Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Rakta has a Question

Rakta has a Question

Why is it that only Sista goes into the Bastion of Twilight? We all know that Sista is after embersilk and anything else that can be disenchanted. So of course this is where she comes to get those things.
Rakta wasn't satisfied with that answer. "Is there anything else of value there that, say, a jewelcrafter or alchemist might want? What about Java's needs? And might there be things in there that even Keya and Tiphaine might find valuable to the guild? What would it hurt to go check it out? At worst a potion is wasted. But what if?"

Tiphaine seemed a little stunned after that wall of questions. The look on her face seemed to say, Why didn't I think of that?

Tiphaine thought quickly. "Good question, Rakta. Wanta find out? Grab yourself a potion of treasure finding and go check it out!"

Tiphaine expected Rakta back later in the afternoon. She was back in an hour. Tiphaine had Rakta round up Sista and brought her as well. "So, Rakta," Tiphaine questioned, her eyes flicking between Sista and Rakta. "What did you find out?"

"Well," Rakta began,"it was a hell of a lot of fun! My Heroic Throw made collaring mobs pretty easy, even easier than Sista's method, I would think." Rakta smiled wickedly at Sista, hoping to get a rise out of her.

Sista just shrugged, then said something to Tiphaine that made Tiphaine grin. Something like, "kids."

Getting practical, Rakta thought she would get items from the raids that would include materials for JC and Alchemy since those were the professions she owned. In that she was disappointed. The items found in the raid were the same stuff that Sista picks up every week. Even though she used a potion, the total take was less because Rakta does not have the scavaging  boon that increases the take. Instead of about 1,000 embersilk, the take was about half that much.

The only other difference was that the amount of gear worth taking the gold for was larger. Four or five at 18g plus is the usual. This run Rakta picked up 16 pieces worth a couple hundred gold total. And then there is the matter of sending all the DE items to Sista (31 pieces to DE, minus 10 items that were soulbound). She got enough hypnotic dust to make two bags.

"All in all, a decent haul, Rakta," Sista told her, poking her in the ribs. "But don't quit your day job."

As far as sending in Java? Well, Tiphaine would make that call if they needed the extra mats. For now, though, they didn't need any more help.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Socket To Me - Six quests in One

Socket To Me - Six quests in One

This quest is actually six sub-quests. Each one takes Rakta to a different area of Azeroth, which helps Rakta learn more about the world. There are a lot of places out there to explore beside Dalaran and the Order Hall.

She started with "Crystal Scale" in the Twilight Highlands. Sista is very familiar with that area and provided good information for Rakta to complete the simple task set for her.
"That was easy," Rakta said, "Let's do another."

"Deepholm's "Crystal Core" is in the same category as the Twilight Highlands," Sista told her, so she went there next. Another easy completion, Rakta said to herself.

Pandaria's "Crystal Heart" was a little more interesting, but with a portal available in Dalaran, getting there and completing the task was again easily completed.

One of Rakta's favorites was in Northern Stranglethorn. She took the flight path from Stormwind to Booty Bay, a legendary port of thieves. She collected her prize ,"Crystal Shell," in an underwater wreck.

The fifth sub-quest, "Crystal Blume," went sideways. Her task required her to go to Moonglade. Rakta got confused with some of the directions and thought she needed to go to the Caverns of Time, which required a trip to Tanaris. It was very confusing to Rakta, though she enjoyed visiting many of the dungeon and raid portals there.

It was Wildshard of all people who got things straight for her. Wild had Rakta return to Booty Bay and take the boat to Rachet, a neutral town. She then took the flight path there directly to Moonglade.

Rakta wasn't sure she wanted to discuss one aspect of these sub-quests, but decided to comment in order to be thorough. In one of the sub-quests a bunny is killed. Your choice on whether to shed tears or make rabbit stew.
The sixth and final sub-quest, "Crystal Shard," was a back breaker. Rakta headed to the Broken Shores and then Highmountain for the final challenge.

