Friday, August 18, 2017

The Noose Tightens on Keya and Chaitee

The Noose Tightens on Keya and Chaitee

Keya is still shy of reaching her goal of getting her overall gear to i900. Keya had hoped to be able to spend her 5,000 nethershards on an i870 ring that would bump up to relinquished i880. Alas, she realized that her other ring is already a relinquished piece and so she can't use it. She has no other options now but to spend the 5,000 anyway, hoping a piece that is already i880 will beat the odds and give her an upgrade. But the roll of the dice failed. No upgrade. Her 5,000 shards wasted.

Another way to upgrade is using her Writhing Essence. She needs 50, and has 25 so far. In other news, Army of Legionfall faction broke over 14,000 toward the 21,000 needed to reach Exalted. The Wardens are still inching forward toward Revered. She needs both to complete elements of Pathfinder AND progress toward her Demon Hunter Mount.

Keya is getting tired of the endless grinding, however. She was pursuing a Warden's quest, the last available, when an invasion started. She usually looks forward to invasions, but when the invasion began the Warden's quest changed to a Dreamweaver quest, which she didn't need.

She looked across her map and saw six invasion points, four of which held elite targets, but she just stood there, holding her fishing pole. She just couldn't bring herself to wade back into the fray. She grabbed a flight path and flew home to Dalaran. The invasion still has five hours before it's over, so she told herself she'd head back  . . . later. Maybe. That maybe became a No. And then came another invasion - and Keya let it pass untouched. Two invasions, worth at least 32 million AP was left on the table as well as the Legionfall rep she didn't get.

Keya now has 1,762,608,663 artifact points. That's one billion, 762 million, 608 thousand, and 663 AP. I think. That's a lot of numbers. But meaningless because she has nothing to spend it on.

. . . And the Auction House is a lonely place for Chaitee, all of her planning wrecked by out of control price dumping. Another week of red ink bleeding across her account books.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Chaitee Grumbles and Keya Plows Forward

Chaitee Grumbles and Keya Plows Forward

The bag business is underwater. It seems that soon after earning her millionth gold piece the market did a flip and prices plummeted. Chaitee is waiting not-so-patiently for pricing to rebound, but that hasn't happened. She has stacks and stacks of mats she refuses to post, determined to wait out the market. The fall is across the board - embersilk, frostweave, silkweave. The only bag still selling - and selling well - is hexweave bags, but it takes five days to craft one.

Chaitee has to face the fact that the market won't support her elevated prices, and being stubborn is costing her gold. For example, no one will buy a frostweave bag for 300g, not now, when the going price for the last week is 250g. Will she lose gold at that price? Actually, no, the mats to make a frostweave bag cost 100g, so she still wins. But it won't stop her from trying to game the market whenever she can.

A tougher challenge is the silkweave bag. Silk costs are now between 5-7 gold each. It takes 90 silk to make a bag, so at best 450g, but are listed for sale on the AH at 473g. Not much value there. Chaitee watches the AH and whenever the silk price dips to 4g per silk (360g per bag), she buys them. Farming them directly is easy but takes too much time. An hours worth of farming gets enough silk for 1-3 bags.

Meanwhile, Keya is making some very positive strides with her gear. A week ago her overall gear score was i883. Three upgrades later, highlighted by the purchase (for 65k gold) of a pair of Legion Season Four Warforged gloves and a relinquished ring pushed her gear score to i889. She needs two more invasions (which takes about three days) to get enough nethershards to get another upgrade that should push it to i900. Stay tuned.

Valarjar reached Revered, which leaves only The Wardens to complete the Faction section of Pathfinder. She is making steady progress on Legionfall as well with about 13k toward the 21k required.

Keya also started tracking Writhing Essence, which until recently she didn't even know existed. She was surprised when she earned a gear upgrade once she got 50 Writhing Essence. She upgraded her belt from i940 to i970 at that time. She only has 9 writhing currently. It's a slow process.

