Sunday, May 21, 2017

Playing Catch-Up

Playing Catch-Up

Keya took advantage of the last of her research upgrades (at least for now). She used the last of her AP to slot two ranks of Embrace the Pain. Her next rank will cost 105K AP.

Keya's world quests are averaging 14K AP apiece and the Broken Shores can barely deliver 2-3 quests a day. It will take 8-9 quests to get enough AP for the next rank, and Keya knows the next rank after that will be even more expensive. Keya is getting further behind, with each rank taking longer to collect.

Saturday night Keya checked the Broken Shores and there were no quests available. None, other than the raid. Too bad she can't use the Fel Cannon on an elite quest.

Keya has nine ranks to go. My guess is that it will take two million (2,000,000) more artifact power to reach that goal. I don't even want to compute how many world quests that will take at 14K AP per quest (although Erik will probably tell me anyway  :P ).

Chaitee has been pretty quiet all week. Bags are not selling well. In fact, not much is selling, period. Just one of those things. Chaitee continues to work, but she is mostly just treading water.

Sista tried her luck on the AH without getting advice from Chaitee. She did well with the purchase of a new cloak and belt, both nice upgrades. She fell into the trap many players fall into with the necklace she bought. It was a Mage Class only item. She may luck out, anyway. She bought the thing for 4300 gold, but it's the only mage necklace for sale. Sista bumped up the price to 5198 gold and put it back on the AH. Maybe she'll get lucky. If she isn't lucky, Chaitee isn't going to pay for it. The reality of gear purchases on the AH boils down to rings, trinkets, and slightly lesser necklaces. Those sell at very high prices even on low level items.

I ran across an article from 2016 talking about how great patch 7.2 will be. We know now that it pretty much sucks and is already boring boring boring. The tease is that patch 7.3 will be Argus (the world of the Draenei). What I gleaned from it is that we will do Legion all over again, only this time on Draenei. The planet is the main base of Legion power and presumably the seat of Sargeras himself.

That isn't exactly getting me excited. Just the opposite. Couldn't we take a break from the Legion and do something NEW for a change?

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Playing Havoc

Playing Havoc

Keya thoroughly loves being a Vengeance demon hunter. She can be swathed in fire, surrounded by mobs, and standing in boiling oil, and still walk away intact and victorious. It just takes awhile.

With her recent successes Keya is interested in trying something new. She wonders how she would fare in the DPS Havoc spec? She decided to give it a try. This may not be a good idea, Keya realizes this right up front. Certainly her ability to slaughter her enemies becomes easier, but staying alive gets a lot dicier. Still, her curiosity is getting the better of her. Maybe it will even be fun!

"Fun?" Sista had overheard Keya talking to Rakta. Rakta started to say something, but Sista cut her off. "Rok, don't you think you have more important things to do - like learn to open treasure chests? Hmmm?" Rakta snarled and stomped off.

Sista turned to Keya. "Go paint your nails, Keya, I just finished plowing through the Maw for dear Chaitee, the witch, and I'm going to Stormwind and spend some of my gold for all that work. It's time I got something back!"

Sista stormed off, her purse jangling. No one heard Keya's parting comment . . . "about time you stood up for yourself, girl." Keya grinned.

Sista turned out to be a pretty cheap date. She made cow eyes at the male Auctioneer and soon had her pick of new gear, including a chest piece, necklace, shoes, pants, cloak, and wrist, all for under 15,000 gold. Her underwhelming current gear was rated at i804. Her new digs added up to i814. Not bad, but Sista knew what Chaitee had blessed Keya with. Her own 100k makeover was only a matter of time.

Back to Keya. She entered the doorway of Icy Veins, where the most prestigious scholars and weapon masters in all of Azeroth provide guidance and suggestions toward mastering the arts of both death and survival. Keya was well pleased with her last visit. Her Vengeance spec has served her well. She has high expectations for her new challenge as a Havoc demon hunter.

Keya switched specs from Vengeance to Havoc. She checked the spells needed and began setting them up. But something was off. Some of the necessary spells weren't there! When she dug deeper, she was even more confused. Her weapon was gone, too!

A little research gave the answer - The Havoc spec uses a different weapon. Keya has a vague memory of Sista going through a similar process, but Sista couldn't help her because Sista never finished establishing a second weapon. It was up to Keya to figure it out for herself.

