Friday, October 20, 2017

Chaitee Comes of Age

Chaitee Comes of Age

In between Auction House work, Chaitee has been sneaking in some leveling trying to get to level 101. She keeps trying to pull Keya stunts, and frankly, she doesn't have the gear, and makes rookie mistakes. She's already died four times, even when sacrificing her combat pet and her gaurdian pet, Hati. Chaitee is far too reckless. On another quest, she managed to drown inside the sunken ship near Shackles Den. Aszuna is the least dangerous place in the Broken Shores, and Chaitee is likely to die many more times.

Chaitee is 71% toward level 101. Java, who had similar issues when she was leveling, had some advice for Chaitee. Java got a lot of leveling done because she chose two easy to level professions, Mining and Herbalism. By coincidence, Chaitee also has those professions. Even better, she has never bothered to do anything with them (2/75 with herbs and 21/75 with mining). She needs another 30% to reach Level 101, and those two professions just might do the trick without getting herself killed too often. It will also give Chaitee a chance to take some time and see her new world.

Chaitee, for once, took Java's advice. She and her pets settled at the Illidari Stand and then took to the skies of Azsuna. Her flower and rock picking was a bit awkward at first.  Chaitee kept standing too close and pulling nearby mobs. Chaitee earned a fews hisses from her pet, Taz, before she figured out the proper distance. She started to get the hang of things and the mistakes grew fewer and the leveling went faster. They got into a solid routine of set up, send in the pets, Chaitee blasting with her gun at range, and watching things die.

In a much shorter time than she would have figured, Chaitee reached Level 101. She has no expectations of leveling further unless things get pretty slow on the combat front. She will work with the Hunter's Lodge on a few things when she has time. Mostly, she needs to be at the Auction House. Prices have fallen precipitously over the past two to three weeks and the flow of gold is tight. Chaitee needs to get back to her real job.

In other news. Keya is determined to go after the Maw of Souls again, despite the issues that cut her first attempt short. She still has only seven of eight pieces of gear to complete the Class Hall Campaign quest "A Classy Outfit." She still needs the leggings, and the only option left to her is the Maw of Souls.

Keya's friend Almond  is a raider and healer. She has offered to run Maw of Souls with Keya to get the achievement if time, circumstance, and schedules allow. Keya has stopped worrying about it. She knows it will come sooner or later.
Chaitee and Tazzy

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Maw of Souls

Maw of Souls

So Keya is getting a thick skin regarding her failure after failure in what are supposed to be easy dungeon runs. Last night she let the Group Finder pick between Maw of Souls and Black Rook Hold. They are the only two dungeons Keya can get her achievement from. The random choice was Maw of Souls. Keya hasn't been to that dungeon yet, but she did watch some videos.

Shortly into the Maw of Souls encounter the dungeon run unraveled. It started fine. We did the Horn scenario thing and reached the ship. We killed Ymiron. It was messy but no one died. Keya was dealing most of the DPS and didn't need much healing.

We then lost a player and there were only four of us. There was some standing around and a short conversation. See below:
sherra-ysonda falls asleep zzzzzzzz   
Keya asks "Can we do this with 4?"
Instance Leader: "yea"
You have been removed from the group.
It must be a Keya thing. She didn't even get to see Helya or Harberon. Put Keya in a dungeon and strange things WILL happen. Just for fun, here are the stats on the group from Recount.

Keya Kicking Butt

Healing Done

Hard to read the healing chart. It shows the healer, Sherra, doing 34% and Keya doing 28.7%. Most of Keya's healing was on herself, of course.  

The Conversation

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mangling Yet Another Dungeon

Mangling Yet Another Dungeon

Sigh. Loramas Thalipedes (LT for short) is the gentleman that handles the class hall armor set on the Fel Hammer. Keya is working on the achievement, "A Classy Outfit." It is a critical element toward finishing her class hall armor set.
Keya has seven of the eight pieces of gear that she needs. The last piece is the leggings. To get them, Keya has to kill the last boss in eight different dungeons.

It looked to Keya that she only had to do one more dungeon, having plowed through the others while still questing and trying to get her Pathfinder stuff done. When she tried to collect the achievement, however, she was still short those leggings. She was sure she must have gotten them along the way, and figured she must have accidentally destroyed them. So she checked in on the Fel Hammer and asked the quartermaster for a replacement, which cost 500 gold. That didn't work, either. The leggings were locked and could not be purchased.

