their garrisons, but there are now seven members actively engaged in family business now - Jocy, Tiphaine, Fist, Wild, JB, Happy, and now Philly. Not everyone is going to be happy with how that time is distributed.

Wednesday - Philly pounded out her daily 20% dosage of experience in Hyjal. Then, with nothing better to do, she made another trip to Pandaria. I know, I know, but Philly just wanted another peek. That peek earned her way to Grookin Village and a dozen quests that drove her xp to 95% toward the next level. And it was even fun!

THEN, I started the quest, "Scouting Report: Like Jinyu in a Barrel." It starts by wasting almost twenty minutes running around playing canned snippets that you couldn't interact with. Trying to speed things up just set the whole rigamaroll back to the beginning. After wading through that it got even uglier. The quest has numerous bugs documented on Wowhead, and every poster on Wowhead has their own special solution of how to complete it without throwing a brick through the screen. That was my opinion the first time I attempted it. On the second run I turned off all of my addons and went plain vanilla. There is always a risk on doing that - sometimes a carefully designed and beloved interface goes belly up when monkeying with the interface. The tactic worked, though, my interface remained intact, and I completed the quest. But really, they should just FIX the quest.

The good news was that Philly DINGED! to Level 89 on that quest. So something good came of it. Philly was ready for more, but the network started having trouble, getting the "You have been disconnected from the server" warning, and minutes passed by waiting for it to clear. Logging off until next time.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Crowded Field of Struggles

A Crowded Field of Struggles

The Wild family gals are getting on Wild's nerves. He is threatening to ask for a male demon hunter come Legion. That "threat" brought cheers from the girl gallery. Fist immediately offered to handle all of the demon hunter's leatherworking, and any other needs he might gave. And this was only one of many situations plaguing the family of late. Nobody is getting enough time, not with six players trying to level and/or work on their garrisons.

Wild is still trying to resolve the mess between Tiphaine and Fist regarding a Scribe's Quarters. His outrageous plan to move professions around again had the whole family in an uproar. It was a bad plan, Wild had to admit, and in the end it turned out it wouldn't even have worked. The gist of it is that Fist his holding a lot war paints that Tiphaine thought she would get. Never mind the details, there was no way to get those war paints from Fist to Tiphaine without help. So on Sunday the following Ticket was sent to the gods of WoW to try and fix the issue:

"I screwed up my inscription and Scribes Quarters by not locating them on the same character. I "fixed" it by destroying the Scribes Quarters I didn't want (Plumrosefist character) and built a new one on the Tiphaine garrison, who has the inscription profession. That fixed the Tiphaine garrison, but the problem is that the Plumrosefist character still has a bag full of war paints that I hadn't realized were soulbound and can't be used. If possible, could you transfer the 732 war paints that Plumrosefist has to the Tiphaine character so that those war paints can be used?"

Meanwhile, Philly's struggles continue. She is currently stuck on the Gardians of Hyjal quest thread. JB must have done this when she got a wild hair and leveled from 85 to 87. Why Philly is having such a hard time isn't clear, but she's going to try to follow it instead of jumping around. She has been able to quest a bit in the Grove of Aessina, another hard line quest thread that must be followed step by step to get anywhere. Hyjal is a level 80 zone so the killing is easy pickings, it's the unforgiving questlines that has her banging her wand on her head. The whole point of this exercise is to get to the Sanctuary of Malorne daily quests which offer big gobs of experience and avoids having to muck about in Pandaria.

Speaking of Pandaria, I have to admit that Philly did pop through the portal to Pandaria just to look around. I learned that she must have already done the starter quests at some point because the quest line was already past the battle at the flying ship. Philly needs to stick to one or the other venue, or risk getting bogged down in both. She has only gotten as far as 34% toward level 87. This is poor results.

There is one bright bit of success. Blizzard fixed the Lumber Mill problem (the starter quest was missing) and JB has been out tagging trees all afternoon. Having tree cutters dropping down out of helicopters to do the cutting was funny the first few times I saw it. Now I just want them to speed things up a bit.

