Monday, February 20, 2017

The Underlight Angler Photo Gallery

The Underlight Angler Photo Gallery


Mahakeya with her Underlight Angler

Conjuerer Margoss Island

Fishing at the Island

Fishing at Sunset

Moonlight Fishing

Getting Wet and Stinky

Keya in front of Artifact Fountain with Marcia

The Underlight Angler is not just a fishing pole, it's an artifact of many purposes. It looks very much like an artifact weapon. It uses artifact power to buy improvements, but it is much less complicated. Upgrading the Angler is done at the Dalaran Fountain. Yep. There is a whirling ball hovering over the fountain. When the angler is equipped and close to the fountain, clicking on it displays the artifact map.
Artifact power is gained by fishing rare fish. Each rare fish returned to the water adds 50 AP. Keya has already earned two traits - Undercurrent, which locates fishing pools; and Bloodfishing, which gives a chance to catch a Blood of Sargeras. There are some nice traits, such as underwater breathing and walk on water.

Winning the Underlight Angler

Winning the Underlight Angler

Keya went back to her favorite fishing spot in Aszuna, the Grey Shoals. There are a few elites around but they don't bother anyone. The little river there empties into the ocean, although you have to go out into deep water before the river becomes The Great Sea.

Many days ago Keya caught the rare Axefish, an ocean fish, in that little river. That success encouraged Keya that here the rare barracuda could also be caught. However, she was a bit anxious about her chances with the barracuda because she had already failed in one attempt caused by a fly.  Yep, a fly.

Trying not to think about her prior failure, she went about her business. She fished out two black barracuda schools with no luck, but she continued to fish using her Arcane Lures. Fishing is a slow process, but eventually she got her first clue, a Message in a Bottle. A glob of whale blubber followed. The blubber attracted a fly which Keya caught! She then used the fly for bait.

 She was on a five minute timer and she continued to fish for two minutes with no luck. She suddenly remembered that the fish HAD be caught in open water. Keya opened an elixer of water walking and ran out of the little river into the ocean. She didn't have to go very far before sighting the great sea. On her third cast standing on top of the water, she caught the Ancient Black Barracuda!

Keya has completed the quest "Bigger Fish to Fry." Next up is the quest, Luminous Pearl. Keya must fish up this pearl from a fishing pool. It took many pools and about 45 minutes before Keya caught a Luminous Pearl. Keya brought the pearl to Khadgar. Frankly, he wasn't very interested, but suggested a trip to the Dalaran Fountain might be worthwhile.

At the fountain, Keya was supposed to get the quest Fish Frenzy from Nat Pagle, but Keya dawdled too long at the fountain with Marcia, the fishing expert. Not to worry, though, Pagle eventually found her. From there Nat took Keya into a scenario to kill about a hundred murlocs and then fish about eight pools. Finally, Keya took on an elite murloc in a deep underwater hole. With Nat's help they killed it. Keya and Nat Pagle returned to the fountain and Pagle presented Keya with her own Underlight Fishing pole, an i750 pole that has +60 fishing skill and can instantly place her at the nearest fishing pool within 100 yards. The fishing pole is actually an artifact that can be upgraded. Keya is only just starting to figure out how to make that work.

AND, it is truly AWESOME looking! Pictures will be coming.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Shattrath Fishing - Really? Read On

Shattrath Fishing - Really? Read On
Hunting Down the Ghostly Queenfish and Ancient Black Barracuda

Two rare fish stand - ahem - swim between Keya and achieving "A Cast Above the Rest" for catching all eighteen rare fish and completing the quest "Bigger Fish to Fry," the first part to earning the Underlight Angler.

Keya spent an unproductive couple of hours in Stormheim fishing for the barracuda. She caught two other rare fish that she aleady had. The elite shark Steelscale swam within head knocking distance and she killed it just for fun. Keya took it's fin, but I don't know what it's for. She did get a little work in killing crabs along the shore when she got too bored to fish. The crabs drop stormscale that sell for 15-20 gold each. Chaitee was happy to get them.
But no rare barracuda. She was out of lures so she returned to Dalaran and fished drowned mana for awhile. It was boring, but she persisted until she had enough fish for eighty minutes with the special lure. 
Wait, what's the meaning of this "first part" business? There's more to do after catching all those rare fish? Drat! Once Keya catches the last two rare fish, she still must complete the following quest threads:

Luminous Pearl
The Dalaran Fountain
Fish Frenzy

So, the grind continues, but Keya is reluctant to get all slippery and stinky again. She decided to take a break that still related to fishing. She is currently using a fishing pole, appropriately named Strong Fishing Pole, which can be purchased for a song at most vendors. The pole adds +5 to fishing expertise.

