Monday, May 21, 2018



Demon hunter Mahakeya has returned, at least for a time, curious at Wildshard's new life. Changing from Horde to Alliance and losing his affiliate with the Autumnn Tea Green Guild had to be rough as well. Keya spoke to Guild Leader Tiphaine about that. Tiphaine took a hard stance with Wild over the change, but things seem to have blown over. Wild and Tiphaine are at least on speaking terms and recently wished Wild success with his new guild, the Goblin Gearworks.

So far the affiliation with the new guild has been pleasant.

Keya and Wild have always been fierce competitors, and they now share a common bond with the Underlight Angler, which both Keya and Wild understand go beyond just fishing.

The Underlight Angler is a legendary item, cast in red. Wild now has one as well.

Keya says she has been cursed with legendaries.
She has her Underlight.
She has the Cinidaria, the Simbiote, an i970 belt.
She also has The Sentinel's Eternal Refuge, an  i970 pair of boots.

Only two such items can be equipped at the same time.

Keya has a fourth legendary, the Kirel Narak, another pair of i970 boots. Keya caught Wild checking the boots out, hanging from their boot laces. Keya admits she feels sorry the Kirel boots can't be used. Unable to let the boots go, Keya maintains a faint hope that some day those boots will be exchangeable and useful to someone.

Maybe Wild will get them one day. Ha. Fat chance, Wild murmurs.

But he still wishes.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

The Underlight Angler is Operational - Almost

The Underlight Angler is Operational - Almost

Okay, Wild is starting to get his Underlight Angler together. Wild went out to Auzergale Bay in Suramar early in the morning. The battles still raged, as they always are, but Wild easily found a stretch of coastline for fishing. Wild had one thing in mind. Fish until he got a rare fish. And then toss the rare fish back into the water and see what happens.

Wild fished up a few barracudas in one of the pools. In another pool he caught a rare Axefish. Time for the ultimate test: Wild tossed the axefish back into the water. There was a Whoosh! of water dousing Wild, who was standing too close to the shoreline. Wild checked his wet pole and opened his artifact. Woo Hoo! Wild can see his artifact now and has 50 AP. Progress at last.

Well. It was still early morning and there was no one about. A string of pools looked very inviting. Wild caught a rare Seabottom Squid. Yes, the same fish that Wild went through hell for.

Right after catching the first Seabottom Squid, he caught another. Another 50 AP went into his artifact. And then came a string of Seabottom Squids, EIGHT in all! It's working!

When the rush of catches finally petered out, Wild had received 1200 artifact power for his Underlight.

Unfortunately, there is still yet another issue to figure out. Wild still can't figure out how to spend the AP and to activate traits. Wild's Forge is the same forge that Wild uses for his weapon and for his Underlight. But the forge won't acknowledge the Underlight. Wild tried various ways of interacting with the Pearl in Dalaran, too, but it doesn't recognize the Underlight, either. So Wild finally has 1200 AP to spend but no way to do so.

Here's a direct Quote: "You must visit the artifact forge in your class hall to purchase traits."
Wild tried it with the Claws of Ursoc (and the forge worked) and with the Underlight equipped (it didn't work), and with no weapon equipped at all. Got the warning, "You must have an artifact equipped."

Wild is starting to wonder if the issue has to do with Wild's Druid Campaign progress (or lack of progress). Wild looked into the idea of choosing a second artifact to pursue, but Wild was only offered the usual suspects. There was no selection that offered the Underlight Angler.

 Underlight Angler Correction: In the excitement of Wild getting his Underlight working he forgot to correct the manner in which it works. Wild thought he had to go to the Forge in the Druid Grove. That's a No. Wild's Underlight Forge is the Orb over the Dalaran Fountain. Just wanted to make that correction.

 Underlight Angler Bug #2: Wild felt it necessary to report a nasty bug on the Undercurrent ability. Undercurrent teleports you to the nearest fishing pool. That would be a huge help to locate pools to fish. The ability has been fraught with bugs. Even in Legion, the ability rarely works correctly and attempts to use it create problems, such as sinking the raft, losing fish, and never, ever actually finding a fishing pool. It was known as useless before Legion, and it seems it's only gotten worse. As the centerpiece of the Underlight Angler, the gods of WoW have really made a mess. The best course is to ignore that feature completely.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oh Dear Me! I thought This was Over

Oh Dear Me! I thought This was Over

Wild now has his Underlight Angler. Wild had this idea that the Underlight Angler artifacts and traits would work the same way everyone else's works. They sort of do and sort of don't.