Oh, and she is now at PvP Honor Level 4.  :-)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Keya, Pathfinder, and her Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign

Keya, Pathfinder, and her Demon Hunter Order Hall Campaign

Keya is closing in on a billion artifact power now but has no way to spend it. Her Research ability was locked down at level 40. The ranks of spells of her weaponry went silent at rank 52. The third Fel Relic, Item level 840, is waiting to be put to use, should it ever be unlocked. When that might be is unknown.

Further progress requires the one thing she has been steadfastly refusing to accept - Dungeon runs. She again checked to determine if anything has changed, not that she really thinks someone at Blizzard will make that happen. Anyway, her demon hunter class Order Campaign cannot proceed any further without completing the following dungeons:

A Very Special Kind of Fuel
Vault of the Wardens: Vault Break-in

Keya remains suspicious of the whole mess. She also notes that she cannot get her Class Hall gear set, either. Keya has four pieces, but the other four require dungeon runs. Stubbornness doesn't begin to explain her anger. Her overall gear score is now i885, probably good enough for the dungeons above. She went so far as to check if her Vengeance gear would be okay if she were to switch to Havoc spec/DPS. There wouldn't likely be an issue as most of her gear has Crit, which the havoc spec prefers. Not saying that she might try a dungeon as a DPS. On that subject she says she is still "reflecting on it."

Pathfinder progress continues. She gathers legionfall rep as fast as it appears, working toward Exalted. She is focused on reaching Revered for The Wardens and Valajar. She will lay out the latest soon.

Keya has has a little surprise. She has been earning PvP Honor ranks. She used to avoid places that are designated as PvP areas. Over time, time, though, she learned that very few of the players in those zones actively go after combat. Completing quests and battling invasions seem to take precedence over backstabbing someone in Pvp.

So, how does Keya earn Honor? She uses her Rift Cannon (smile). Yes, it's a sneaky way to do it, but she has earned Honor Level Three with three single blasts of her cannon, and she can still collect her AP. It's a win win.

Chaitee wants to weigh in, too. There is an Auction House battle going on that has dragged down bag prices for the last two weeks. Chaitee calls it the stupids and the stupider. A few new players on the scene dropped a hundred gold in price for both embersilk bags and frostweave bags. That put the price well below market, and Chaitee stopped selling them. Chaitee has been waiting for the big players to move in, but it appears they'll wait for the weekend. In the interim Chaitee isn't hurting, however. She is selling the mats now - both frostweave and embersilk, at prices three times their value. Chaitee gets her gold, no matter how it is sold. PS - Chaitee went past a million gold without even noticing earlier in the week, and no one should worry about how she spends it.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reckless Keya

Reckless Keya

The Broken Shore has three flight paths, numerous daily quests, and a rotation of randomly added elites. If Keya is lucky, she'll park under the Legion Sentinax vessel and tease the ship into sending down demon portals she can attack. If she's REALLY lucky, there will be an active invasion, but with five zones in the Broken Isles, it takes awhile for the Broken Shore zone to come around. Other than Sargeras and High Lord Kruul, there is nothing on the island that can kill her. A bold statement, but so far Keya has survived every challenge.

The reality, though, is that Keya has now outpaced all of those activities. It takes less than an hour to clear the entire Broken Shore of quests, elites, and miscellaneous trash. Keya still needs nerthershards to improve her gear, but her main focus is now on earning legionfall supplies that move the bar on earning Legionfall Exalted reputation. She is at 10,428 rep and needs 10,572, just a little over halfway there.

On the Broken Isles Keya has done several scenarios as part of completing each zone. It's hard to get excited about them because they are always rushed with no thought but to get them finished and grab the goodies. There have been as many as five and as few as two players in these scenarios. She's learned that if it gets crazy, the scenario will simply check the box and advance to the next Stage whether it was completed or not. Pretty hard to screw up, but Keya found a way. It was in the Highmountain scenario. I think we were at Skyhorn. The last stage is always to find the mounts and fly away to get our goodies. Keya managed to get herself killed. Quite amazing, when she thinks about it. An armored demon hunter with the ability to glide managed to crash into a knot of elites, wasn't paying attention because she was trying to catch up to the others in the scenario, and drowned. Did I mention that Keya can breath underwater? Though she failed to complete the scenario, an hour later she got an apology in the mailbox that included all the goodies she would normally get. Ya gotta love scenarios.

