Monday, June 29, 2015

More Fishing!

More Fishing!

I know you want it, too. Wearing your favorite fishing hat, wielding a Mastercraft Kalu' ak Fishing Pole, fingers greasy with worm guts, tossing out the line, giddy with excitement at each strike on the lure . . .  yea, Wild loves his fishin'.

Wild also likes earning more fishing goodies, and that has gone sour lately. Wild has been running three daily fishing quests to reach "Best Friend" status with the great fisherman, Nat Pagle. Wild worked his way up to "Good Friend," just one level below max. However, when Wild completed his first daily after reaching that level, he stopped getting credit for doing the quests. Wild tried for two days with no success and I finally put in a trouble ticket to try and get it resolved. Which sucks.

Wild can still do some productive fishing. A longer range goal is to earn one hundred "lunkers" - these are special fish that can be turned in for Nat's Lucky Coins. Wild has thirty of the needed one hundred. On average, Wild has to catch roughly a hundred fish for each lunker he catches. Wild long ago learned the art of napping in between catches. The new wrinkle is that Wild plans to get all of his remaining catches in the Tanaan Jungle. So what does Wild get when he reaches that achievement? Wild can buy a water bug mount that can run on top of the water. Wild can also get another fishing pole (he collects 'em).

Wild and Jocy both are playing around with the new shipyard. They each have four ships now. So far its just for fun.

Jocy has almost caught up with Wild on the gear front, too. Wild's gear is at i653. Jocy in Holy paladin spec is at i648, but in Healing spec she's at i652 (thanks to a piece of i685 Mythic gear Jocy bought, based a tip that mythic gear was okay to use).

PS - Wild caught about 220 fish this morning and got very lucky, fishing up five lunkers. Of course, that still leaves him 65 lunkers short of his goal.

Wild and Nat Pagle

Friday, June 26, 2015

Wild Wants a Shipyard Too

Wild Wants a Shipyard Too

Wild is more interested in fishing than killing these days, so he started the initial quests to get to the shores of the Tanaan Jungle, where he heard there were new fishies to catch. Once there, though, he figured he'd go ahead and get his shipyard built, seeing that Jocy already had hers in operation.

Wild didn't count on the fact that when Jocy reached the Iron Docks it was in the evening and there were crowds of other players around also doing those quests. It was maddening and confusing even having seen Jocy do it, but what was worse for Wild is that he arrived in the morning, and the nasty level 100 mobs had no one to battle - but Wild. Sigh. Wild wears leather gear. Jocy wears armor fit for a tank. Wild can deliver murderous damage to multiple targets, but he also had to maintain a steady stream of healing. Everything Wild did seemed to take twice as long as it took Jocy.

Wild is stubborn, so it took time for Wild to realize he could avoid many unnecessary battles by slipping into cat form, turn invisible, and quietly pass by a lot of mobs. That worked really well, until the stupidly difficult to figure out quests forced Wild to abandon stealth while trying to figure what the heck he was looking for. At one point Wild was leading a train of several dozen enemy mobs - it took a dive into the water and a shift into fish form to get out of that mess. The most irritating quest required finding a grapple dropped deep into the docks with no clues how to find it.

The whole patch so far seems incomplete and poorly put together. Maybe it gets better, but so far I havn't been impressed or even mildly entertained so far. Once Wild can fish in Tanaan, I think his questing in Tanaan is going to end.

Wild managed to get the quests done, and got his boat trip to Taanan. Initially, Wild didn't bother setting foot on Taanan. He immediately began fishing from the railing of the transport ship that brought him there. The new fish is called a Felmouth Frenzy.

Wild did get a little bored and, figuring he'd get ahead of Jocy, he managed to complete enough quests to find Vol'Mar, a horde outpost in Taanan. That success earned him a trip back to the Garrison and his new shipyard. Wild built a second ship, a destroyer, but, uh, well, he sort of let it get destroyed. No matter, he can build another. The skinny here is that down on the shipyard there is another Command Table for ships. Just like the daily missions at the Gsarrison, there are daily missions for ships at the shipyard. Just another chance to grind.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Garrison Grows

The Garrison Grows

The World of Warcraft expanded yesterday as Patch 6.2 opened up the Tanaan Jungle in Draenor. The most immediate change is that the prices on the Auction House for enchants and other items went through the roof. Happy wishes he'd bought a lot more stock to sell. Happy will make a killing, anyway. His treasure chest is nearly full again despite all those chunks of cash he's been doling out to Wild, Jocy, and Fist for gear.