Back to Philly, she waded once more into Hyjal and through grim determination forced herself through broken quests and incomprehensible directions that ultimately got her to the doorstep of the Sanctuary of Malorne, which is where she wanted to be. She also picked up a Daily quest there, the first of many more. With the opening of that portal, Philly pushed her way in, collecting another half-dozen daily quests. For the first time Philly set eyes on the fire and magma field within that will occupy her perhaps all the way to level 90.

For tonight, though, Philly was satisfied with reaching level 87.

PS - Philly took the offer to take up the mining profession, but she did not take skinning away from Fist to get it. Philly no longer has any need for inscription, so she unlearned it and took Skinning. Philly actually likes gathering, and in and around the battles she got her first 31 steps toward getting mining to level 700.

Friday, January 29, 2016

This and That's

This and That's

JB has a problem. Her level 2 Lumber Yard looks very nice. Unfortunately, she can't cut any wood. She is still short on garrison resources and her Lumber Yard should have been churning out lumber by now. Checking Wowhead, I learned that the starter quest, "Easing in Lumberjacking" is bugged for boosted toons. I have two boosted toons, Jocy and Tiphaine, so that's good to know should they ever want a LumberYard. JB, however, is not boosted. I've put in a ticket.

How do boosted toons get their Lumber Yard going? They have to do the Tanaan entry quests up through "The Assault Base" in order to get the starter quest for the Lumber Yard. Sigh. JB has barely started the Tanaan questing. My guess is that the answer to my ticket will be to do the Tanaan quests. That way Blizz doesn't have to fix the actual problem.

Philly is struggling a bit. She has been out of action so long it's like learning a new character, or discovering the character has amnesia. I thought Philly could skip Pandaria like JB did, but that isn't working out with Philly. I'm still trying to figure out how JB still had quests and achievements available in Mount Hyjal where with Philly, there are no quests at all. I think it may be an issue with the starter quest that opens up Cata. Going to try to do it and see if that clears it up.

On the practical side, Philly is working on her gear, which at her level was pretty cheap. She raised her gear level from i418 to i426, getting rid of all her spirit gear in favor of crit (that tip was courtesy of UB).

Combat with Philly has been frustating and funny. The up close kick ass attack pattern of Jocy, Tiphaine, and JB is so ingrained that Philly feels compelled to rush in and attack vice standing at range. I'm sure she'll get herself re-wired after a few fatal encounters.

Tiphaine is getting more comfortable with her Inscription profession and the process to get to level 700 is slowly accelerating. Most of the leveling comes from making Card of Omens. The best way to describe them is that they're like lottery tickets. You buy them and then "flip" them to see what you won. Apparently, some players buy and flip tens of thousands of them on the chance of getting something good. Tiphaine has flipped several hundred so far, getting nothing more interesting than a card worth two gold. But they aren't useful for anything else, so Tiphaine will keep flipping them until she finishes leveling Inscription.

Umm, here's a PS - Tiphaine flipped her latest group of cards and came out with 3,235 gold! Oh dear, these cards could be addictive.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Phillyperdue Rising

Phillyperdue Rising

JB is well on her way now to completing her garrison. Resources are still limited, but it's only a matter of time. She is testing two new buildings that the family has paid little attention to. She has a large, empty lot and decided to try a Lumber Mill. Now that JB isn't doing the leveling grind, she should have time to cut lumber, which will also increase her resources. She will also be the first in the family to have a Salvage Yard. JB doesn't know anything about it beyond the description in Wowhead. I think the Yard increases leveling and gear for followers, and also offers real gear, some of it unique, that JB may be able to use herself. Other buildings will be erected as resources are available.

In other news, Jocy was feeling pretty good about the state of the family. Running the family business isn't as hard as Wild always made it out to be. Then Philly asked Jocy to come visit her in Orgrimmar. Jocy suddenly had things to do and told Wild to speak with Philly. Hmm, who is really running things around here, Wild thought?