Keya will go find other things to do later in the day, such as work on the reputation grinds for The Wardens and Valarajar, the two she still needs to get them to Revered. There may be a mission or two she can run, but mostly? She waits.

The wait was shorter than expected - Legion Invasion in Val sharah! Keya got enough nethershards from the invasion to upgrade her i860 wrist to i880. Keya's overall gear score is now i881. An even better deal came later. Keya was granted a gear upgrade that raised her i940 belt to i970! That pushed her overall gear score to i883. Nice.

Much later the same night: Keya was having a hard time getting settled down for the evening. She had wrapped up a last quest. All of the Broken Shore seemed asleep. Then a low groan came from the northern side of the island. She could barely hear the sound, but she felt it, the grinding of a great weight. And then came a shudder that shook rocks and had the little fel creatures scrambling into hiding.

Keya wanted to see what thing had come onto the Broken Shore. She took the path that led to the Tomb of Sargeras, but turned away when it was clear the great raid was empty on this night. Her path bent northwest. She was looking at her map hunting possible treasures when she felt a ponderous settling that rattled rocks and sent the flying bats scattering. Keya had her back to the sound. She turned.

Standing about twenty paces from her position was the Elite Boss Malificus. Malificus is of the same mold as Kruul. She glanced around. The large circular area must have seen many battles on this spot. The scored rock and broken stones could tell many tales.

Keya was alone. She pondered her options. Attacking Malificus solo was suicide. She waited a bit. Two horde players showing off their flying mounts fluttered about but didn't settle. One alliance player set down on his mount and then never moved again.

Then there was a period of about five minutes where there were four of us. Keya, a mage, a paladin, and a warrior. The paladin did not look like a healer. No one said anything.

Keya went in. Did I mention she can be reckless? She weathered the first fury of attacks. She was in less than a minute when she was hit with a Fear. That actually helped Keya as Malificus wasn't hitting her while Keya was fleeing. Keya broke the Fear, swung around and landed some more blows. Malificus is huge and it was hard for Keya to keep her bearings. Her Ally came to her aid, slamming a Fiery Brand and pushing her health back over 50%.

Keya could vaguely see a couple of others engaged. Malificus is huge, and it was hard to see, but Keya seemed to be the only fool at melee range. Way too soon, all of Keya's tricks had run their course and Keya found herself at Corpse Land. She had no idea if anyone else died or if they all ran away laughing at the crazy demon hunter fighting a raid Boss.

As for Keya, she was more amused than anything else. She'd turned a dead evening into a fun adventure. Keya also came up with this tidbit of information: Counting Malificus, Keya's Quest list now has fifteen (15) different dungeons listed.

Hovering Sentinax

Keya and Malificus

Monday, August 7, 2017

The Greatest Mount Eva!

The Greatest Mount Eva!
PS - If she can get it.

Keya has a mystery on her hand. She caught a glimpse of a mount that intrigued her but has been unable to determine what it is or how to find it. On two occasions Keya whispered to players who have the mount but got no response. With hundreds of mounts to sift through, Keya's attempts to manually wade through them kept getting sidetracked by other business.

Well, after another boring but more thorough pass through the mount lists, Keya found the mount she was looking for. Keya had to laugh when when it popped up. The name is "Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker." It is truly cool looking. It's also the Demon Hunter Class Mount!

Keya now has another challenge before her. Getting her flying mount. Of course she still won't be able to fly, but it won't stop Keya from riding around on it. She still has to earn the mount. It starts by getting to Exalted with the Armies of Legionfall. She is currently Revered and needs about 10K to reach Exalted. Then there is a Broken Shore Campaign of eleven components "spaced over several weeks." The final quest for the mount is called "To Fel and Back" and is given by Kyra Lightblade on the Fel Hammer. Keya has pieces of what is required but she's not certain of the order in which things need to happen or have already happened. Keya spoke to Matron Mother Malevolence, who has a role, but she has nothing to say.