After some fumbling around, Wild figured out that he could summon the artifact via Shift-Right click. That will display the artifact. Wild recalls that when he got his first look at an artifact, one cell was already in place. Like a nice pat of encouragement. There was no such help with the Angler.

The Angler has artifacts and traits. It is blank, a flat zero. Wild's second revelation is that all that artifact power Wild has at his disposal is useless to the Angler. The Angler doesn't use it.

What does the Angler use? You might have guessed that it is powered by fish. Correct. But not just any fish. The Angler must have RARE fish. In order to gain AP for the Angler, the process is to catch a rare fish and then throw it into the fountain with the twirling ball overhead in Dalaran.

Wild had a moment of reflection. Is this even worth the effort? Yes, Wild decided with a deep growl of stubborness. Wild will get those fish. He isn't going to give up. After all this time Wild will work this until that fishing pole shines and does something actually worthwhile.

Keya was watching. And smiling. "Got to hand it to ya, Wild, you don't give up easily. I have a confession to make. I never finished my Angler. My fishing artifact is incomplete. I quit working on it the minute I realized it wouldn't help me kill things. Keep playing with your toy. I'm interested in how this turns out. If it ever does amount to anything."

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Bigger Fish to Fry - See The Monster!

Bigger Fish to Fry - See The Monster!

Wildshard - Tu-dun! - FINALLY got his fish. The carcass of the "Seabottom Squid" will remain in Wild's bags for as long as he can stand the stench. Wild was in Azuregale Bay, Suramar, when the nasty shark leaped out of the water and attacked. Wild fought with his fishing pole, not wanting to waste time changing from pole to Claws of Ursoc. That extended the fight a bit but Wild still had plenty of time and determination. Just for fun Wild popped a Draenic Strength potion to speed things up and the fish died with Wild at 76% health. The result was never in doubt.

Wild hasn't thought much about what comes next. He has completed all three of the requirements: (1) Be Level 110, (2) Be Level 800 fishing, and (3) Complete "Bigger Fish to Fry." So now what?

Wildshard has decided to spill the beans and give everyone a quick summary of the 5 part scenario that followed: Wild earns the Luminous Pearl and shows it around the fountain in Dalaran. Nat Pagle shows up and there is a frenzy of fish, most of which Wild didn't understand, but didn't need to. Nat then takes Wild to murloc village and with Nats approval Wild kills every last one of those murlocs. Oh, but not all. The last murloc is a monster that came up from deep in the water. Wild kills it, too.

Wild then takes Nat's boat back to Dalaran and the fountain, and Marcia gives Wild his Underlight Angler!

And that is only the begining. Wild's Claws of Ursoc weapon is i915. Although the Underlight Angler is only i750, Wild intends to use the Underlight Angler as much as possible. The Angler has it's own artifact path to follow now.

Note from Slayer Mahakeya. "The underlight angler is a useful tool, but was never expected to be a main weapon. It's a play toy, Wild, base level with no enhancements."

Wild says "Poo!" at Keya.
Keya laughs. "Good luck with that."

Wild and His Underlight

Uh Oh, What Have I Done Now?

Uh Oh, What Have I Done Now?

One never knows what is going on in Wildshard's head, but he came up with a whopper this morning. After another fruitless couple of hours failing to catch the Seabottom Squid along the coast of Stormheim, Wild noticed another player tossing in her fishing line, most likely as bored as Wild.

They talked for a bit and then Wild was propositioned. Not THAT kind of proposition, Wild hurriedly stated, turning red.

A guild proposition. In a moment of complete craziness, Wild joined the Goblin Gearworks guild. Now, before anyone starts yelling, Wild did get some information about the guild. They do raid/dungeons but neither are required. They state that it is a family guild for adults, 21 years or older. It seems to be a mid-sized guild, a lot smaller than Wild's prior guild. Wild is going to see how things go.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Bigger Fish to Fry Part Two

Bigger Fish to Fry Part Two

Aszuna (3) - DONE
Leyshimmer Blenny, Nar' Thalas Hermit, Ghostly Queenfish

Val'shara (3) - DONE
Ancient Mossgill, Thorned Flounder, Terrorfin

Highmountain (3) - DONE
Ancient High Mountain Salmon, Cold River Carp, Mountain Puffer

Stormheim (3) - DONE
Thundering Stormray, Graybelly Lobster, Oodelfjisk stormheim