Philly was very prepared when Wild visted her at the Wyvern's Tail in Orgrimmar, which also happened to be a favorite watering hole of Wild's as well.

First off, Philly began, she admits that she was pretty angry that Tiphaine was given the Inscription profession, ignoring the fact that Philly was already a level 600 Scribe. BUT, she pressed, she understands that she is not far enough along in her leveling to be helpful. At least not yet. She resigned herself to losing that profession.

Philly forged on, taking sideways looks at Wild, who hadn't said anything. The family needs a Jewelcrafter, too, but Jocy's plan to give it to a demon hunter not even identified yet is stupid! Not when there is a Jewelcrafter already in the family! Philly was getting heated and she tried to calm down.

Wild was on his second mug of beer and smiled benignly at Philly. Taking that as permission to continue, Philly made her pitch, stating emphatically that there's no need to wait on this "demon hunter person" because she is ready to do what it takes to get that profession to its highest level. She was even ready to take on other chores, such as picking up the mining profession, which, she notes, is not assigned to anyone and goes decently with jewelcrafting.

Philly finally had to take a breath, having said all those things in one long rush of words. The bartender handed Wild another beer.

"Got the itch to level up all of a sudden, huh?" Wild asked her.

Philly opened her mouth again. Wild waved her off. "Go! Do! Get it done!" Wild waited a few seconds, wondering why Philly was still standing there. Maybe he should pat her on the back or something. "Philly, you have always been the responsible one among you girls." Philly glowered and clamped her mouth shut.

"We'll help ya out any way we can." Wild couldn't remember if Philly was the responsible one are not, but it sounded good to him.

"Wanna share a beer before you trot off?" he asked. She didn't, but thanked Wild anyway and took off to get started on her plans.

Wild decided to drink her beer as well as his. And maybe a few more.

Philly, meanwhile, needed to take stock and get ready. Honestly, she had been hoping for this moment. She had in mind following a similar path that JB took: using a gathering profession (which in Philly's case could be mining) and Mount Hyjal as her jumping off point. Her gear level is a modest i418, and she will need a lot of practice re-learning to be Shadow Priest.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Five Garrisons Open For Business

Five Garrisons Open For Business

The World of Draenor opened on 13 November, 2014, fourteen long months ago. During that time five family members leveled from 90 to 100 and took on the challenge of the Tannan Jungle. Ever wondered how long it took for each of them to reach their goal? Check the chart below.

13 Nov 2014 - WoD Opened

20 Nov 2014 - Wild, Jocy, and Fist began leveling

18 Jan 2015 - Wild reached Level 100. It took 59 days.
    This is about Wild's expected leveling speed. Steady progress.

01 Jun 2015 - Jocy reached Level 100. It took 193 days (134 actual leveling days).
    If anyone should be embarrased, it's Jocy. Lazy ass. Kudo's are warranted for Jocy completing the mammoth Pathfinder Achievement, though.

20 Oct 2015 - Tiphaine reached Level 100 in - wait for it - SIX DAYS
    I had to check this twice to make sure. The six day rush to level 100 is correct.

09 Nov 2015 - Fist reached Level 100. It took 354 days (102 actual leveling days).
    Cut some slack for Fist, who went to the back of the bus while both Wild and Jocy were leveling. She started at the same time as Wild and Jocy, but got very little time until both Wild and Jocy were done. If you subtracted all the days that Fist had to wait on the other two, her leveling time drops down to 102 days.

11 Jan 2016 - JB reached Level 100.  It took - another wait for it - FOURTEEN DAYS
    JB, benefiting from all the help and support (not to mention a flying mount), swept through Dreanor and reached her goal in an amazing fourteen days.

Now that she's level 100, JB's plan is to gather garrison recources any way she can to improve her garrison. After talking things over with Tiphaine, JB built a Trading Post. A good omen is that the first item that her Trading Post offered for trade is crescent saberfish. Spend an afternoon fishing, turn in the meat, and get garrison resources in return! Of course, JB can't pick them up until later. In the meantime, JB is heading to Nagrand to hunt down treasures.

