Monday, March 27, 2017

Tapping the Leylines

Tapping the Leylines

Someone in the alliance guild, probably Tiphaine, managed to complete at least part of this quest line. Tiphaine refuses to speak of it. Keya sees it as a special challenge. Should Keya succeed where Tiphaine failed, there could be a vote on a new guild leader.

Keya stands outside Anora Hollow, a dark entrance not far from the Meredil flight master in Suramar. Inside the underground fortress are tall pylons that pulse with visible energy. Keya's task is to get four sets of leylines lined up properly to complete the power grid.

Keya burrowed into the underground fortress, working to connect the leylines properly. The effort was made more challenging because I'm colorblind, and can't tell the important difference between the purple and blue leylines. After much experimentation, Keya succeeded in aligning three of the four sets, mostly by random luck.

The last alignment was frustratingly difficult. No combination of pylons and leylines would work. Keya twice stormed out and went off to do other things when the maddening lines refused to cooperate. She read up on how to do it. She watched videos of it being done, but nothing worked.

On her third return for yet another attempt, the gods of WoW must have taken pity on her - the first leyline she shifted completed the seal. At last, she was done with the now active power grid.

On the heels of that victory came another difficult truth. She was running out of challenges that produced artifact power and blocked by mandated dungeon runs.

Here is what is stopping her:

(1) In dalaran it's the Violet Hold dungeon
(2) In the Highlands it's Neltharian's Lair
(3) In Stormheilm it's the Halls of Valor
(4) In the Eye of Azshara it's Wrath of Azshara
(5) In Val'sharah it's Darkheart Thicket
(6) In leather working it's the Scales of the Sea
(7) And there is also the Soul Prism of the Illidari which requires the collecting 80 soul fragments from dungeons

Seemingly blocked from every direction, Keya went after more world quests and focused more on Suramar. After a slow start the quests started to pop up and her progress began to speed up. When she headed for the showers to rinse the muck and blood from her skin and gear, she had earned another AP rank. There are still 14 ranks to go, and the AP cost just keeps growing. 

News from Chaitee:

Chaitee groaned. She was curled into a ball at the base of the Auction House platform, holding a crumpled pile of tickets from her purchases and sales. Early morning business was slow, but that was normal for a Monday. She wanted a bath, but it would have to wait. The money changers wanted their take, and Chaitee needed to count the results of the weekend. She would never admit it, but her confidence had waived more once. Normally she would count the take up front and deal with the consequences, which most often went in her favor. She didn't know if that would be the case this time.

At it's nadir, Chaitee's stash had fallen to 517,593 gold, a loss of roughly 15,000 gold.

Now it was time to count the sales. Chaitee counts in groups: sales under 100g, sales under 200g, etc, which gives her a better understanding of what was selling and what wasn't. She looked for sweet spots, such as the fair return of all those leylights she bought and then sold. She counted enchants separately - there were only three sold, and those were very low bids barely above the 1000g mark. Mats were more successful, particularly for stormscale, which Chaitee captured the market for most of the weekend, thanks in part to Keya's activity.

Okay, it's time to stop counting and get to the bottom line. She's satisfied with the results, despite the tough crowds.

Over the weekend Chaitee earned 22,710 gold. Her tally for the days take is:

540,303 gold

Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Qwertymage Monster

The Qwertymage Monster

Chaitee encountered a nightmare when she opened the bidding on the Auction House Friday morning. If the rest of the weekend goes the way the start is going, it could get very rough.

Qwertymage is a well known buyer and seller on the AH. Chaitee competes with him on many levels although Chaitee doesn't have the amount of resources the guy has. It's Chaitee's opinion that "Q" has more than half his toons doing nothing but churning out mats and goods to sell. Chaitee has been slowly collecting hexweave bags, of which Sista is the sole crafter. On average it takes four days to craft the 36 slot bag, which Chaitee can sell at 1200-1400 gold on a good weekend. She was quite happy to have six hexweave bags available for sale, estimated at 7,200 to 8,400 gold. That would be a very nice haul.

"Q" destroyed all hope of getting a good price on those bags. I've never seen this before - the guy was able to craft 200 - yes, 200! - hexweave bags. Priced at 1000 gold each, it adds up to 200,000 gold worth of bags. Chaitee can't underbid him, she would lose money for one, and he can always outbid her with his 200 bags versus Chaitee's 6.

Chaitee will soldier on, despite the setback.

Sunday Update - The weekend is going to show high losses that may take several weeks to recoup. Chaitee was more buyer than seller, stashing her goods and holding on to them for better deals later. The market is the market.

Chaitee is keeping her books closed until the Monday returns are in. For an inkling of what that might look like on this dreary Sunday is her current cash situation: 519,103 gold.

Most of that comes from holding 8,000 gold in leylights, which will take time to sell.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Stymied Again

Stymied Again

Keya's leather working plans took a side trip when the mail armor guy in Dalaran popped the news that she had to complete three mail armor quests in order to get to her leather work. Keya killed her way through the quests, leaving only one left to put her on her leather working track.