Keya would be getting mad about this time, but so much has happened she couldn't really muster up the outrage. Maybe there was a bug. Keya had read something about this achievement being buggy. It took a day and half for a Blizzard fellow to follow up on the ticket Keya had sent. He was very polite and checked on Keya's status concerning the achievement.

Sigh. The game master had the answer almost immediately. "I took a look and you are still one "final dungeon boss kill" away from completing the achievement. Keya sighed again. She has been sighing a lot recently. The bosses all have to be unique, so which ones haven't I done, Keya asked herself. The game master heard her mumbling and answered. "You have two dungeons left you can take, Black Rook Hold and Maw of Souls.

Keya tossed a coin, headed for the Group Finder, and selected Black Rook Hold (BRH).
Sigh. Keya knows where it is and has quested all around it. Now she must enter the dungeon, kill four bosses plus the final boss, Latosius.

The good news is that Keya managed to help kill all four bosses and managed to get lost only one time. There is a lot of going up and down stairs, and one set of stairs has large boulders rolling down them. She got pounded and lost a lot of time finding her way back to the group, which of course kept charging forward. Keya finally caught up with the group and managed to get in a few blows before everything died.

Keya's mind was still on being lost, and making sure that she killed that last boss, and about the achievement . . .  A player whispered Keya, asking if she could have it. Hmm? One of the players in the group had opened trade. Keya's gear is so far advanced compared to others in the group Keya had stopped bothering to look for goodies in these dungeons. So she let the trade go through. Yes. You know what comes next. Sigh. Keya gave her leggings away. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
If there is a way to screw up a dungeon, Keya will find it and make messes with it. Despite all that, Keya led the DPS, doing 34% of all damage.

Keya is pretty sure the game master will tell Keya she can still get her achievement. Do the Maw of Souls. It's really her only choice at this point. There are only three bosses (Ymiron, Harbaron, and Helya) and the map seems to show that the dungeon is outside. Keya is sure she'll find a way to ruin this run, too, but give her some kudos for not giving up. She will be off to Maw of Souls as soon as the kiddies wake up,come home from school, and dial up their computer.

PS - It's pretty funny when Keya thinks about it, the whole dungeon thing. Refusing to ever set foot in one at first, and now plowing them down with hardly a second look, yet still finding ways to goon them up and having to make multiple efforts. Sigh.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Chaitee Boost Success!

Chaitee Boost Success!

Below are all details, but the picture really tells the story. Chaitee raises her Titanstrike weapon. She is with her pet Tazzy, and Chaitee's new companion, the wolf Hati.

Chaitee completed her Boost and went through the various scenarios required. There was only Chaitee and one other player doing the same scenarios. Chaitee even enjoyed the training sessions that patiently taught her how to use her level 100 gear and weapons. She hates her helmet, but right now she is just trying to absorb the awesome Jump.

Something has gone wrong, though. The entire city is empty of players. Chaitee has the Auction House to herself. Her guild bank is gone. There is only a blank wall where it used to be. She stills shows as member of the Autumn Tea Green guild and listed as a veteran.

Demons Among Us - Yes, Chaitee had to fight her way through demons. Once she completed that part she went into a scenario that got her set up in Dalaran. Her guild bank is accessible to Chaitee again. She is now going to see if she can set up shop in Stormwind City - or will it still be a ghost town? The answer? Chaitee is home. Stormwind is it's normal, dirty, and blood letting self. Tazzy is off somewhere hiding. Once Chaitee gets her stuff together she's sure Tazzy will again emerge.

Speaking of Tazzy, he has come around, although Prowl still persists. Sigh. But Chaitee has more important tasks at hand. First, she needs to see what gear she has for both combat use and everyday use. Somewhere in those piles of goods their must be something she can wear!
After an hour of looking through her clothing Chaitee came to the conclusion that none - NONE - of the gear she brought through the boost can be fitted. She figures that at level 100, she remains under the Draenor rules. Getting to level 101 might open things up.

HOWEVER, before she embarks on THAT challenge, she has to get the AH in order. First. Period . . .  that job took the better part of an hour. Everything is back where it's suppossed to be and Chaitee is back in the business earning gold.

As for a wardrobe, Chaitee will, of course, keep her combat gear. She discovered she likes the feel of mail armor against her skin. The helmet sucks, though. She can hardly see through it. She found her way to The Hunter's Reach in Dalaran. After talking with Emmaral Shadewarden, Chaitee agreed to pursue a weapon of great power - Titanstrike.
Tiphaine pulled Chaitee aside for some advice. "Go after your weapon, Chaitee, there is nothing more important, not even the Auction House." That surprised her. Chaitee saw the worry on her face, though.
"I will not forget my duties at the Auction House," Chaitee swore to her. Then Chaitee grinned. "And of course I will continue to pour gold into the guild coffers. There's lots of stuff I want from the bank, too!"