Suramar (3 of 3) - DONE
Tainted Runescale Koi, Magic-Eater Frog, Seerspine Puffer

Coastal Legion Waters (2 of 3)
Ancient Black Barracuda
Seabottom Squid (Still hunting)

Wild had hoped to have caught all 18 rare fish and proudly display the Achievement and his reward. Despite a long Sunday night of fishing, Wild earned only 17 of the 18 fish. The coastal fish, Seabottom Squid, continues to elude Wild even today. Wild was so frustrated he wrote a very long dessertation of the whys and excuses that the job is not yet done, accusing even his leaky raft at one point of particular frustration. Fishing is supposed to be relaxing, but Wild let the competition get to him just a little bit.

Wild is going back to work. He still stalks the fish, but he is determined not to slack off on his combat gear progress. Over the weekend Wildshard has pushed his overall gear score to i900! He wanted to do more, but in the entirety of Argus there was nothing worth grinding for, questing for, or killing for. That was on Sunday. Maybe things will look better today, but right now Argus is sadly lacking in interesting things to do.

Oh, about that long dessertation Wild mentioned? He scuttled it. Fishing is boring enough even while doing it. It is a thousand times more boring talking about it. Wild will make his announcement once that last fish is caught. Here is the information on this last fish Wild is hunting:

Seabottom Squid: This fish can be found in any coastal waters. They spawn randomly while fishing. It may take hours for one to show up. Why the fish is called a squid, or why the fish is actually a shark, remains a fishing mystery, but then that's fishing for you.

You know you got one when you see a stunned, angry shark spashing about in the shallows. Grab it immediately and the shark will climb right up out of the ocean and attempt to eat you. Not a good idea to let that happen. Instead, the now landlocked shark has to be killed. Immediatly. Within one minute. Failure means starting all over again. Time to go back to work.

'Nuff said.

PS - Chaitee poked her head into the conversation to note that as of this morning, the Guild has reached 1,000,103 gold. For those without enough fingers, that is just over one million gold. Just thought that might be a little more interesting than stupid fish. Just saying.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry

(1) Nar' Thalas Hermit
(2) Ancient Mossgill

Wild already has max level fishing of 800. Wild also took the time to grind arcane lures that increase the catch rate by 100. Don't be fooled, though. Thousands will have to be caught before this is done.
The "Old" Wildshard lost a number of things he once had before his reincarnation from Horde to Alliance or were negated when the change was granted. Most important to fishing is being able to cast lures into fishing pools. Wild was having to fish from the shoreline because he can't swim and fish at the same time (which can often be dangerous as well). Wild went all the way to Pandaria and the Krasarang Wilds to hunt down Nat Pagler, the greart fishing expert. Nat was delighted to see Wild in his shiny alliance garb.

"Want to go fishing with me?" Nat asked Wild.

"Another time, Nat. I have taken the challenge of the Underlight Angler, and I could use your help."

Nat winked. "I already knew what you're up to. I have ways."

"Another time, for sure," Wild responded.

"Well, then." Nat pondered. "The Angler, huh? I must tip my hat to you for even trying."

"Why not join me in the hunt then," Wild offered Nat again.

"Naw, I'm long retired. But maybe I could help out. Is there anything I can do to help you on this journey?"

"There is," Wild said immediately. "I can't walk on water anymore, dang all these crazy rules, but . . .

Nat jumped into the conversation. "How 'bout a raft! Got one just outfitted this morning!"

Nat was a tough negotiator. The raft cost 800 but will be well worth the gold. Wild even bought a hat and another fishing pole from Nat's collection. Alltogether a good beginning.

Wild will start in Aszuna. The rare fish he is after are leyshimmy blenny, nar'thalas hermit, and ghostly queenfish. Wild already had 40 arcane lures that should keep him busy for a good while.
Wild's first two hours in Aszuna garned a big flat ZERO. Not a single bite from a targeted fish. The gods of WoW are laughing at the insanely difficult odds. And no fishing pools appeared anywhere in that time.

Later the same day, till in Aszuna, Wild caught the Nar'thalas Hermit. And then he accidentally threw it back in the water. Too many things going on at the time, a cat in real life had my attention, the wrong button tapped, and it was gone. But all was saved by the Achievement "Bigger Fish to Fry" that clearly showed Wild's catch. And guess what? Wild had an earlier success, too, the Ancient Mosgill! Woo Hoo!

Two down and only 16 left. Wild is on his way.

Making Sure the Catch is Recorded