Long pause. Very long pause. Keya distinctly remembers earning her Havoc weapon. Yea, so she's forgetful somethimes, but not with this. She's something of a hoarder, too  . . .  Hmm. Keya went rummaging through her bags. Let's see, there's those crafting agents, a bag of partly burnt food (Keya loves to cook food that only she has the stomach to eat), some sentinax beacons (save those for her next party), leftover lures from her fishing expeditions . . . what's in this box? Aghh! Dead fish! Wow, that smells. Aha! There's that weapon. A Fel Etched Glaive? No no, that's not it, either.

Ta da! There they are, the "Twin Blades of the Deceiver." Sniff sniff. Still smelling a bit like fish. No matter. In a very short while her enemies will be smelling their own blood.

Once her new blades were slotted and her spell set was ready Keya tried out her new weaponry on some wild saber cats and withered creatures around the Meridil flight path. It was a good thing the flight master was nearby. Keya had forgotten her hearthstone. But that's a another story.

As far as the killing goes, the Havoc spells are quite powerful. Using them properly is more complicated than Vengeance spells. It's going to take some practice. That was only a quick test. More refinement is needed. For that Keya needs to visit the Fel Hammer.

Keya brought her Twin Blades deep into the ship. She opened her blades to see the ranks of spells. Since this was the first time, there were only two ranks showing: Fury of the Illidari and Warglaives of Chaos. Keya couldn't steal AP from her vengeance weapon, and the blade came with only 100 AP. However, Keya did have artifact relics to go into those two relic slots for Shadow and Fel.

Then Keya remembered she had a fel hammer mission to turn in. She got a bonus from the mission. Her 100 AP blossomed to 18,850. Nice. Keya then had an interesting argument with herself. Which blade should get those AP? Her Vengeance blade is close to being finished, although the amount of AP still needed is prodigious. Her Havoc blade is chaste and the early ranks are inexpensive. Keya made a quick decision before her other half changed her mind. Spend the AP from the mission on the Havoc blade. That will at least jump start her role as a DPS. It cost nothing for her to slot the Fel and Shadow relics, so in they went. The hundred AP she started with bought her one rank, added to the one the weapon came with. She also had in her hands the exact sequence needed to begin filling in more ranks. Keya had failed to make that list when she started filling ranks for Vengeance.

Learning from all the mistakes she'd made before, she followed the guidance. Keya started spending down the AP from the mission. The 18k will do a lot more to help her havoc spec (18k is mere drop in the bucket on the vengeance side). With the AP she had, Keya was able to complete 8 full ranks plus 1 of 3 in her 9th rank. That will have to do for now. And this time she followed directions.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Keya Leaps Forward

Keya Leaps Forward

Almond's advice continues to pay dividends for Keya. She had to read six research papers before her researcher ran out of information. Keya is considering glasses, after wading through all that tiny text.
Her largest Artifact Power (AP) haul by a large margin came from the Kings son at Stormwind, who visited the Broken Shores. Keya earned 37k AP for that. Of course, that's still small potatoes compared to the lump sum of 166k Almond absconded with. A haul that large had to be stolen, right? :-)

But perhaps Keya can make a splash of her own. Keya has earned a very large cannon which, as we speak, is charging on the Fel Hammer. Keya has no idea what to do or how to use it. Hopefully Keya will figure it out before . . . whatever happens is supposed to happen.

Keya did some resarch of her own to figure out this new weapon. It's called a Rift Cannon. It is an awesome new weapon that she can fire once every eighteen hours. The bullet is called an empowered rift core. She was given a rift core for her first shoot. She'll have to earn future rift cores. Anyway, this cannon can be aimed at any non-elite world quest. Firing the cannon instantly completes the world quest. No muss, no fuss, just instantly done. Keya set her sights on the selected world quest and fired. BOOM! World Quest completed. Wow.

AP is now the second most needed resource she needs now. Once she started using her order resources she burned through great gobs of them. Most of that was the catch up of the researching. She's up to date now so she should start getting more order resources.

Here is the status of Keya's warblade: She needs 11 more ranks to complete her warblade. The last rank Keya just paid for cost 72k.

One other fun fact: In the quest that got Keya her 37k AP reward, she had to defend the King against TWENTY ELITES. She picked her battles, holding them to one or two elites, but there were a couple of times where she had as many as four on her at once. Keya never blinked. The fights were numbingly boring, but the armed and ready Keya simply could not be brought down. Her opponents died, eventually, some perhaps by starvation . . . Ha Ha.

The special elites can still be a challenge, though. Keya was badly beaten by one. Don't remember the name, but when Keya gets the nerve she is going to try her hand it again.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Auction House is Dead

The Auction House is Dead

Okay, Chaitee announces that the AH is dead at least once a month. It always seems to rebound . . .  eventually. That "eventually" is taking a lot longer than expected. Essentially, there are few buyers willing to pay for what is being offered.