FINALLY, JB scrabbled together just enough garrison resources to get her Level 3 Great Hall. That opened the spigot. JB has the plans in hand to build Level 2 to the Trading Post, which cost only a little gold. With the last of her resources, she ordered a Storehouse. She's been carrying all her worldy goods in her bags. At last, she'll have somewhere to store her stuff. With only 16 garrison resources left, she had to call it a day.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Careful, Construction Underway

Careful, Construction Underway

Keeping track of all of the Wild family goods and services is a daily challenge. There are five  garrisons, four of them housing the maximum twelve structures allowed per the building codes. JB's garrison is still in flux, but it, too, will eventually reach capacity. A sixth "garrison" is Happy's little home in the Undercity manning the Auction House, which takes up as much or more time than running the garrisons.

When garrisons were introduced there was no master plan describing how to best use them. Wild was the first, but despite many hurdles his garrison managed to wind up pretty well organized. Wild holds the Tailoring and Enchanting professions. His profession buildings house the Tailoring Emporium and Enchanter's Study. It all fits, beacause it mirrors how things work prior to the garrisons.
Then came Jocy's garrison, and Tiphaine's followed, and then the rest, each one making individual decisions that seemed fine at the time. Well, time has passed and things have gotten pretty messy where professions are concerned. It is time to develop a master plan that maximizes the family profession business. Stay tuned.

It's Saturday afternoon and JB is on a break. She has reached level 98 plus 39%. Her gear score cracked i600 at is now at i604. And JB gets a present: four ensorcelled tarot trinket upgrades. After installing the upgrades JB's gear score rose to i607. More importantly, her key agility score went from 171 to 298. She has one more upgrade still to come, when the gold is available.

Later in the evening JB hit level 99. Gear from quests increased her gear score to i612.

Sunday - It's all about Football! AFC and NFC Championship games. JB wants to hit 100 today, but that isn't very likely. She is 96% away from reaching her goal.

Quick Auction House Note. The once ludicrous market for high end weapon enchants has steadily declined and is no longer profitable. So Happy is expanding the market for gear and weapon upgrades to make up for the difference. It would be nice if a Trader would offer actual recipes some time in the next decade! More recipes means more stuff to sell. Every day the Group Finder and/or Wowhead is checked to see what is up. Today is Draenor dust trading. No recipes.

Sunday night after the football games JB went back to work. She eventually reached the Throne of the Elements in Nagrand. That series of quests is like voodoo to the Wild family. Things always go wrong. Wild (or it might be Tiphaine) is the only one in the family that has ever finished that quest thread. Well, after getting most of the quests done JB became haunted by a dead fish. Any time JB approached waters where the water elementals are, she started taking large chunks of damage, even though there was no one around her. The first time it happened JB tried to out heal it, but it just got worse. She tried to out run it but died. On reincarnation, she immediately started getting hit again. She managed, finally, to get out of range. Tentative attempts to return were met with more invisible attacks. JB even returned to town and logged out of the game. When she got back to the Throne in the watery area - yep, the damage started up where it left off.

Okay, I know why this is happening. I was even warned, but it was a long time ago and I forgot about it. When I grind xp I tend to pick things up as I go along. In JB's case, she picked whatever flowers she found as well as any treasures. The innocent looking fishing pole by the water looked like one of those treasures. When JB used the fishing pole, she was dragged underwater and attacked by an electrified fish. JB was able to kill it, and that is where she became vulnerable to those water attacks. So now JB just stays out of that area. She may always have problems there, or until Blizz clears it during maintenance. I'd advise never to click on that fishing pole.

It didn't keep JB from pushing on. At 8pm Sunday night JB hit level 100 in Nagrand. That's the good news. Okay, great news. However, JB doesn't have enough garrison resources to build anything yet. It will come. Slowly.

Oh, I almost forgot to update her gear situation. And since she doesn't have a storehouse yet, she has to return to Orgrimmar.

Gear score at level 100: i613
Add Baleful Gear (3 pieces): i625

Congratulations! The Tanaan Jungle awaits you.