Hours later . . .  Chaitee had some fun, spent way too much time in Ulduar, and - oh yea - earned her Tirtanstrike weapon! As a bonus, she also acquired a guardian - the wolf Hati. Tazzy is a little jealous. After more adventures Chaitee joined the Trushot Lodge where her weapon will be cared for at the Alter of the Eternal Hunt. This is where she goes to earn weapon upgrades. Chaitee started her journey with a gear level of i640. She left the Lodge at i660.

Chaitee thought about taking a rest, but she still had to check on the Auction House. Getting to Stormwind and back is going to be a pain, though. More strangeness to fix. Chaitee's boost lost her her Exalted status in the guild. She is now only at Honored.
If she remembers, Chaitee will display her comabt wardrobe and her Auction House wardrobe.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Chaitee Boost Process: Skidding off the Rails?

Chaitee Boost Process: Skidding off the Rails?

Chaitee finally made the time to begin the Level 100 Boost process. Before she even got started, however, she nearly panicked with worry when she called her loyal pet, Tazzy, and he didn't show up. Chaitee tried everything she could think of, using her whistle (Call Pet), dismiss and recall, checking for the need to feed, and even the revive call. She felt kicked in the gut when she saw the words "you do not have a pet." The commands worked, but Tazzy did not appear. Tazzy may be a pixilated cat, but there's hell to pay if Chaitee has lost Tazzy, the Missus' pride and joy, modeled after a now long gone family pet who stills speaks to her across the Rainbow Bridge.

Chaitee tried to quell her concerns, and talked herself into believing there is simply an error caused by having remained static from Cataclysm, to Draenor, and now Legion without catching up with all the changes.

She checked her Specialization. Yes, she is designated as Beast Mastery. However, the Activate button was greyed out. So it could be something to do with Specializations and Talents. She checked her guide and made changes. Her two usable talents are "Way of the Cobra" and "Stomp." Her Beast Mastery Specialization Activated. She didn't see it, lost in her misery.

Chaitee bit her lip, head lowered.

Chaitee raised her head. "Tazzy!" She screamed in delight, but she couldn't see him.
"Where are you?" She spun around, looking frantically about. She then felt warm fur pushing at her thigh.
Chaitee reached down and grabbed thick fur. "You're almost invisible! But you are here!" Chaitee sank down to the cobblestones of the Trade District, ignoring the stares of passersbye and showered her mighty cat with hugs and kisses.

Chaitee is much relieved to have her pet back, even though he is still stuck in Prowl mode. Someone suggested that taking Tazzy out on a kill would clear the prowl mode. It didn't. No matter. The Boost will likely clear it, and if it doesn't Chaitee will deal with it. Everyone she talked to says there are no troubles with the boost. All her pets, gear, goods and bags are safe. So she is told.

One thing to add, though. Chaitee's pre-boost grab bag of "useful" gear is a lot less useful than she thought. The boost will grant her a set of i640 gear. She also collected 18 pieces of i780 gear to get her through the level 101-110 crunch. But of the 18 pieces, 13 of them were level 110. Not likely she'll still need the i780s by the time she hits 110. However, she does have five pre-110 pieces ranging from i694 to i731, so some of that gear might see some use. Chaitee also has one i880 BOA piece she'll keep in her bags. Any gear in her bags will be mailed to her after the boost.

The offical process from Blizzard follows:
Select Character - That would be Chaitee
Choose Spec - Hunter Beast Mastery (selecting this spec is permanent)
The boost comes with a set of i640 green gear itemized for class and spec, 4  Embersilk Bags, 500g, a  Hearthstone, a backpack, and 20  Potato Axebeak Stew.

Other info: At the start Chaitee will have Artisan Flying (level 70). But since there is another character on the account with Draenor Pathfinder in 6.2.2, she should be able to fly in Level 90 Draenor as well. Flying in Legion? Probably not until she reaches level 110.

Pray that all goes well. Launching the Boost . . . NOW.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Chaitee Madness Revealed

Chaitee Madness Revealed

Chaitee is a very level headed hunter. Her competitors on the Auction House know she is also crafty and ruthless when gold is at stake. Attacks on the AH by the Horde have been increasingly frequent. The other auctioneers just sigh and wait for the attackers to leave. It's mostly an annoyance, but Chaitee has begun to take it personally. The interruptions stop the flow of gold into her pocket and she can't have that. Not on her watch.