Rakta took the flight path from Dalaran to Stonehoof Watch. From, there, she was told to follow a snow packed path to the Greystone Enclave. Rakta had recently been through the area all the way to what she viewed as the top of whole world. She'd heard stories of the many who, once seeing the highest peak in Azeroth, threw themselves off for reasons few survived to explain.
Anyway, Rakta was getting off topic.

Rakta's target this time wasn't some tame bauble or bunny. Her task was to kill Amberstone Earthrender. Rakta worked her way up the snowy path, expecting to find conflict around every corner. She had been told many times that the enemy was endless. Instead, what Rakta found at the end of her path was the Frostshard. This elite rock monster stood between her and the cave opening where she would find Earthrender. There was no way around the elite, and there was no one around to help out.

So she attacked. Solo. It was a bloody mess. Frostshard hit very hard and had a spell that stopped Rakta's attacks cold for several seconds. Rakta spent much of the fight testing the elite and trying to find soft spots to wear it down. The person wearing down, though, was Rakta. When the battle became inevitable, ie, cut your losses or die, Rakta broke away and retreated. Frostshard followed her. Fortunately, the elite remembered it was guarding that cave, and returned to its post. Rakta stayed alive.

Rakta did a thorough assessment. She learned a few things. Most importantly she learned to retreat from the elite before it could hit her with that binding spell. That actually worked too well. When Rakta backed away too far, the elite returned to it's post - and back at full strength.

So she was now down to her third plan. She couldn't kill the thing outright. But maybe she could do a run around. Rakta pulled out her spell, Heroic Leap. She aimed the spell at the cave opening on the other side of Frostshard. Everything depended on how stupid Frostshard was. Rakta was thinking to herself, which was more stupid, the elite or her.

Rakta took the Heroic Leap. It was a well placed leap, landing her right at the opening of the cave. Of course there was an immediate stampede of enemy mobs at the cave entrance and Rakta started the killing. She pushed her way into the cave, mobs crawling all over her.

Frostshard followed her in. "That's just great," She groaned. Maybe this wasn't such a great idea. Rakta kept pushing further inside, though, still cutting down bad guys. Then all light from the cave opening was suddenly blocked.

"Oh crap, what now?" Rakta was sure the elite was going to continue to pursue. A second later, though, light from the entrance returned. After poking it's head into the cave, Frostshard returned to it's post.

Now all she had to do was keep killing her way to Amberstone Earthrender. Some infinite time later, everything in that cave was dead or fled, including dead Earthrender.

Here's a tip for anyone else wanting to tilt at Frostshard. Bring friends.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Rakta's First Diamond

Rakta's First Diamond

Clive Coven appeared outside the Jewelcrafting shop. His sudden appearance startled her. She would have sworn the dark corner was empty. Rakta had business with Coven. She calmed her nerves. From the moment she learned that she was destined to become a Jewelcrafter, she has held a secret obsession with locks and lock picking. Coven had "Hidden Intentions," but with his help she might see that dream come true.

Coven passed along information about where diamonds could be bartered, stolen, or taken by force. They could be found in the Underbelly of Dalaran.

Keya has been in the Underbelly. She knows it is not a nice place. There are Horde in there as well. Not safe. Despite the risks she wanted to do this on her own. The Underbelly is where she must go if she is to reach her goal. If she finds someone willing to sell them, such as a man named Inkrot, she can make a choice - pay the going price or take it by force. Remember, both factions are active. If she fights, Rakta runs the risk of being attacked by the horde while trying to fight Inkrot.

Rakta had a small stipend from Chaitee. Rakta had no idea how much a diamond would cost on the black market, but she would risk all of her gold if that's what it takes. And if that was not emough, she would kill for it.

Rakta found the black market diamond vendor. The vendor prepared to haggle. Rakta took a look at the opening bid and concealed a grin. She haggled just for the practice, and then walked away with her goods for 250 gold. She would have paid five times that much. Rakta left quickly and quietly before word got out.

Back at Tiffany's shop, Rakta couldn't wait to craft her lockpicks and test them. There was some nervousness and a couple of mistakes, but Rakta now has her lockpicks. She happened to have an i550 lockbox to test it on. It worked! She was so happy she almost forgot to see what was in the box! The take was an i780 weapon and 48 gold. Young Rakta was elated.