Wild is the great fisheman of the family and has earned many of the best poles in the game. Keya turned to Wild for suggestions on what poles she should be looking for to increase her skill. Keya didn't want to go through long questlines or other extended requirements. She would be satisfied with a pole that included +15 or better skill. Wild lovingly brought out his best fishing poles: The Jeweled Fishing Pole (+30), Nat Pagles' Extreme Angler (+20), and his favorite, the Mastercraft Kalu'ak Fishing Pole (+30).

Wild looked a bit sad as he brought them out of storage. Wild was careless in his youth and lacked the vision to understand that he should have kept all of his fishing poles for the sake of posterity. Instead, Wild discarded older, less useful poles. Too bad. Fist and Jezi both use the Nat Pagle model that Wild has, but Fist also has the Darkwood Fishing Pole (+15).

Keya nodded and made impressive noises at the selection. Wild knew none of those would suit Keya's purpose. "There are two poles that you have the best chance to get quickly."
Keya started to ask, but Wild interjected with a sigh. "Both of those poles present a problem, however. You'd have been better off if you were of Horde affiliation."

"Why?" Keya demanded.
"Because the +20 Big Iron Fishing Pole is earned by catching shellfishtraps off the coast Desolace. Yes, Desolace," Wild repeated.
"Desolace is Horde territory." Keya thought a moment. "And the other?"
Wild shrugged. "That would be the Nat Pagle model. But there's a catch."
"And that is?" Keya patiently asked.
"This surf casting gear is acquired in the Hinterlands from a quest provided by "Katoom the Angler" at Revantusk Village. Just skewer 15 Saltwater Snapjaw turtles and Katoom will hand over one of Nat Pagle's finest reels." Wild paused.
"Another Horde territory and a horde quest giver. Great." Keya shook her head. "What else do ya got?"
Wild had to think for a minute. "Well, there is another possibility, and it looks easy, at least on the surface." Wild smiled at his little water joke.

Keya yawned.

"I never got around to getting it, but Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole is a +20 pole that also includes +52 stamina. That was quite impressive numbers at the time. Seth can be found in Shattrath, neutral territory, and the pole can be had via a quest calling for eight Pristine Shimmerscale eels."
When Keya hesitated, Wild added. "There are other options, such as the Mastercraft. There is a quest thread to complete, but at your level, Keya, you should complete it quickly."
Keya thought about it. "I'll try Shattrath first." Keya went deep into the heart of Dalaran and located the Shattrath Portal. Once in Shattrath she easily found the quest giver, Seth, and got the quest, "Rather Be Fishing." Keya took flight to a pool just outside the walls of the city and killed eels until she had the eight required. Then back to Seth. Keya now has Seth's Graphite Fishing Pole. It's a simple looking pole, but makes a great upgrade. The whole adventure took less than twenty minutes.

A smiling Keya headed back out to do some more fishing with her new pole.

As good as the new fishing pole is, Keya's luck turned bad. Keya tried catching the Ancient Black Barracuda in Stormheim, Highmountain, and the Broken Isles with no luck. She went far to the northern end of the island, to Shipwreck Cove. Taking flight down a steep mountain to the Cove, she landed in the midst of a great battle, facing numerous enemies and forced to kill an elite before she could get out of the way. Keya went so far as to plead with Rakta to make her some water walking elixers so she could fish on the open water of the Great Sea. She had no luck, there, either. Keya lost the better part of a day, ending in frustration.

Then came the night. Keya went to the Grey Shoals in Aszuna (33,37), the same area where she caught the Axefish. She came hoping for inspiration. Keya fished one pool, and found the rusty queenfish brooch needed to catch the Ghostly Queenfish. She caught one. Ahem, actually, she caught eleven of them. Supposedly there's a way to sell them, but Keya hasn't figured that out, yet. And then she fished up a second rusty queenfish brooch, which I know can be sold. From nothing to riches.

One rare fish to go. Keya is now hunting the Ancient Black Barracuda.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Auction House Treatise

Auction House Treatise
Warning - May Cause Heavy Eyelids to Close

Chaitee is betting that the Auction House will pick up speed as the weekend looms closer. Chaitee's offers are not getting any attention because prices have remained below the cost to make them. This phenomenon is not unusual due to the time lags between farming the mats to make items and when those items actually reach the Auction House.