One step at a time. Perhaps by the time Keya gets to Exalted with Legionfall she'll have more information. I'm still trying to find the list (Blizzard always has a list) of steps required. Keya will be keeping her fingers crossed that it won't require a dungeon run OR completion of Legion Flying.

Below is a rare pic seen in Moonlclaw Vale. To me it looks most like a very nasty wasp.

Slayer's Felbroken Shrieker

Friday, August 4, 2017

Bugged out in Val sharah

Bugged out in Val sharah
Plus a Pathfinder update at the bottom of the post.

Note: I'm two days behind posting. Keya got her magic wheel completed, spending 520 million for her 51st trait, but the achievement seems hollow. Artifact power gathering is becoming numbingly boring. She has also been doing full clears across the Broken Shore almost every day. That is reaching the gag point, too. She is only mildly interested in the random elites as well. They're like old enemies, worn out and waiting to be killed over and over.

Keya more interested in the legion invasions, which give nethershards. Val sharah being the current target of the Broken Isles. Blizzard mentioned that there might be a few bugs here and there. They'll get them fixed, no worries. Well, she IS worried. Keya has been roaming through the countryside. There are certainly armies of legion troops tromping all over the place, but there are no world quests, elites, or dungeons available. Keya went on a short killing spree and discovered she was getting no credit for the kills other than trash objects. Bottom line is the whole legion invasion in Val sharah is bugged to hell. Non legion activity is also affected, with groups of legion soldiers milling about in areas where they shouldn't be.

Keya figured she might as well wind up her Rift Cannon and get one good blast. She was denied even that. The cannon is loaded and primed, but it refused to target anything. Outside of Val Sharah the cannon again became operational.

Sigh. It will all be over in just about an hour. Update: The Val sharah episode eventually got straightened out but she lost an entire invasion. Invasions are about the only thing that gets Keya out of bed these days. Well, I take that back. There's still Pathfinder. The current status is below.

Pathfinder Update

Part One (Five Major Parts)
(1) Broken Isles Explorer (done, all zones explored)
(2) Variety is the Spice of Life (done, 100 world quests)
(3) Loremaster of Legion (4 of 5 completed)
        Good Samaritan (7 of 11 completed)
(4) Broken Isles Diplomat (2 of 6)
(5) A glorious Campaign (must finish class order campaign)

New Completions: 8/1/17
    Good Suamritan now (7 of 11)
        Three Quests required for GS
        The Arcway: Long Buried Knowledge (not sure about this one)
        The Arcway: Opening the Arcway (she has this quest)
        Court of Stars: Beware the Fury of a Patient (she has this quest)
        Note: You DONT have to do the dungeons, just do the quests

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Keya's Dungeon Run (Sort of)

Keya's Dungeon Run (Sort of)

It's Saturday morning and Keya is already on the move. Legion invasions have begun in Highmountain. The whole mountain seems to be alive with Legion soldiers and their beasts. Keya fought demons almost solo in the early battles, and she seemed to be at the forefront of those battles. With every eruption from the Legion, Keya was there, tagging and killing the elites and clearing quests. Sometimes solo, sometimes with two or three following the same path, there was never a lack of targets to take down. Keya has to admit that the caliber of elites we were fighting wasn't scaring anyone. Keya could solo them relatively easily, it just took her a little longer to bring them down.

Having nearly cleared entire mountains of Legion demons, Keya found herself alone on a high snow bank. Below was a deep depression of hard packed snow. At the center of the depression was a fearsome elite, "Drugon the Frostblood." This beast was no simple elite, it was among the higher caliber of Legion elites.

Drugon is a Level ?? Boss, one of only eleven World Bosses in Legion. It waited, a trap ready to be sprung. Keya was determined to pit herself against this boss. She made herself be patient, and eventually a second player arrived. Now there were two of us waiting to see what would develop. Others arrived. We were five. No one seemed to want to start the thing. Keya shrugged to herself. She is "sort of" a tank. Well, since no one said anything and no one moved, Keya decided to try her luck. What's the worst that can happen? She dies in an embarrassing way?