Chaitee has a secret wish. She wants to be able to kill the idiots that interrupt the flow of gold. The question is what to do about it? She is only a level 32 hunter. Her beast mastery hunter spec is very different in Legion and Chaitee admits she doesn't even recognize it anymore. Chaitee doesn't have the time, either, to level her skills and still get her work done.

Frustrated and maddened at her predicament, Chaitee went a tad crazy. Unable to help herself, she began collecting pieces of gear and hiding them at the back of the guild Vault. Things became even stranger when young Pulsefyre returned to the fold. Chaitee latched onto her, giving her the title of Chaitee's Assistant.

Things went from bad to worse. The flow of gold slowed. Chaitee made demands of Sista to increase the production of bags, despite the slowdown in sales. Pulsefyre was running out of places to store the growing mound of bags.

After another series of disruptions on the Auction House floor, Chaitee snapped. It started with Pulsefyre. Chaitee hunted down the overwhelmed youngster. "You're fired!" Chaitee told her. "You don't know the difference between a plus and a minus! Get out of my sight before I teach you to count by cutting off the digits of your fingers and toes, knuckle by knuckle!" Pulsefyre hastily sped out of town. And there she stays.

Tiphaine finally had enough. She had to really bite back her tongue to keep from lashing out at her, but without Chaitee, Tiphaine would face even worse trouble. She took Chaitee aside, ignoring everything else. The very viability of the Autumn Tea Green Guild could be at stake. The rest of the guild stood aside and murmered among themselves.

Tiphaine considered the obvious questions. Not, "What do you want?" Not, "What's wrong?"
She asked, as calmly as she could without exploding herself. "How can I fix this?"

Chaitee was on the edge, but she was listening to Tiphaine. "I want . . . I need, to protect my customers from the Horde intrusions."

"The rest of the guild have their own business to attend to. Are you asking one of us to stand guard?" Chaitee shook her head.

The others relaxed just a little. "Then I have to ask you again, How do I fix this?"

Chaitee was calmer now. She even seemed a bit sheepish. "I guess you know I've been accumulating a few things. Weapons and gear and such."

Tiphanie was silent, letting Chaitee talk. "I admit it's a bit silly, but I thought if only I could fight back, you know?"

Tiphaine did know. "I see." The others looked baffled.

"How did you know?" Tiphaine asked. Chaitee laughed. "I'm in charge of the storerooms. I didn't know if the guild still had it, but once I started looking it wasn't hard to find."

"WHAT?" demanded the rest of the guildies, frustrated to still be in the dark.

Tiphaine raised a hand, silencing them. "The guild has in our possession a Level 100 Boost artifact."

Tiphaine was surprised that there was less pandemonion that she thought there would be. Sure, there were questions, but when one thinks about it, they all agreed that Chaitee was the right person to have it.

 "I can't do what Keya can," Chaitee explained, "and I likely will take my time leveling when I can, but at least I'll be into Legion proper. Even at level 100 and 101 I feel confident I can at least annoy the idiots at the AH."

Chaitee smiled wickedly. "I really want a truly ferocious combat pet, though."

Tiphaine smiled behind her hand. That went well, she figured. It could have turned into a brawl over who should have it. But the major guildies are aleady past the need for a Boost, and if Chaitee wants to play guard of the Auction House, Chaitee would be the gal they would choose, anyway. Most importantly, everyone can go back to business.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Jump-Capable Quest

Jump-Capable Quest

How could Keya know that starting the Jump-Capable quest would turn into a long, long rush slamming through more follow-on quests than she could count. It was an awesome run with some major goodies at the end. In a strange way Keya's struggles has allowed her to become a powerful demon hunter. She is now using that power to slaughter anything and everything in her path, completing quests and scenarios one after the other. Keya recorded each event with a pic.

A Very Special Kind of Fuel

A Final Offer

The Invasion of Niskara

Last But Not Least
Jace Darkweaver & Alari the Soul Eater

I am the Slayer!

Honored by the Illidari

Am I Done?
Achievements: Class hall Chestpiece Earned
    Broken Isles Pathfinder II COMPLETED!!
    A Glorious Campaign COMPLETED!!

Where's My Flying Mount!

Yeeeeee Haaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!! I CAN FLY!
You know what? Just sitting on my Dread Raven looking down at Krasus Landing is a calming, wondrous thing.