On the surface it appears that Chaitee is overstocked and over priced. But in the often strange ways of buyers and sellers, Chaitee knows she has to wait patiently for low ball items to sell before her own offerings, at much higher prices, will become of interest. The trick is to know when the pricing is ripe to shift. One great example was last week, when Chaitee pushed a run on hexweave bags. These bags can be made in only limited amounts and price out around 800g each. Chaitee got her hands on nine of those bags for a wonderful 725 gold each. Chaitee could have sold all of those bags right away at 850g. But she didn't. She watched, calculating that she had a short window of opportunity where she was the only provider of those bags. Chaitee raised the price of the bags one sale at a time. The last five bags sold for over 1200g each.

Chaitee is hoping for a similar run on Silkweave Satchels. Chaitee's embersilk bags are currently overpriced (Chaitee prices hers at 455g but currently selling at 398g), but once her competitors sell the cheap ones, and they will, Chaitee will own that market at the higher price as well as feed into the even higher priced satchels. If it plays out like Chaitee expects, she will be selling satchels at 525g each or better. At least that's the plan. Otherwise she'll be left "holding the bags." 

Chaitee has a backup plan if/when things go way wrong. She uses a trick to ensure she always has gold available for the dicier business dealings. In a nutshell, Chaitee doesn't always put her gold in the bank after getting sales. She sets a percentage aside that she uses to supplement periods where profit is low. In that way Chaitee rarely has to dip directly into the bank and take out funds. It's a slow process, but Chaitee makes sure that more gold is always flowing into the bank than coming out of it. Example: Chaitee is currently holding 36 sales in the inbox, each of which are worth at a minimum of 500g. She'll winnow that large package down to 10-15 sales by the end of the weekend, and that will fuel next week's take as well as purchases to restock items sold.

Chaitee will continue her discussion and greedy habits thoughout the weekend.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Think Like A Fish

Think Like A Fish
PS - Yes, this too long to read.

Mahakeya is getting a little bit frustrated at this fishing business. She made no headway at all the past two days toward catching those last six rare fish. It wasn't from lack of trying. Three times she thought she had one, but each time they managed to elude the sting of steel through flesh. What is truly annoying is the lack of good information about these fish. Sure, there are plenty of ideas and "can't fail" guidance. The problem is that they do fail, and no two guides are the same. Keya prides herself on her patience, but an hour of throwing a lure into the water only to come up empty is, well, maddening.

One example is Keya's target for today, the Ancient Highmountain Salmon. I went to three places for guidance on catching it. None of the three sources said the same thing. There is a lure involved, but one source calls it a snail lure and another source calls it a drogbar. The snail lure may also be called a Funky Sea Snail. Drogbar might be the same as Bitestone Fishbrul. I read somewhere that this guy "Spawns when the short buff from Funky Sea Snail wears off" and attacks whoever is close by, even if not fishing. Sigh. In what order these things spawn and which name is the right one is a blind guess. The only thing that seems consistent is that Keya knows she has a chance of a catch if she sees the two minute timer. Every rare fish Keya has caught entailed a two minute timer. That still doesn't mean the fish will be caught, only that there is a chance.

Even more frustrating is the areas where there are more than one rare fish, and two types spawn and overlap, which is an almost certain failure. That's happened twice so far - two hours wasted.
Keya is returning to Dalaran and the Morgass island to restock on the drowned mana she uses to slightly improve the speed at which fish are caught. She's currently in Highmountain. Wish her luck. She needs a lot of it.

Keya is following streams and fishing. (1) Her first attempt netted her a Frost Worm, but did not result in a rare fish catch. (2) The second attempt got her a swollen murloc egg, the murloc fled, and Keya caught a Mountain Puffer, a rare fish she already has. (3) On her third attempt, she caught another Mountain Puffer. Crazy.
(4) The fourth attempt never took place. The computer started slowing down and fishing became impossible. Thinking it was a problem with the computer, I did a restart. When I opened Blizzard I got the message that the authentication servers were having trouble. Bliz is investigating.
(5) Bliz cleared the problem and Keya went back to fishing. She picked out a fishing hole that had already been staked out by a nasty looking mob. Keya killed it and jumped into a nearby boat to continue fishing. Drogbar showed up and sat around watching Keya fish. Then a Funky Snail showed up and asked to be thrown into the water. A two minute timer started up. The timer ended and Keya got a little nervous. Then a second, five minute timer started up and in a couple of minutes more Drogbar returned, jumped into the boat and attacked. He was actually fairly tough, but Keya took him out. Her reward? Keya earned the Ancient Highmountain Salmon. Finally, a success.