She went for it. Keya started the battle, and it was pure hell. But Keya acquitted herself well,  and in the early going Keya kept pace with the monster, keeping it locked on her while others pounded it with DPS. This was no quick kill, either. The battle raged, and Keya had to start using up her save me spells. Keya also had to go on the move, the monster still locked on her, avoiding the attacks and trying to stay behind the monstrous thing and away from the tree sized club it wielded. Keya hoped there was a healer among the group of players, but she got almost no relief. Twice Keya saw she'd received small heal spells, but if there were any other help out there they had their own hands full keeping themselves alive.

The fight went on so long Keya used her Fiery Brand FOUR times (each have a one minute reset). It was the only thing keeping her alive by then, but that minute wait between casts was deadly to her.

Keya died. Drugon died less than two minutes later.
Keya got no credit for the kill.
But Keya knows what she accomplished. She took on a Boss elite and very nearly killed it.

For the sake of accuracy, Keya also has a small confession to make. Keya entered the fight without a single health potion or other means of gaining instant health. For the lack of a health potion, Keya might have remained in the battle for those last two minutes, and, perhaps, gotten credit for the kill.

Keya refused to give up, however. Instead, she got mad. She flew to Skyhorn. She contacted Chaitee and had potions and elixirs flown out to her. Keya went back to Drugan. It was still there, waiting for new blood to spill. She waited for others to come. It took awhile. Several came and went, refusing to stick around. Eventually, though, there were five of us. Two DPS, a hunter and a warrior, Keya, acting as the tank, and a healer! In addition, Keya now had her health potions. This group was better organized, too. "I'm going in," Keya advised those circling Drugan. No one objected, and Keya went to work.

The battle took an hour. Okay, it only seemed that long. It took at least five minutes, though. Keya cast Fiery Brand six times. Even with a healer, who had to keep himself alive, too, Keya needed and used his healing potion and made good use of Metamorphis for added health. This time we won.

Drugon the Frostblood, Level ?? CORPSE (Boss). Slain by Keya and company. So, not exactly a dungeon run, but it felt that way. Keya is feeling pretty good about herself.

With the success of the Highmountain invasion and her victory over the Boss elite, Keya felt  different. Something had changed. She's always been the cautious type. She uses her underwater swimming form to reach most locations without fear of coming across things she hadn't accounted for. She favors the strike and retreat methods, a slower but more controllable combat. Her thirst for nethershards is becoming insatiable, however, and bolstered by her Boss success, she is becoming more reckless as well.

As the day grows longer Keya is strolling through the interior of the Broken Shores like she belongs there. She followed under the Sentinax and lofted beacons at it, slaughtering everything that poured out of the portal. A special portal caught her attention. Several players were waiting around. Why are we waiting? Keya asked herself. She entered the portal, killed the guards and then killed the elite that was inside.

Keya has 4,771 nethershards now. She needs 229 more to roll the dice with a relinquished token. When she gets to 5,000, she's hoping for a good roll on a trinket, currently an i855 with an expectation of at least an i880.

Keya got her 5,000 against a 112 level elite guard. It was a long slog, but Keya never wavered and the guard died. She originally tried the blubber girl elite. Keya had killed her once before. However, she appears to be bugged. She randomly resets her health and Keya finally had to walk away.

Keya went for a Trinket to replace her i855. Keya was anxious to see what level her new trinket would have. She rolled the dice. An 885! That's a 30 slot upgrade! Then it all fell apart. The trinket was not an agility trinket, or even a stamina one. It was a Versatility trinket. What  . . . a . . .  ripoff! The trinket that cost her 5,000 nethershards is useless. It dawned on her that every time she rolls those dice she might get versatility specs. That makes the chances of getting something truly valuable even harder. Keya is down to 102 nethershards.

Keya tries to be philosophical about it all. Random chance got her that i940 legendary. It was inevitable that chance would turn the other way sooner or later. The grinding will continue.