In the guild bank are 36 elementium lockboxes at i425. There are also four i550 lockboxes similar to the one Rakta opened. Rakta wanted to open them all up right away. However, that was not quite as easy as that. Every lockbox requires it own key to open it. Rakta must craft that key before it can be used. Crafted keys are destroyed when used.

So, picking a lock may be an easy thing. Crafting the correct key to open that box takes materials (sangrite) and skill. Still interested? Sangrite sells for about 20g each. Opening that 550 box cost at least 60 gold to see what was inside. Still interested? Not so much. Spending 60g to get 48g ? Hmmm. And that was with a 550 lockbox. What's in a lesser 425 box? Rakta still wants to find that out.

PS - Rakta did some prospecting on 100 leystone ore. From that she received ONE random sangrit. This lockpicking is a lot more expensive than she thought.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Of Draenor, Legion, and Jewelcrafting

Of Draenor, Legion, and Jewelcrafting

One would think that among the families of two factions/guilds with nine level 100+ members that adds up to eighteen profession slots between them that at least ONE member would have taken Jewelcrafting as their profession.

Nope. Nada. Not a one. Rakta was the choice to take up Jewelcrafting once she leveled. Rakta is now level 110. Rakta has visited her garrison in Draenor. The shuttered garrison will be revived and put back into operation.

Rakta also took the flight path from her garrison to Ashran where she formally accepted her new profession of Jewelcrafting. It didn't take long before other family members were pulled in to provide further support. Java will help out with her mining profession. Ironically, Guild Leader Tiphaine found herself back at work, too. Tiphaine is already providing ore and the bank has a sizeable store of herbs and othe useful mats. In a way, Tiphaine is now working for Rakta. The initial ramp up got Rakta's JC  to 162/700.

Of course, Rakta can't depend only on Draenor JC leveling. She will need to work on Legion JC, too. This is where it gets complicated. Timothy Jones is the JC Trainer, but he has not provided any help in furthering the Legion side of JC. Reading up on starting a new profession, it appears that Rakta will have to complete a significant number of quests before she can earn the right to level to 800. The starter quest for that thread is called "Facet-nating Friends." Rakta tried to talk to Sminx Glasseye, who should have the quest, but does not.

Ah, but wait. Sifting through the detritus of quests in Rakta's quest list she found "Raising the Drogbar." Rakta then hit gold when she found the quest in a thread that shows that this quest is the  tenth quest in the series. The rest of the thread follows:

Bruls Before Jewels
Lapidary Lessons
Hidden Intentions (Design a jeweled lockpick!)
Come At Me, Brul
The Charge Within
Mysteries of Nature
Eyes of Nashal
Jabrul Needs You
To dalaran With Love
Socket to me
From there she has three dungeons and then the final quest, A Personal Touch

Rakta seems to be a lot further along than anyone thought! She is only four quests away from getting her lockpicking talent! Nice work, Rakta!

But Rakta was already gone, hunting her quests.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Raka Rises Up at Stormheim

Rakta Rises Up at Stormheim

At 830am on Tuesday Blizzard anounced that login would occur in four minutes. Hmmm, okay, so I logged in. The four minute wait - which of course was more like a ten minute wait, eventually ticked down to zero. After the system thought about it for a few seconds, I got a new counter. The wait time went from four minutes to 542 minutes, which would put the time around 2pm. That's what I thought. I logged out. See ya around 3pm or later. Actually, I went out for awhile (I do have a life beyond WoW - sometimes) and when I got back the game was up. At 11am.

Rakta went right back to work. When it was done, Rakta thanked the men and women soldiers of Stormheim. They fought for her in Hausvauld, in Valisdall, within the Runewood, and the fortress at Greywatch.  Many lives were lost. She remembers them and salutes them. Rakta acknowledges her own accomplishment as a new, max Level 110.