Is there an upcoming patch I should know about? Honestly, Chaitee shouldn't be wringing her hands too much. She earned 23k gold over the past week and that included a couple thousand gold in bargains that Chaitee bought. Her mailbox is stuffed. The bags that she does sell are still selling at the price Chaitee has set. Still, Chaitee, being the worrier that she is, is concerned that profits are somehow eluding her.

Chaitee is making demands on Sista to farm more goods. Maybe.

Keya immediately starts complaining when the "farming thing" comes up. Keya is after big things. With some sage advice from Almond, Keya is starting to earn much higher amounts of artifact power and making better use of her order resources. She is going to be forever behind and unlikely to ever finish her weapon, but for the first time there is some good progress being made. She is focused mostly on Suramar. Her map shows that Keya has completed only three of the eleven chapters in Suramar. Yet she is already feeling a bit bored after killing her thousanth guard in that city. Either Keya is just too much of a match against the guards or perhaps the game is rigged and Keya CAN'T lose those fights. She's waded into battles with a dozen at a time and eventually they all die, leaving Keya standing.

Where she is stuck, though, is Thalyssra's abode and drawers, and the Seed of Hope that got her Friendly with the Nightfallen. Two quests are "completed" but she can't find where to turn them in. It has something to do with the Withered army. Keya isn't the only person stumped. Players are always wandering into the cut in the rocks near the Meridil flight path scratching their heads in frustration.
One astonishing thing that Keya hadn't even noticed in all the other stuff is that Keya somehow managed to complete the first part of Eye of Azshara: Wrath of Azshara, which is a dungeon run! Keya isn't fooled. The other two requirements are dungeon boss kills, she's sure of it.

Well, time to post and start stirring thing up in Suramar again . . .

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Legionfall War Supplies

Legionfall War Supplies

Seriously, is there anything of value returned by spending these silly supplies? Of all the things that Keya needs - order resources, nethershards, artifact power, ancient mana - the last thing she needs is useless war supplies.

Boy, was Keya wrong about that!

Skeptical Keya grudgingly contributed 100 war supplies to the under construction command center just to see what happens. That earned two items that when opened handed Keya 75 nethershards, 260 order resources, AND 1900 AP! There was also a Dauntless head piece that had a chance for a gear upgrade, but she only got the standard i850, which she already has. Still, the haul is a lot better than Keya expected.
So she contributed another 100 war supplies. Another bag of goodies, including another 1900 AP! Keya has enough war supplies to do this six more times. Should she? Is there any reason to hold on to them?

Anyway, Keya is now starting a new effort to reach the next weapon rank. That will take 51,000 AP. She has 3,800 AP. Keya may still be trying to finish her weapon when the next expansion arrives. Sigh.

Keya now has enough nethershards to roll the dice on two Dauntless pieces of gear. The chances are slim that she'll get something better than the usual i850 gear, but that's why one rolls the dice. Spent 800 nethershards and got one minor upgrade - Head piece improved from i850 to i855. So'kay.

With her new gear she finally decided it was time to do some local questing. She'd started questing in Suramar weeks ago and then turned to mostly to world quests. Now her focus is back on getting the Suramar quests done. Her first night out was a rough one. The FPS mess kicked in again. That made things ten times harder because Keya has to stay disguised, move quickly and keep an eye out for guards who can pierce the disguise. She killed dozens of angry guards but got only a few quests done and then gave up in frustration.

A Morning Update for 2017-05-11: Sista disobeyed orders to remain in Dalaran so Keya could comtinue her mission in Suramar. Keya was distracted with the FPS problems that continue to plague her. Without a word to anyone, Sista took it upon herself to check things out on her own. She hopped a flight down to the Aegen Flight Path on the Broken Shores. The rest of the family thought it was Keya on that trip. Sista fooled them all. All except Keya, of course, who was livid when she found out.

Sista and her assigned partner waded into a world quest to to collect coins. A simple enough task. Sista doesn't have near the level of gear that Keya has, so the killing part of the quest took a bit longer to manage. That said, Sista acquited herself quite well. At her level of artifact knowledge, she received only 465 AP. That was okay. Sista got her outing, she showed she deserve getting leveling work and not just boring farming runs.

The most delicious part of the adventure for Sista was she also may have found an answer to the FPS issues. She suggeested a test - change the wireless mouse to a corded mouse. If the FPS problem goes away? It did. Sista had no problems at all using the corded mouse. Longer term I still want a wireless mouse that is up to the challenge. For the near term, though, a corded mouse is just fine.

Thanks, Sista!