Talking about gold is boring, though (except to Happy). The big news comes from the Garrison. Wild's family is about to become seafarers. Jocy got the nod to be the first sailor in the family. Through a short series of quests, the coastline near the Garrison was transformed into a shipyard. Jocy needed to get items from the Iron Docks, acquire a shipwright, and memorize shipbuilding plans. She then built her first boat, a transport, and set sail for the shores of Ashran (I think) where further questing awaited.

Jocy lost her way on those far shores, and remains tangled up in the Obstacle Course, fighting endless level 100 mobs. Wild has a mind to leave her there to figure things out for herself. Wild's plans are to check out the new fishing areas.

More to come . . .

Monday, June 1, 2015

Jocelyne Shout Out - Level 100!

Jocelyne Shout Out - Level 100!

Jocy woke up this morning and decided - This is the day. She armored up with her level 99 gear (+ 8%) and headed for the far northern corner of Frostfire Ridge. She admitted that the poor saps she was about to slaughter were very under-geared and armed to take on a level 99. She needed the work. It was short work, and she barely got her armor dirty. From there she moved on to Gorgrond, where she cleaned up a number quests she'd left lying around. She'd already mined Talador's quests into extinction. The Spires of Arak drew her attention, specifically the feather gods and their interesting manner of eliminating a false god and setting things right again. Ok, so Jocy didn't pay much attention beyond the things she was killing, but I thought it was interesting.

Jocy thought it might be fun to sweep through Shadowmoon Valley, but when she got there, guess what? She'd already been there and left nothing but corpses. By now quests and enemies to kill were starting to get harder to find. Jocy was 85% of the way to level 100. It was back to Arak and the Pinchwhistle Gearworks, the same spot Wild chose to wrap up his own mission to reach level 100.

Protection Paladin Jocelyne soon joined Wild at max level 100. It took about four hours, once Jocy determined she was going to do it.

The Garrison gear earned from missions was plentiful, and went to good use in improving Jocy's armament. It was good enough that she needed only three pieces of gear from the Auction House. Happy was so pleased at the frugal spending he wanted to bake her a cake. Having seen Happy's cakes, Jocy politely declined. She raised her gear score from ilevel 557 to i619. Wild's gear is i644.

Oddly enough, Jocy isn't sure what she wants to be now. She did quite well as a protection paladin strictly for leveling, but Jocy has the same uncomfortable feeling about tanking that Wild has. Jocy will eventually have to decide whether to become retribution spec (damage dealer) or healer (Holy spec).

Windwalker Monk Fist is now in the hot seat. At level 97 +33% (i544 gear) she has a steep path to climb.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The Jocy-Fist Challenge Part 4

The Jocy-Fist Challenge Part 4

Fist is having a rough time keeping up with Jocy as the pair enter the weekend. Fist is still at level 95 +89% and scrambling for time to get to level 96. Indomitable Jocy, howewer, kept an iron fist (pun intended) on the leveling time. Jocy fought her way to level 97 and is over halfway to level 98. Fist crafted herself an i640 helm and shoulders to boost her gear level from i565 to i577, improving her kill rate and leveling speed. She still has to wrest time from Jocy to make any headway.

Though Jocy has stymied Fist for the moment, Fist was interested in seeing if Jocy started collecting garrison plans. Jocy is level 97 now, she has the Talador Outpost, and she's completed every quest in Talador, earning all four of the zones' achievements. She's even completed the outpost in Arak. After all that work, Jocy hasn't gotten a single garrison plan. Jocy checked in at Ashran, too, where plans can be bought, but the vendor refused. Jocy remains stuck with her garrison at level 2 and her buildings at level 1. It's frustrating, because being able to make garrison improvements as you level is an incentive to keep leveling. Jocy and Fist might as well ignore the garrison buildings until they reach level 100, when they'll have to beg gold from Happy to buy the plans they need.

Jocy is currently at level 97 +63%, but don't expect her to stay there very long. One thing that is beginning to hold her back is that as she faces tougher mobs, her gear level isn't keeping up. Jocy's gear is now i580, only three points above Fist's i577. Fist isn't over-geared, Jocy is under-geared. As a measure of progress, Wild's gear level is i644.

Jocy and Fist are going to have an even greater issue as they close in on level 100. Happyface no longer has the means to buy every piece of interim gear they want while leveling. Draenor's resources lack the volatility of earlier expansions. Price fluctuations are small and the trend of ever decreasing prices is challenging Happy's creativity at making a few extra gold. Even the always needed bags continue to lose market value. Happy once sold embersilk bags for over 400 gold each. Now they sell at under 300 gold. Happy's cut has shrunk to the point he may no longer be able to make a profit on them.