Stomping all over Rakta's accomplishments, Keya dug up her artifact to add her 38th rank. She then got the numbing news that all of her ranks have been granted an extra rank . . .  soooo, she now has to fill some 30-40 more ranks. She needs 17 million AP to earn her next rank. At this rate we will be talking in the billions. This is way past ridiculous.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Rakta - Counting down the XP

Rakta - Counting down the XP

On Sunday Rakta wrapped up a long chain of quests in Stormheim. She raised her overall gear score and added ranks to her weapon. When she was through, she had reached Level 109.

"One last level to hurdle," Rakta murmured. She has done well, so far. Her gear score is at i766, her weapons at i794 with 12 ranks completed and in their proper order. She is 10% of the way to her goal. The pressure is building. Can she make it to that last level today?

Rakta worked up a sweat on Monday morning, getting 25% of her leveling done. She got her fourth Champion  and picked a Combat Ally. Legion's use of champions is much better than Draenor. Champions in Draenor were always in game and more often than not they got in the way and made things harder. In Legion, at least so far, the champions (called "combat ally") only show up when emergency assistance is needed. Finna is Rakta's champion, who also happens to be a protection warrior.

Rakta's afternoon work increased her level to 35%, but time and circumstance kept her away after that. There will be no celebration, at least not yet. She has also run into the latest patch, Patch 7.2.5. World of Warcraft will be on hiatus until the patch is complete, sometime around 3pm on Tuesday. 
A quick peak at the new patch shows that most players will be getting buffs in damage dealing  and other enhancements. For example, Keya will see a 15% increase in damage dealing in ALL damage abilities, and lesser soul fragments were increased by 10%.

Also, while not expected, I had hoped that some concession might have been reached regarding the dungeon mandate that is blocking completion of professions. There is a lot of anger over that, but the stupidity remains.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Rakta Day 4 - A Little Bit of Everything

Rakta Day 4 - A Little Bit of Everything

Rakta was up early, expecting to get a fast start after spending the night at Skyhold, the base of the Warrior class hall. Keya was already up, gone, and back, having picked off a couple of juicy targets down on the Broken Shore.

"Just wake up?" Keya smiled at Rakta, getting in the dig. "Ya gotta get outa bed earlier than this if you want to keep up with me, girl."

Rakta stuck out her tongue. "Brut!" Rakta called after Keya.
"Baby!" Keya yelled back.

Rakta headed back to Highmountain. There she killed two of the meanest beasts Hemit Emingway has ever hunted, a monster cat and a powerful stag. Both battles took a very long time, but Rakta took both down. It was enough for Rakta to reach Level 106!

There were Legion soldiers about as well, but no organized battles that she could find. She got on the wrong flight path, however, and ended up at Shipwreck Cove. Where the heck is that? The Cove turned out to be a treasure trove of danger and gold. Too bad she had to cut her time there. Other business came up she could not put aside. She promised herself she would be back, if the battles at the Cove still raged.

Rakta's Status: Overall gear i746, weapons i775, and now Level 107!

Rakta Day 5 - Dual Boxing Idiot

For the past week a player brings his two person horde to the Auction House, kills the Auctioneers, and then flees. Every morning. Chaitee has seen it happen at other times of the day as well. It's an annoyance, but only a minor one. The player doesn't stick around and Chaitee has yet to catch a name. Chaitee just shrugs it off. If that's how a player wants to get their jollies, have at it.

Keya can't help but butt in every time Rakta gets stuck on something (or when she sleeps in too late). Each morning Keya picks her targets, such as those below. Keya has just over 10M AP now but still needs 3M more. Once she's done she'll turn the reins back over to Rakta.
The Cost of Power - 500k plus
Winged Terrors - 700k plus
Helarjar Landing - 900k plus

Keya is also anxious to spend more time in Suramar. If she can finish that business she'll earn the Loremaster title. That would be her first.

Rakta finally got some time and took full advantage. She completed a number of trials, chased by demons, and did rock climbing with powerful chains. She rested at Valisdar in Stormheim, but went right back at it on Saturday morning. Rakta reached level 108.

Rakta's overall gear score is i755, and her blade improved to i787.