(6) Only five more to go. Still in Highmountain, but now facing the ocean. The Funky Snail showed up again, but Keya ignored it. (7) Then she got a Frost Worm. Keya is starting to wonder if she's not in an area that is considered "ocean." There isn't any way to tell. (8) Another skrog plus a murloc attack and TWO leyshimmer blennys which Keya has already. Another bust in an area supposed to be for ocean fish. (9) Keya is heading for Suramar which she hears is a good spot for ocean fish. She hears a rumor that you know you are there because it will say "the great sea." She'll check it out. (10) A catch! Seabottom Squid! This was a tough one. Keya had to fight a "stunned, angry shark" that climbed out of the water. Keya killed it, but just barely. Great fight and Keya is one fish closer. And then another angry shark turned up. Then a sleeping murloc.

Okay, Keya has been swimming and flying around the waters edges of Suramar and finally she sees a sight other than Suramar. She is now in Seaspray Cliffs. Still unsure if she is at the ocean despite a horizon lined with water. (11) Keya had to buy water walking in order to find a spot that actually said "The Great Seas." In ten minutes of fishing she caught only trash fish. Keya has to wonder if she's doing something wrong. On the other hand, maybe the only way to fish in the ocean is by being able to walk on water or have a raft or something similar.
Keya patted herself on the back for winning two more rare fish, but disappointed at the lack of progress on the ocean fish. Keya called it for the day.
And yes, she took a looong bath. Still, Chaitee walked past with her nose pinched closed.

On the off chance that someone is still here reading this, Keya needs only four more rare fish catches.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Underlight Angler Update

Underlight Angler Update

Keya had only seven of the eighteen rare fish she needed as the weekend ended. By the end of the night on Monday, however, that number had swelled to twelve. All three of the Suramar fish were easy catches despite having to kill the occasional soldiers that policed the area she was fishing. Keya still needs to catch the last six of the rare fish:

Aszuna: Nar'thalas Herrmit, Ghostly Queenfish
Highmountain: Ancient Highmountain Salmon
Ocean: Axefish, Seabottom Squid, Ancient Black Barracuda

The Aszuna fish are proving to be the most difficult to catch, which is frustrating since they are in the easiest of the zones. Keya plans to tackle the ocean fish to get them off her list, and then focus on the final, difficult three. She can level fishing to the max 800 any time she wants, now, but there's no reason to bother while there are still fish to catch.

Chaitee is wearing a big grin this morning, but it could have been the opposite. Much of the weekend was a bust, Auction House wise, right up until the dam broke and Chaitee started raking in the gold. She had dithered over buying 6,000 gold in hypnotic dust for sale. She eventually backed out and that was a good thing. Prices should go down with the weekend over. She did break another record for stashing gold. Chaitee may eventually surpass the great auction house guru, Happyface. But he stills rules the roost. At least for now.

PS - Yes, Keya stinks of fish guts. But it's a good stink. Wanta go fishin'?

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Getting Some Serious Fishing

Getting Some Serious Fishing

Keya remains determined to earn the Underlight Angler fishing pole. She has seven of the eighteen rare fish that she must catch: Leyshimmy Blenny, Thorned Flounder, Greybelly Lobster, Mountain Puffer, Coldriver Carp, Thundering Stormray, and her latest from Stormheim, Terrorfin. Eleven more to go. She also raised her fishing skill to 600. Keya already has the means to almost reach max level 800 thanks to what I think is a bug. Each rare catch can be tossed back into the water to gain five fishing skill. When Keya caught the Thorned Flounder, her subsequent catches included another Thorned Flounder, which shouldn't have happened. She caught 25 of those fish, each of them worth five skill ups. That's 125 skill ups. Add the 55 skill ups from catching the 11 rare fish she still needs, that's 180 skill ups, just 25 casts short of earning max level 800. Keya is in no hurry, though. Her focus is still to catch those final 11 rare fish.

Here is the list of rare fish Required:
Caught as of 2017-02-10

Aszuna -
Leyshimmy Blenny (caught)
Nar'thalas Herrmit
Ghostly Queenfish

Val'sharah -
Terrorfin (caught)
Thorned Flounder (caught)
Ancient Mosgill

Highmountain -
Ancient Highmountain Salmon
Coldriver Carp (caught)
Mountain Puffer (caught)

Stormheim -
Greybelly Lobster (caught)
Thundering Stormrey (caught)

Suramar -
Tainted Runescale Koi
Seerspine Puffer
Magic-eater Frog

Ocean -
Seabottom Squid
Ancient Black Barracuda
    Note above - tough fight

Coming up - Keya will finally take the plunge into the last area of the Broken Isles - Suramar. Survival may become front and center, instead of fishing, if she is to make it in that highest level zone. Her i809 gear level will certainly be challenged. She's also a little concerned about her warblades, which are still at i803 and haven't been upgraded in a long time. Keya needs to find out how to improve her weapons - if possible.