The same is true for most items now. The margin is very thin. Currently, Happy has to rely on the sale of high cost items, like enchants and the new 30 slot hexweave bag that Wild can craft. The hexweave bag is a good seller and nets over 2000g apiece, but the hexweave cloth required to make it has a finite limit (ie, the cloth is soulbound and can't be sold or purchased) on how much can be made. Ultimately Happy has to wait until Wild has enough cloth before he can make one to sell. The enchants don't have that restriction, but the price tag of the enchants is steep. It takes about 1900 gold on average (some enchants cost more than others) to make one high level enchant (Warsong, Bleeding Hollow, Shadowmoon, Thunderlord, etc). Wild can't produce the mats fast enough, so Happy has to buy them off the AH, but he can't buy too many at a time since even small price changes greatly affect the sale price on such high cost items. Happy can easily spend 10,000 gold just to make 3-4 enchants.

When they sell it's big bucks of course, but if they don't . . . well, Happy really, really hates selling at a loss.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Jocy-Fist Challenge Part 3

The Jocy-Fist Challenge Part 3

Jocy has kept the pressure on Fist, focusing hard on completing quests in Talador. Her expectation is that the completion of all quests in Talador will finally get her the building plans she wants. Her work was nothing fancy - kill everything and anyone that got in the way of completing quests. So far the map says Jocy has completed two of the four major achievements in Talador.

Although Jocy monopolized most of the time before the crash, Fist snuck in some work when Jocy was forced to take a break. The current tally is:

Fist went from Level 94 +65% to Level 95 +84%, not bad
Jocy went from Level 95 +57% to Level 96 +68%, good but Fist gained a little ground

Then everything went south. Jocy and Fist must have been progressing too well, so the gods of WoW decided to make things harder.  Both Jocy and Fist use the standard quest arrow to show the direction of the current quest. For some reason that arrow now disappears well before getting to the area of the quest. Sometimes it's obvious, so no problem, but in other quests it can make finding things or areas you're after more like an Easter egg hunt. What's supposed to happen when getting close is that a blue zone will appear on the map, outlining the area to look in. That zone doesn't appear anymore. Also, when looking for a specific item or character, a yellow dot shows the location. That yellow dot no longer appears. Effectively, the lack of these aids slows down the leveling and raises the frustration level.

Wild used to be addon crazy and I'd blame the problem on that, but I use very few addons now, and they're the same addons that I used before when things were working correctly. I was forced to do a user interface reset so that I'd have a clean interface, WTF folder, and Cache. Of course, that wipes out all of the settings I'd put in place. With four characters to fix, it will take at least a couple of hours to get everything back into shape, with no guarantee it will work. Some things can't be corrected at all after a wipe, such as the Auction House. Months and months of collecting pricing trends went out the window. Happy will have to rebuild them over time. Fortunately, Happy knows what things cost, and will make adjustments, but it's still a pain.

The impact on Jocy and Fist is significant. Very little will get accomplished until the new settings are back in place.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Jocy and Fist Challenge Part 2

Jocy and Fist Challenge Part 2 [Challenge Accepted]

Jocy had revenge on her mind when she checked in the day after Fist took the lead in their one-upmanship girl fight. Fist wagged her fingers at Jocy, parading her improved score, now at 65%. Jocy was again behind with a score of 61%.

Glaring thunderclouds, Jocy spent an hour cleaning, shining, and honing weapons, then donned her sparkling heavy plate armor. She ignored the path of destruction Fist had taken. Instead, she went on a rampage closer to home, right in her own neighborhood of Frostfire Ridge. When she returned to her garrison, half frozen with mud and blood caking her gear, she greeted Fist with a sneer.

"Teased elites, did you say, Fist? Try harder. I killed Gondo, a level 90 elite." She shook the grime from her logbook and shoved it in Fist's face. "Feast you eyes on this. Read it out loud!"

Fist glanced at the log. Jocy's score had jumped to 81%. Fuming, Fist turned, grabbed her gear, and started out of the garrison without a word.

"I'm getting a bath and breakfast," Jocy told her followers. "Wake me when Fist crawls back - if she survives."

As soon as Fist stomped away, Jocy smirked to herself, gathered the reins of her mount, and headed north.

Jocy returned that evening quite pleased with herself. Her accomplishments:
Killed level 91 elite Gutsmash
Killed level 90 elite Icemaw
Killed level 91 elite Matriarch Dragon

In the interest of honesty, Jocy admitted that after killing the dragon she dawdled a bit too long enjoying the victory and scorched her gear standing in dragon flames. That'll cost her some gold for repairs.

Jocy decided to go into Talador where she hoped to gain building plans to improve her garrison. On the way she enlisted another follower, Morgath Bladefowl. Bladefowl has promised Jocy he'll get her the needed plans, but so far no go. Bladefowl knows his life is on the line to get her those plans.
The result to date? Jocy swept past level 94 and is now level 95 +57%, more than halfway to level 96.

Fist has yet to return.