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Tomb of Sargeras Peek

Tomb of Sargeras Peek

Keya took a dare that she could work her way into the Tomb of Sargeras, a full on raid. It came in the form of a quest to get past the obstacles and defenders of the giant citadel. That's just the kind of fun Keya likes to take on.

She worked her way north toward the citadel, killing many of the skeletal defenders that barred her way. There was a huge lip of rock nearly surrounding the citadel with a deep moat. Keya figured she would lose a lot of time working her way around to a spot where she could get over the moat. Looking for a quicker way, she found a spot where her demon wings might get her safely over the moat.

Keya was blocked by a bevy of monstrous bats, however, but not for long. Keya waded into them. By the time she had finished them off, she had some nice leather cloth from the four bats. She found a good jump off spot and leaped from the lip of rocks and down to the lower steps that led into the Citadel itself. Keya was now inside the ring of the quest. Somewhere further within should be her prize.

It wasn't hard to find the spot where players would enter into a raid. Of course, Keya could not enter there, since she was not in a raid. She began looking for other entrances and anything else that might prove interesting.

Keya was tracking counterclockwise when she spied a smaller, swirling doorway. Hmmm, Keya wondered where this might lead?  She passed through the door. Inside was a mid-sized room about thirty steps long where an opening beckoned. She could see movement on the other side of the opening, but could only see glimpses. She moved closer, stepping past the opening.

Inside were two raid level elites just a few feet from her. To her right and left numerous other elites were busy at their tasks.
Foyer Full of Elites

Sargeras Raid Entry Potal

Four Elites Watch Keya Watching Them

Keya smiled and stepped forward a pace. . . .  and started running the other direction as the two elites gave chase!! Keya made it to the door, wondering on the way if that door only opened inward . . . she was very relieved when she found herself back outside. There were too many inside for her to take them all on.

She explored some more, and found other batches of lesser elites gaurding areas of the citadel. In all cases there were at least four elites. Keya was game to take on two of them, but four would have been suicide.

Her prize would have to wait. She would probably have to get past all of the elites inside that door, a prize that only raiders were likely to see. It was a fun trip, however. She may do more elite teasing when the mood strikes her. She also picked up almost 4,000 AP. Current tally of AP is jusst over 33,000 toward the 40k she needs for the next rank.

Update: Keya got her 40k AP and has added another rank to her weapon. In order to close the loop on she still has EIGHT more ranks to complete.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Loosening the Purse Strings

Loosening the Purse Strings

Chaitee was frustrated and bored. The Auction House was selling the same crap and no one wanted to buy anything. She cornered the market on stormscale just to prove she could and then sold it off for several thousand gold in profit, but that didn't really energize her, either.

She wanted something BIG. Keya wanted something BIG, too. She was growing tired of all these tiny baby steps she has to take in order to progress. Keya went slumming at the Stormwind Auction House, peering at all those goodies. The prices for even mid-level gear was posted at outrageous prices. There was gear that cost over a million gold! A million!

Seeing Keya's interest, Chaitee started looking harder at the AH offerings. Yes, you needed Fort Knox to get the amount of gold required. But Keya wanted gear. Chaitee thought she might part with a little more gold than the usual if Keya wanted to take a chance.

Chaitee showed Keya a pair of shoes. "Try 'em on," Chaitee suggested. They fit Keya like they were were born for her.

"They have a name," Chaitee added. "The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge."

"What do they cost?" Keya whispered. "Whatever it is I can't afford them," Keya knew.
Chaitee shrugged. "I will take care of the cost."

"Why?" Keya had to know. Chaitee replied. "I'm sick of seeing top tier gear obviously from dungeons and raids that you are cut out of the loop on because of the professions restrictions. Someone should show the world what Keya can do with respectable gear."

Keya pulled off her shoes, functional Lunarblight Treads (i850), and slipped on the new shoes. Those shoes are rated as i940. The shoes alone pushed Keya's gear level from i848 to i854, six full levels. The new shoes also came with three prismatic sockets. Three of them! Chaitee paid for those, too: +200 Agility, +150 Haste, and +100 Mastery.

Keya is now one sumbeech demon hunter! And that wasn't all. Keya quickly learned that those shoes had even more tricks available to her - such as a 5% increase in speed for one minute, which can stack up to five times! Keya can also turn into a whisp (out of combat only) increasing her speed further and gaining the ability to fly!

What did all that cost? One should not refuse a gifthorse when offered. But Chaitee was in one of her moods. "You want to know what it cost?" She asked. "The shoes alone cost One Hundred Thousand Gold." Nuff' said.