Alas, the final quest is "Eye of Ashara:Scales of the Sea." It's a dungeon run. Say La Vie, which, interpreted, means This Sucks. But not unexpected. Keya can go back to killing things, collecting AP, and working on her weapon rank. The cost of a single new rank costs 11,280 AP now. With each new rank Keya attains, the cost gets higher. Only fifteen more ranks to go. 

In the mean time Keya went hunting in Highmountain where things are usually interesting when Nessingway is around.

After scraping up what's left of the quests in Highmountain, Keya headed back to Suramar. Chief Telemance Oculeth has a complicated job for her to do. The job requires multiple teleport jumps. Keya knew she'd get lost without help, so she went home to pick up an addon to keep track of location - that would be TomTom. With that in hand. Keya felt she was ready.

Keya continued her trek, using a disguise to wander around Suramar City. She was guided (tricked?) into  going deep underground in Felshroud, a place she had hoped to bypass this time around. Not to be. The killing was good, though. She not only gained enough artifact points to earn a rank and a trait, she earned a gear upgrade, too, from i821 to i823.

Chaitee butted in only long enough to call out the morning take: 531,822 gold

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

It's Raining In Suramar

It's Raining In Suramar

Mahakeya got her reins loosened so she could further pursue her leather working. She went into Suramar in disguise to find and kill three men. Being in disguise is fun, but it was even more fun to drop the disguise and kill guards and even patrons of the city. Sometimes she'd drop the disguise, round up some party goers, and kill them just for fun.

Once that was done, however, she ran into another roadblock, which ended in a screaming match with Namha Moonwater, the leather working trainer at Dalaran. Something about crafting felhide bracers.

Keya is in the wrong business. She hates leather working. One can picture her sneaking into the shop one night, battering the workbench into splinters and burning the tanning rack.

This is Wednesday, the worst day of the week for the Auction House. Tuesday wasn't very good. Wednesday is already looking worse. And the newspaper is reporting rain today and tomorrow.

The meager take for today: 523,431 gold

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Coincidence or Not?

Coincidence or Not?

Still struggling with the computer. There is spillover with other PC issues. Microsoft keeps trying to force me to name its Edge browser as the preferred. Edge isn't bad, it just isn't what I want to use. Email sort of works, but I'm going to have to figure out what to do with It doesn't work right but is so twisted into the email setup getting rid of it could undo what progress has been made. I foresee another bout with a Microsoft tech to fix their software and make it behave.

I'm tired of talking about my PC woes, though. Let's talk about my characters. I use a button and bar setup using the addon Dominos.  I have ten bars each with 12 buttons to work with. The setup won't be exactly what I had before because it's never quite the same after a wipe no matter whether I did it a year ago or last night.

So far I've gotten Chaitee and Sista's setups done. They can take care of the Auction House and the crafting, which is 90% of the activity. The rest of the family will just have to wait. Sista is planning a Bastion of Twilight run. Chaitee is getting low on mats and the AH pricing is currently too high.

Today's Take: 522,866 gold

Monday, March 20, 2017

A New Day - Same as the Old Day


A New Day - Same as the Old Day

Not much has changed since yesterday as far as the computer is concerned. It's functional and at least Microsoft Office appears to be working. That took three days of 4-6 hour effort by one failed tech replaced with a Tier 2 tech who knew what he was doing. Sadly, it doesn't surprise me that two Microsoft products, MS Office and Windows 10, can't seem to coexist without drama.

The best thing I can say about this is that I was able to keep the drama away from my wife's PC. She is still running Windows 7 and I wish I still was. She watched the mess that is Windows 10 from afar and is now contemplating going with Apple should her current PC, which is more than ten years old, finally calls it quits. I pray nightly that beast keeps on kicking.

Today I will be installing the Dominos addon I use to set up each character. The last time I set it up I used Chaitee as the model for the rest. That makes it easier when buttons and keys all have the same functions across all characters.

As for the day's take, Chaitee is still attempting to churn out the gold as best she can under the circumstances.

The take: 516,724 gold

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Help Arrives Today - Hopefully

 Help Arrives Today - Hopefully

Nothing much has changed since yesterday. I sent a gmail this morning with todays gold take (510,186 gold), but it doesn't look like it went through. So maybe blogger will get through.

I'm getting a little more familiar with Windows 10. Mostly I'm bending it to look like Windows 7 so I'll have a comfortable layout to explore further. One thing I don't like is that it can be pushy as programs and features line up to get my attention and activation. On a number of occasions I wanted to load one thing, but found that to get to it I had to login to other things first. I'm taking that very carefully. My highest priority is to get my email settled. Following that, Microsoft has to fix Office.

If I can get both of those things fixed today I will be a lot more confident I can get most everything else working.

THEN, after that is running smoothly, I'll start carefully to install the other programs I want loaded.